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From Nintendo 3DS On November 22ND, 2012

Well still feeling terrible (Blocking and such), but I figure I might as well update about my physiotherapy.

I've posted before about the doctor that took over from Pat. How she called me up out of the blue after only one appointment and booking another to tell me to discharge. Then put my file in the 'to discharge' folder on the day I called in sick after I called in to cancel an appointment for the next day because I had a chest infection & high fever (103ºF). The appointments I dis had with her, she stopped doing the treatments Pat was doing, even though his tests/measurments showed that I had improved a lot with strength & mobility since my first visit. And I posted on Twitter/Plurk how I showed-up to an appointment on November 2ND and she was all "I went over with a new patient earlier and I'm behind so don't have time for your appointment. I can rebook for Tuesday though." which she couldn't be assed to call me about, instead waiting until I had arrived (it's about a 30 minute drive, and I was supposed to be her last appointment of the day). Then my appointment after she told me that she doesn't find my treatment as impending as other patients she has. And that despite Dr. Clarke's (that orthopedic surgeon) & Dr. Yafai's (my doctor-doctor) recommendations that I should stay in physiotherapy, she said something like I should just 'deal with it'. That I should be walking 10,000 steps a day though after 5,000 my knee swells 3 times the size it should be (my 3DS has a pedometer so I keep track).

So the day after I called my insurances to see if they would cover elsewhere. Well they'll only cover up to $300 at a place that isn't in hospital, but will cover 100% up to that $300. And it's $300 per each thing like acupuncture, massage, etc.. So I called the private clinics around here to see if they were accepting new patients. Then I asked my doctor-doctor where he'd recommend. He recommended Greenwood and wrote me up a referral. So I got an appointment with a Dr. Ritchie for an assessment.

Greenwood's clinic is so nicely set-up. It reminds me of Dr. Martin's old practice, and Dr. Sloma's in how thorough they are with wanting to do tests & get all the related medical records & tests (Dr. Martin was someone I saw for chiropractic/massage therapy a few years until she moved away, and Dr. Sloma I saw after until she wouldn't listen to my objections about not wanting my neck hand adjusted/snapped, and kept grabbing my head anyway.). Dr. Ritchie's-or Jessica as she prefers-conclusion was the same as Dr. Yafai's & the MRI's results (though she hadn't seen the MRI yet as I had to sign forms for it) that everything healed messed and has been like that for years. That the increase in pain the past 2 years has been due to it getting worn/irritated. So as I already know it's not really curable (even with surgery, which I'd like to avoid), but it can still be helped. She thinks that if I can get other leg muscles strengthened that it can help put less stress on my ligaments, and mobility (tightness/scar tissue) can still be improved. My overall strength-strengh & range of motion is actually pretty good now. So eventually I can just get back to mostly treating it myself, and won't need to go to all these things so regularly. Which is what I want because it takes a lot for all these car rides & whut-not. My main goal is to get back to pre-2010 where I didn't have a lot of pain unless it was damp/cold, and I mostly just had stiffness/weakness. Though I'd also like to have improved strength/mobility too (remember my knee locking is what caused me to slip & fall down the stairs in March). And she is really nice, and also went to higher school with Pat (I went to high & elementary school with him). And anything that my insurances will cover that I'd want she'll write referrals for & help me order--like a custom brace instead of one from a drug store [or a TENS(sp?) machine which was recommended since the current device helps with swelling so much]. So I am far happier to switch to Greenwood from the hospital. I feel like I can be helped instead of just a patient that's excess & getting mediocre care. Like even just the assessment was far better than all the appointments I had after Pat left.

But yesterday meant I had to tell the physiotherapist at the hospital that I was done going there. I was very anxious about such, and kept going over what to say. I didn't tell her I was going elsewheres, but did say that I've felt since her telephone call after our first appointment that she really didn't want to treat me, and that plus the long car rides/early mornings outweighs the benefits I was receiving there. She acted like she didn't want me to leave, and asked to measure my range of motion again. The tests showed that I'd improved since even when I had to switch, which I knew as I was feeling it thus is why I kept going to physiotherapy. So we compromised that I'd take 2 months off instead of just discharging myself right now. But I don't want to go back :/ I don't want to leave too badly though as it's the nearest place that doesn't rehabilitation so if I ever need it, I want it to be there. $300 is also not very much so unless I can get sorted in 2 months, I might end-up having to go back -_- But right now I don't. Hell, I feel unwanted (and though I now dislike the term) redundant enough elsewheres.

I also like that the Greenwood place e-mails a summary of the appointment & copies/diagrams of the exercises given. So I can have a copy to reprint if cat happens to the original. Which is what has happened to the SMH print-outs since they get shredded or vomited on. But it's also good to have the summary of it too.
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