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From Nintendo 3DS On January 7TH, 2013

Firstly; I've finally replayed/typed-up/posted the rest of the route (or what I could do since I don't yet know the username/password) I was working-on when my save file corrupted { }. I'll try to replay & get the short Game Over one for choosing to Betray Luna on Magenta ⇒ Green typed-up tonight or tomorrow if I'm not too tired. I've got the Dio Ending route I played to work-on now, and the one I'm currently on up to the Rec Room. I am sending my Nintendo 3DS off Monday when I go into town though, so I won't be able to play past then.


I haven't gotten to e-mail yet. But I did send the most important a card, and will probably do a quick 'here is the tracking number, and you are in my thoughts' e-mail after typing this. I'm just been so anxious or tired that I just can't bring myself for much online. I got so panicky on Saturday night over things I hadn't done, and the guilt, that I had to go offline.


After weeks I did finally manage to collect myself to log-in to "Echo Bazaar"/"Fallen London" for a bit though finally. I wanted to have at least a Survivor of Mr Sacks for another year added on, since it seemed like a waste that I hadn't. It took me until a few minutes to midnight (AST) to actually get the first card, and I didn't managed to select any of the storylet raising ones on the other 2 times I drew it. But given that the plot is about Mr Sacks not being the same Mr Sacks, and about Neath-snow, it isn't too bad that I didn't as it's not really 'in-character'. I gave Mr Sacks my bucket of fancy 'snow' on the 1ST card, was all 'you do not sound right' on the 2ND, and chose 'Regards' on the 3RD time. Neath-snow is (or was) one of Lorel's least favourite things about The Neath. I pictured the person who cleared the Neath-snow for her (or "D---able 'snow' as she would/does refer to it) left it in a bucket (that surprisingly held it without melting). She went to toss it off the rooftop (or wherever she would be), probably swearing at it. But just then the cloaked figure went to knock, thought that the bucket was for it, and accepted it as a gift--leaving with a very confuzzled Lorrie standing in the doorway. The pavonine detective would have caught it calling the "D---able 'snow'!" something else though. Though if Lorel was still around, and could still leave, she probably wouldn't have been in London unless she had reason to be. Last year I had planned to have her visit her family, while she still had a chance to, because she had bought Flora & Robert sleds [and Lorrie likes actual snow a lot (I did play a bit with the 'sledges' on Robin's account)], participate in her village's Wassail (her plan for a small 'Neath one falling through because of Asher), visit Alfred's grave (maybe even burying the wedding rings), and various other reasons. I wanted to play Robin too. Planned to have him visit (with a surprise!Flora) then go around calling 'Cassius' 'Lorrie', and probably forget & use feminine pronouns (especially while talking to Scarlet). But I couldn't play my cheerful Detective Inspector Cassius, since others wouldn't interact, and when already playing Lorel happy/stabilised/optimistc when I felt untrusting/panicking/betrayed, and knowing almost everything she was giddy about was utter bullshit, was unravelling me. I wanted to have Lorel paint her shack blue (I tweeted her looking at paint colours), take down corrupted Velocipede Squad (though a visit to Ladybones Road shows a new Jack-of-Smiles story that needs the Velocipede Squad. She has over 10 An Annoyance to the Jack-of-Smiles, and given her Mysterious Benefactor dealt with it too),
Tags: echo bazaar, food, vlr

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