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Desert BusxSea Monkey GirlxQuestions?

First off; Desert Bus for Hope 6 is on starting now. I think this is my 4TH Desert Bus? It is a wonderful thing and raises a lot of money & awarness for Child's Play!

{ }

Sadly the stream is being very stuttery for me right now (even though I have a 'Very Good' wireless connection), the Donor Login is giving me a server certificate error, and the Chat is sending me to a JIRC Test instead of the Desert Bus Chat...I'm hoping to go visit Matt (Douchette!Matt) though before it is over. Get Drambuie, and have Deceptive Sunrise cocktails. I don't think I'll drag my SEGA CD up this year though.

I'm not really enjoying being on my computer, and it keeps making me feel sick to my stomach and upset. I don't enjoy being online much anyway. Fuck.


This is Caenis:

Named because she was so much tinier than my other Sea Monkeys, and then she just grew larger than a male, and turned more white (Sea Monkey females are pink, and males are white). She is also highly pregnant right now, and over a month old.


Tiferet has a thing asking for a fandom she is a part of to answer certain questions for. But as I need something even more light, I'd like to request that people pick a character or characters and ask me questions of their own to me on them. I'll answer with what my head!canon or thoughts are, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. I doubt anyone will read or do this, but it seems like something distracting.
Tags: desert bus, linking, meme/quizes, picture, sea monkeys

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