Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"In Paris" from "Lestat: The Musical"

I have been thinking about posting pictures of that snowman I built, or of Christmas presents, or about the "Doctor Who" special, or that my 3DS is now headed to Washington, or on my RAZR battery copping-out the day after I mailed said 3DS, or on my love of & current reread of "Howl`s Moving Castle" {and taka0801's amazing fanart, which I love especially since it is truer to the books [Sophie is ginger with blue eyes, and Howl has green eyes (in the book they're 'glass green like old marbles or seaglass' until he gets his heart back) than the anime, but is a nice mix of both (Calcifer isn't as scary looking XD ]!}, unlimited rice pudding et cetera, et cetera. But like most of the past month I don't know if there is much point (that Facebook removal is also lingeringly making me feel sick now).

So anyway here is a ripped clip of "In Paris" from EternalMethos' upload of the San Francisco version. Lestat & Nicki as mortals is one of my favourite things. ...Relatedly, I recently got a notification from The Vampire Chronicles Kink Meme, and laughed that my request from almost 4 years ago is still something I really want (and then I'm all :/ at myself).

I'd love to have complete video files of the bootlegs, I seriously would. But I have no idea where to look since it's 2012 now and MegaUpload is gone.

I've also been uploading old things to ladys_rambles, and have a couple things set-up as Scheduled Entries.
Tags: crack, erotica, howl's moving castle, lestat, linking, nicki, vampire, vampire chronicles, video

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