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Current Music:Chill and Rigor -- from "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"
Current Location:Shaglehod in Autumn/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:On "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"
Time:01:02 am
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I'm going to try to post what I learn in each room/route. I want to do it as I do each playthough so my experience of it won't be tainted by memory of other rooms. I'll probably do this in point form, and continue it in the Comments. One person on Twitter mentioned keeping track of everything in Excel XD My memory may be incorrect in some places--I've not been writing things down.

☆★☆★This will be full of spoilers★☆★☆


I've only 'finished' one playthrough, and I didn't even get to finish it because the last bit requires something from another route.

Jumpstart ⇒ Elevator ⇒ Elevator After Escape ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Yellow Door ⇒ Infirmary ⇒ Infirmary After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Crew Quarters ■LOCK No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?

→Sigma was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→He saw Zero in their gasmask before getting knocked-out.
→Meet Phi.
→Phi somehow had Sigma's name come to mind.

→Meet Zero III.
→Learn that each room Safe has a false back & can accept 2 passwords.
→The Ambidex Machine can accept memory cards & do more than voting.
→Phi can jump really high, with acrobatic reflexes.
→"I am no man."

Elevator After Escape:
→Meet Tenmyouji, Dio, Quark, Luna, Alice, K, & Clover.
→Clover is still unconscious even after escaping the elevator.
→K has amnesia, and seems to be welded into a suit of armour. Sounds like a robot. His bracelet is hooked through the suit though, to attach unseen skin/wrist.
→Zero III gives them nicknames [Siggy, Phido, Alas, Cleaver (as if
referring to the 999 Axe Ending), B.O., Quirk, Tenmyoldie, Moony, and Potassium).
→'K' comes to his mind though he doesn't know his name. Zero III asks his name too.
→Clover is freaked-out over 'Zero' & 'Nonary Game'--Seems to know something about it. "It should be over".
→Alice met Clover a year ago.
→Phi works-out the anagram "WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!" silly fast.
→Learn that Zero is one of the 9, and Zero III is merely an Artificial
Intelligence created to "facilitate the facility".
→Learn most of the rules, but not what 'penalties' are.
→Learn about Chromatic Doors.
→Learn about the Number 9 Door.
→Learn about key cards.
→Learn about pressing both buttons on the bracelet.
→"You can take your Lame-ary Game and shove it up your ass!" leads to learning not playing means death.
→Learn what is inside the bracelet. Needles that can inject Soporil β (an anesthetic from 999) & turbocurarine (a poison that shuts-down the respiratory system). ...Means of a painless death...
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Phi = Red Pair
Clover & K = Green Pair
Dio & Quark = Blue Pair
Alice = Red Solo
Tenmyouji = Green Solo
Luna = Blue Solo
→Everyone had 3 Bracelet Points.

Into The CDs:
→Phi again shows how fast she can work-out things by explaining what path options there are.

Yellow Door:
→Sigma & Phi partner with Tenmyouji.
→Clover & K partner with Luna.
→Dio & Quark partner with Alice

→Deduce there must have been people working here (the facility) until recently going by its size & how clean it is.
→Learn the ADAM is a scanner.
→The screen can accept/play memory cards.
→Find a scalpel.
→Find, but leave the injection gun. It contains saline solution.
→Find Soporil β & turbocurarine just sitting on a cabinet, for anyone to pocket, and/or use with the injection gun.
→Find newspaper article on Radical-6 (a virus that according to the article has reached a pandemic level).

Infirmary After Escape:
→Sigma is a college student who recently had his girlfriend dump him. His computer crapped-out while writing a paper due for a teacher that does not observe Christmas. He went to the school to type it there & drank 5 energy drinks. He got in his car and it wouldn't start, then a strange sound & his car flooded with knock-out gas. He saw Zero behind the car gawking at him through his rear view mirror.
→Learn the Secondary Rules.
→Quark calls Tenmyouji "Grandpa", and tells him the Lounge has his favourite drink.
→Overhear Alice & Clover mentioning needing to get help from "Headquarters", and Clover mentions Zero again.
→Zero III has control over all electronic locks in the facility.
→Learn how to gain or lose Bracelet Points.
→Learn mostly about how voting works.
→Learn about Ambidex Rooms.
→Phi & Sigma find the corpse of an old woman in the 'elevator' K & Clover were in.
→Tenmyouji acts very weird and acts distrustful & quietly angry.
→Phi suggests taking the corpse to the Infirmary to inspect the wound.
→Learn Luna has a medical license (but is neither a nurse or doctor, and not quite a coroner).
→Learn the ADAM can do diagnosis & autopsys.
→The woman was killed by exsanguination from a stab wound to the heart. Probably from a thin (3mm) knife.
→K is suspected as Clover was still unconscious, and they were the only previous ones in that room.
→K makes a point that since Zero III never reacted to the body, that it must be something planned by Zero (Zero Sr. as they say).

