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From Nintendo 3DS On December 18TH, 2012

I haven't been posting because I've either been too tired when I've thought of it, or I haven't been able to push through the cloud of 'it does not matter'. I'm thinking of doing this in point form, but I ramble so we'll se

→I finished "KurageHime" and about the last 3 episodes & ending felt rushed & abrupt. I think they changed animation for the last episode too as Kuranosuke's hair was different/spiky-er. I haven't read that far in the manga so I don't know if that arc ends like that or not.

→I started "Durarara!!" and it is fantastic! The 'shit just got real' moment usually saved until an ending happened in episode 11, so I look forward to over half of the series left :O It makes me feel horrible for no longer having a network/group anymore though.

→From about the 7TH until last weekend I've been poorly. Weak, nauseous, dizzy, and such. A combination of my 'monthly cycle' and it being an utter jerk with my anaemia. I have anemia (which I spell 'anaemia' since that's how it's spelled on my tablet bottle, and because it makes it seem even a bit special despite all the symptoms). It isn't like in anime/manga where it causes nosebleeds or coughing-up blood, but it does make me pale. I get weak, unable to hold onto things, I get dizzy to the point of ceasing-up, my hair falls out, my lips go blue/white, and I just get utterly exhausted. I'm on Iron supplements now and I only deal with being tired/weak on occasion, but my monthly cycles (as I call it, or 'moon blood' sometimes because of "The Sword of Truth" series) were being awful with it. So now I'm on depo provera (for the 2ND time, but I've been on it this time for over a year) to at least lighten them--though it's pretty much stopped them (I'm not sexually active now, even though sometimes I'd like to be again.). But I was late getting my injection of it when I was due (every 3 months) because I couldn't get an appointment with my doctor, and when I did he wanted to give me my flu shot, so I had to wait for a bit for my depo'. Usually when I'm late I get a bit of spotting, but this time it decided to be a full one like I used to have. 6 days of heavy bleeding & accidents from it. And since I'm not used to it I pretty much shutdown and wasn't able to do anything I had planned on (even cancelling my physiotherapy appointment and not getting my room cleaned D: ). I'm better now, but I lost a whole week of getting things done.

→On December 13TH I had to travel up to Halifax (3 hours away & my provincial capital). One of my visits to Dr. Michael my lung/breathing specialist (Dr. Roger T. Michael; International Medicine & Pulmonary Function). I like him because he doesn't make me feel stressed or like I'm wasting his time. My appointment went well, and I might not even need to go back in 6 months time. Though my trip to Halifax wasn't as exciting as i
they usually are and I only bought a can of Starbuck's Awake tea as a souvenir this time. I was too tired to even walk to Dalhousie University's bookshop (where I've bought art pens in the past, and where someone I have a crush on now works) which is only a few blocks away. I did wear my new Joe Fresh sweater (I had voting on Twitter what to wear: Option A or Option B) though and my freshly drycleaned wool coat.

→I finished my Seven lineart for that secret collaboration project. I started to colour it but was too sleepy on that night, yesterday I was too lingeringly angry (mostly at television; blaming video-games, interviewing the children, the WBC protests), and today I'm going out for shopping. I'll try to do the flat colouring tonight or tomorrow, and then hightlight/shadow after (I haven't decided yet if I'll do my normal way, or try OpenCanvas 3.03E+'s airbrush). I only have until the 23RD D: and I've been very anxious about it. Worried about that they'll change their minds about me being in it, that I'm not good enough, that though I think I know the deadline/rules I'll be mistaken/they'll change them, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. Seven is one of my favourite Zero Escape characters though.

→I managed to get my questions in for Aksys' question & answer with the Zero Escape creator. I got them in less than 12 hours before close D: I asked if he had decided on a name for Seven yet (Seven is his codename), the reasoning behind Snake's hilarious career choices & Snake's thoughts on his little sister's new skimpy dress sense, and about Alice's dislike of shirts, where she stores items she carries, & if it has caused any workplace problems.
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