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From Nintendo 3DS On December 2ND, 2012

First off; my default user-picture is Dio from "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" for about the next week [since the winter holidays mean Ciel from "Kuroshitsuji"]. I wanted a VLR user-picture, but since a fankit (nice quality official art of the main characters) hasn't been released yet, and I can't afford the artbook (and I've not found scans), I copied the backgrounds off the official website. I'd rather have Quark, but his, Tenmyouji's, Luna's, or Sigma's were either afraid or grumpy expressions, so I went with Dio (but might switch to VLR!Clover later). Dio has been a character I love to dislike, and he is like the Owen [from "Torchwood"] of VLR--Only he hasn't been selfless or redeeming eventually, and since I've gotten his Ending I doubt that he will in a different route. Quark says a line "How could you have done that, Mr. Dio? You're a jerk!" that is pretty much what I keep continuously saying myself. Though I still really like his hat (Dio's & Quark's, but I mean Dio here). And suspect that he'd probably masturbate to that Astronomy magazine...[He kinda creepily calls it a 'dirty magazine' & asks Sigma if Saturn's rings excite him (ahnjehleehn draws him like a creeper hilariously)]. Though my favourite characters so far have been Quark, Tenmyouji, Phi (mostly due to this crush & her Nami-ness), Luna (who tends to remind me of me), & of course Clover (since she's from 999 & Snake's little sister), I've not really taken to any of them deeply like I did the 999 cast. I'm not even as fond of Sigma (who is the character I'm playing) as I am Junpei. It probably is that Junpei is such a strange dork, and there isn't as many joking/ridiculous scenes in VLR Escape Sections (in Hard mode at least) as there is in 999. I was hoping I'd like him better since in the OVA he talks more like a film noir protagonist (he also isn't voiced in-game which is a shame as the other characters are, and his OVA voice is lovely), and I really adore playing film noir protagonists (like Kyle Hyde).


This past week-ish I visited Douchette & earned 15 PSN Trophies. I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to ramble about Desert Bus & have human contact. I finally beat the Ice Troll in "Sorcery", and got up to just after a shadow!ninja/Sheikah character appea & failed The Nightmare Queen [she also killed Wizard Dash (Finn's teacher/the one who he stole the wand from & drank random potions from his locked cupboard off)]. Erline hasn't seemingly been as mean as the first part of the game either. I also played up to Chapter 2 of "NeverDead". It has HORRIBLE controls, and is so broken. I quit after in the 2ND Chapter Spoons (enemies that can cut Bryce's head, and other limbs off) & Grandbabies (enemies that will eat Bryce's head and will quick time event cause a Game Over) started spawning is great numbers together. I got sick of instant Game Overs so gave up (a character kinda like Vamp from MGS2 was introduced though). I really dislike the useless sidekick too (I can't even remember her name, it's something Phoenixia Maximilus or convoluted such though). She is supposed to be a cop or government agent but she is pretty much just wearing a sweater for a dress (it just covers her bum), is showing her bright red & lacy bra, she just stands around while you have to protect her (she can die from damage, and is very unlikeable (she even shoots Bryce in a cutscene because she 'just felt like it'). Matt & I decided that we didn't really care for any of the characters (Bryce didn't grate on me as much though) so I looked-up the plot later when I got back since I knew I probably wouldn't be bothered to beat the game eventually (I beat "Bayonetta" in installments over several months though). After reading the plot though I kinda like Bryce a bit better [he was all Christof (from "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption") virtuous until he decided to fight a malicious god who then decided to just brutally murder Bryce's wife in front of him. Then rip out his eye while Bryce was horror-stricken and curse him with immortality. Leading Bryce to be all guilt-filled & trying to redeem himself for that stupidity] after reading said plot summary though. I also played an even more broken broadway dancing game, and played more of "You Don't Know Jack" (because 5 single-player games played on a Friday or Saturday night is an Achievement/Trophy). That game tries way too hard to be 'quirky' but is actually pretty good with hard/interesting trivia questions. I'd like to see it as a television show like "Quite Interesting". Oh, we also finally beat "Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves" which we originally played a bit of when it first came out. I love games that really are cooperative!