AB Game Round 1:
→Phi 'suggests' choosing Betray.
→Does Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick who chooses (I think you might automatically-win).

AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Phi is annoyed that Ally was picked.
→Tenmyouji picks Betray.
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray to Alice's Ally.
→Clover & K pick Betray to Luna's Ally.
→Zero III then finally explains that getting 0 Bracelet Points also
means the death penalty.
→Zero III suggests that Phi, Sigma, Alice, or...even Luna may die next Round. Maybe everyone actually.
→Clover & K act like Luna was stupid for choosing Ally.
→Alice is pissed at Dio.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Clover = Magenta Pair
Alice & Quark = Yellow Pair
Phi & Luna = Cyan Pair
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Luna, & Alice = 1BP
Dio, Quark, Tenmyouji, Clover, & K = 6BP
→Zero III says that this will probably be the last the group sees of him.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Quark is Tenmyouji's grandson, and they were kidnapped together.
→Tenmyouji won't say where or when they were taken.
→Quark acts confused & stares blankly.
→Tenmyouji is scared and suggests seeing Luna, but Quark seems to perk-up so Sigma & Grandpa try to believe him.
→A lunar eclipse is supposed to happen on December 31ST, 2028 by K showing an Astronomy magazine they found in the Lounge.
→...Dio is perhaps jokingly aroused by Saturn's rings...
→Dio won't say when he was taken.
→The date is guessed to still be Christmas Day.
→K mentions finding a book on Schrodinger's Cat.
→The Radical-6 newspaper article is shown around.
→Everyone seems to not know anything about it (and if it was a real pandemic, wouldn't they know?).
→There is a guess that everyone there is quarantined/infected.
→Dio suggests it's fake, and Phi, Sigma, K, & Luna agree. [The article should be front page news, but the back is plain black (Sigma says that full page advertisements aren't printed on the back of the front page)]
→Sigma confronts Clover & Alice about their conversation he overhead earlier.
→Clover & Alice are 'co-workers'.
→Clover decides she can trust Sigma.
→She admits she was in the last Nonary Game.
→And the first Nonary Game.
→She gives a vague description of what happened in the one from 999 [9 people kidnapped--well 7 since 2 were in on it...make that 9 if you count the other 2 that were kidnapped too (thus clearing the idea that Snake was 'in on' the plot. Of course the writer even said he wasn't, but if it makes things more believable then he guessed you could say he was. I PERSONALLY think he wasn't as why the Hell would he need to be drugged when put in the coffin? Spare clothes could be brought too, and just claim Zero had them made. I think he remembered Kanny!Akane dying because up until solving the sudoku that's what happened. Also just like he didn't recognise Santa's voice due to age, he didn't recognise Akane's--and why would he guess she wasn't really dead? He kept quiet on the past Nonary Game because he really did believe the threats to Clover. Also why would he make a guess at who Zero was, when he could just keep quiet & let the others do so?--He wrongly guessed Santa.).]
→BUT the last Nonary Game did what then Zero meant to, so why play another one?
→But the gasmask & cloak/coat worn was the same...
→Alice & Clover were kidnapped on December 22ND (were they asleep that long?!).
→Tenmyouji rushes in looking for Luna.
→Quark has collapsed.
→Luna scans him, and it's Radical-6.
→Tenmyouji is more sure it can't be than denial would explain.
→Alice mentions hearing about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Axelavir is the anti-viral serum for Radical-6.
→Quark wakes-up, grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab himself in the heart (SO DISTURBING. He yells about needing to escape. His soul needing to escape his body; that he needs to die. Quark is about 9 years-old D:).
→Sigma manages to grab him, and hold him down. Together the group gets the scalpel from him.
→The Soporil β is used to knock Quark out.
→Luna seems to know something about how Radical-6 operates.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→Luna was also kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.

