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[icon] Bloodlines 03-02-2013 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫ — LiveJournal
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Current Music:Bloodsucker 2000 (Tzimisce) -- Paralysed Age
Subject:Bloodlines 03-02-2013
Time:09:00 pm
Current Mood:drainedtired
I played Bloodlines for a bit today. I started over, and played until just before leaving the apartments (at the door). Well I played seriously until then; I went out and went on a spree of sorts until being attacked by the police. I was hoping to frenzy, but even though I had no blood pool, and like 5 Humanity, I didn't. I've never had a frenzy before, but I kept being amused at remembering alchemy_hisoka telling me her dad played and frenzied first thing XD I don't know if or when I'll play next (since computer time exhausts me, and I'm going to be away), but here are some screenshots. I think it is fitting that I'm playing a Toreador as I keep finding the shiny things & landscape & such so interesting.

Starting out:
Awakening glitched stats

One of my favourite lines:

Mercurio has very shiny vases.
Mercurio's shiny vases~

Putting the cupboard door in a safe place:
title or description title or description

Toreador Disciplines & Jack under Auspex:
Toreador Disciplines Jack under Auspex

Random p-pizzaaaaaas in the haven & a bitchy LaCroix (with clipping on the Sire):
...Pizza? LaCroix is pissssssed

Lastly Beckett & Knoxx:
Beckett♥ Knoxx :D

Some of those are from when I played in August, and the rest are over {HERE}.

The ones I uploaded here in 2007-2009 are at { http://lady-noremon.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/8197 }.

And this was posted & updated with LJ.NET (and using my list of LiveJournal codes)!
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Time:2013-03-17 04:27 pm (UTC)
I downloaded the latest Bloodlines fan patch after I read that it contained a new mission/area and started playing as a fight-oriented Gangrel since so many of my characters are stealth or magic-oriented. I finished Santa Monica and made it to Downtown, but haven't played since. Part of my problem was that I didn't have a cohesive character concept; I was playing to get reactions I hadn't seen before, not because I thought my character would actually behave a certain way. I also don't care for the ship or museum missions that would be my next mandatory missions and I had a strange movement problem where my character would keep walking a number of steps even after I had released the keys.

This is a bit weird, but I also don't like being mean to NPCs in computer games. I had a hard time with my second playthrough of The Nameless Mod as, in order to play the second branching story arc, I had to piss off all the main character's previous allies. Even with people like LaCroix who rather deserve it, I don't particularly enjoy using the angry dialogue options (except maybe near the end).

It's funny that you tell that story about my dad as I have no recollection of that myself!

The only games I've been playing lately are S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and, occasionally, The Dark Mod. I enjoy what I've played of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., though spend most of my time admiring the scenery or randomly exploring while avoiding combat as much as I can. I only play a few hours per month these days, but am satisfied with that. I also watch FenPhoenix's Thief and Dishonored playthroughs sometimes while I eat.
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Time:2013-03-21 01:57 am (UTC)
I've never tried the fan patches! I haven't seen one that just adds missing content, instead of changing other things too, and since I've not finished the game as is (I got up to the Giovanni mansion and died repeatedly with the Kuei-jin bosses :[ ) I don't know if the fan patches would give me the same unable to take screenshots problem either, and I worry about reinstalling/uninstalling because before when it kept messing-up I got stuck with the patch thinking it was installed, but the game was still 1.1 so I couldn't patch either way.

Yeah not having a character in mind or having one develop in such a character driven game is probably difficult. Even my Ventrue was pretty much just "be a cow to everyone" so I had a course for the dialogues. Which as you have found too was only fun for some of the characters, and most like the Thin-Bloods I just felt bad. I'm also having that problem with "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward", to unlock other branches sometimes you have to Betray other characters, and especially with Luna the game makes you feel terrible. And on the Tenmyouji Ending branch, if in the Ally branch he Betrays you, if you choose to Betray him at the place that option is made, he ends up selecting Ally so it changes the outcome to make the player feel even worse. And to finish the game almost all the different branches need to be played :/ I much preferred the protagonist from 999 since it gives more freedom of dialogue options to choose to be a jerk or not (except the Door 3 route which the jerkishness kind of comes out of nowhere and I was going D: at Junpei).

I remember you telling it the day I played Bloodlines on your laptop XD!

I've been playing "Theme Hospital" because now that I know the money cheat it has been making the higher levels fun, instead of being pretty much bankrupt with HALLWAYS OF VOMIT everywhere & patients constantly dying. I've also been playing "Dungeon Keeper", but I'm near the point it got too difficult for me last time, and I'm on my least favourite level now so I may become too frustrated soon. I love (♥) Bullfrog though, they are ridiculous.

I still have yet to play more of "Thief" (beyond what I played at your place), but the copy you gave me has been sitting my my computer and I keep thinking of starting it again!

I am AWFUL at "Deus Ex: The Conspiracy" which is the only version/game of it I have.
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[icon] Bloodlines 03-02-2013 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫ — LiveJournal
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