I also watched all 6 episodes of "Bob & Rose" since adoptive sister was away. I bought it months ago from the local Home Hardware's discount/previously viewed DVD bins (I think it was $4 or $6). It has Alan Davies and was created by RTD, so I figured it might be probably good. These DVD case has that it's about a gay man that falls in love with a straight woman, and how they & those close to them deal with it and such. The case tries to play it as a silly but serious romantic comedy (and tries to say that the normal gender roles are reversed), but it really is more of a drama. There are some sweet moments (like Bob telling Rose he hopes to be around with her a long time), and some funny, but it's not like a situation comedy or camp or any of that. I recommend it as something of a nice short story (only 6 40-ish minute episodes), but I do warn that there are some triggery bits like with cheating. It also has actors from other things that I recognise; Julie's actress (from "Coronation Street"), Harriet Jones' (from "Doctor Who"), and I think I saw Mandy's (also from Corrie) too. I usually have a hard time recognising people in things and especially remembering names (also have a horrible sense of direction, but am good at remembering events).

I am also rewatching "KurageHime"/"Jellyfsh Princess" as I discovered that the subtitles are readable on my television (most subbed anime subtitles get cut-off or are too small with my television, and this DVD player doesn't have Zoom-Out like the one I watched FMA on). I stopped at I think episode 7 as I didn't want to watch further than I had read in the manga (this was 2010-ish), but I learned that the manga is still on-going (far past the anime's plot) so I expect the anime to be like many that have a different ending. So I'm going to rewatch/finish it! It's been making me tear-up a lot this time around though, especially the bits with flashbacks to Tsukimi's mother. I love Kuranosuke's voice, and I really need to look-up who does it as it sounds familiar from something else too.

I've been going through my old VCD's and found 4 episodes of "Iron Chef" on one, so I'll have to ration out watching them. "Lobster Battle", ""Spiny Lobster Battle", and Squid Battle 1 & 2. I think I've only seen one of the Squid Battles because I remember Morimoto-sama making squid mousse, but I have seen the others and just watched them during one of the times I've blacked-out (I watched a lot while in AB). Fuck, I love Iron Chef~ It's so ridiculous!


I'm also now a part of a collaboration drawing group that plans to send the finished artwork to the creator of Zero Escape :D I was pretty much in tears that Angie actually thought to ask the leader if I could join, and actually that I was thought about at all. I really don't expect to be by anyone, so when I am I get all surprised & ;~; The character I got selected for from my list of preferred is Detective Seven, so I'm quite happy. I still haven't finished my VLR countdown pictures, but I'm waiting right now to see if TwitPic fixes it's fullsize pictures not working, and for when I turn my computer back around (I still have it set-up for/from Desert Bus). I really need to start practicing drawing him as I want this to be excellent.


I also set-up an Ask.FM account as it seems more popular than Formspring now, Formspring won't work on my Nintendo 3DS now, and Formspring deleted all but 1 of my unanswered questions without warning (the customer service guy was kinda jerky too). It's at:

{ }

Though I feel kind of stupid for making it though as I keep sharing the link, but I've only received 3 questions (I've been answering the random generated questions) eventhough a lot of people about have one and are actively asking each other questions. I feel like I'm just wasting my time since no-one really cares, and that I shouldn't have expected any interest. I also feel that way about
the "ask me character questions" meme I posted here. I feel so stupid for having thought I'd get any response -___- I'll probably end-up just stopping asking like I did when I got nothing after asking repeatedly if anyone was about to chat or by sending text-messages. I'll just give-up eventually.


LiveJournal is now pushing the new update journal page at the first instead of going to the old even if you've selected it as preferred. I wasn't concerned about it as I was planningmon being gone long before now. The new Friends' Page layout would be something that would be likely to lead to a Dreamwidth move, but I don't see much point in migrating if I'm not really going to be about for reading or posting soon. Maybe eventually, but I guess I still want LiveJournal to go with its users and make the damn new set-up optional since it is going to mess-up a lot of peoples' usage. They still haven't fixed the Community Statistics issue yet though (several Support topics have been posted and gotten "we're working on it", but it's been 3 months :/ ), so I just don't think they give a damn crap.


Lastly, though this hasn't got much response either; I'll need to get holiday cards shipped-out soon. So again, if there is any interest, please e-mail me your post mail address!

{ }
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