Into The CDs:
→They carry Quark to the Blue, Red, & Green Chromatic Doors.
→Alice won't go with Dio, so that leaves 2 Chromatic Door options (I can't remember if you have a jerk choice like with 999's Door 3).

Blue Door:
→Sigma & Clover partner with Tenmyouji.
→Alice & K partner with Quark.
→Phi & Luna partner with Dio.

Pressure Exchange Chamber:
Figures I'd find the save file corrupting PEC room on my first playthough D:
→Learn that the facility required all that entered to wear protective
suits & undergo decompression decontamination first. Due to viral spread concerns.
→The door to the outside is welded shut (and again Clover gets locked on the other side of glass).
→Learn that Tenmyouji knows quite a bit about LASERS.
→Find a memory card.

Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape:
→More graffiti (I couldn't read it fast enough!)
→Find the White Chromatic Doors.
→Dio activates the Ambidex Doors as soon as he gets to the Warehouse A.
→Phi, Luna, & Dio found a vial of Axelavir in the Laboratory.
→Quark is injected, and his vitals go to seemingly normal--he is still asleep.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH.
→The PEC memory card is played.
→The memory card contains an audio file of a man calling a group stationed on Mars.
→He mentions the (future) December 31ST lunar eclipse. And it being red. Asks how Mar's moons Deimos & Phobos are.
→After no response back for an uncomfortable time, it's learnt that the video feed he is seeing of the Mars group is a hacked loop.
→A woman finally replies saying that 6 of the group are dead.
→That she killed them, and is about to kill 6 billion more.
→There was a mock mission to Mars set-up (9 people in a facility set-up just as it would be if they were in space. Including radio silence.).
→Tenmyouji admits he was somewhat involved in the project.
→The mission had an infection of Radical-6, and it escaped.

AB Game Round 2:
→Sigma gets Tenmyouji to promise to choose Ally.
→Quark being asleep will automatically choose Ally.
→Once inside Clover acts really skankily OOC and tries to seduce Sigma (what would Snake say?!) into choosing Betray (she'd get 9BP).
→Luna trusts Phi to vote for her while she stays in the Infirmary with Quark.

AB Game Round 2 Ally:
→Clover is annoyed Sigma chose Ally.
→Tenmyouji kept his Ally promise.
→Sigma doesn't tell Tenmyouji that he was right with his suggestion that Clover might try to seduce him.
→Alice & K kept their promise to pick Ally to Quark's Ally.
→Phi (voting for Luna too) picked Betray to Dio's Betray.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma = Blue Solo
K = Red Solo
Dio = Green Solo
Phi = Magenta Pair
Clover = Cyan Pair
Tenmyouji = Yellow Pair
Alice's, Luna's, & Quark's are unknown.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Luna, & Alice = 3BP
Clover, K, & Quark = 8BP
Phi = 1BP
Dio = 6BP
→Alice apparently takes off after voting--K says she said she felt tired, so probably went to go lay down.
→Tenmyouji has asked Luna to leave the Infirmary.
→Quark is still asleep.
→Tenmyouji keeps a photograh in his pocket.
→Zero did not take the photograph when they took everyone else's possessions.
→Tenmyouji won't tell Sigma anything on said photograph.
→Sigma tries to press Tenmyouji for more details on the Mars mission.
→Tenmyouji makes a statement asking if Sigma really wants to know? Or would he rather not taint his life memories, and view of the world.
→Phi then comes rushing in, looking upset, and tells them they need to come right away to the Crew Quarters & see Alice.

Crew Quarters ■Lock No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?:
→Alice has been stabbed in the chest with a scalpel.
→She's dead, and her Bracelet lays open beside her [I can't remember what it the display is, or if it is even shown up-close (999's 'bad shit is going down' ominous music plays)].
→Clover freaks-out and accuses everyone of murder.
→The group tries to work-out if it is (no-one suggests what happened to Quark).
→Clover threatens to kill everyone in 10 seconds unless they can prove that it isn't.
→Everyone sputters & tries to calm her down, but her countdown ends.
→Fade to "To Be Continued..."
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Time:2012-11-13 04:55 am (UTC)
AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Phi is pissed that Sigma chose Ally.
→Sigma says that he didn't have time to process what she said.
→Phi says that yes he did; that the brain's processing power is increased during a crisis.
→He says that how would she know? Was she looking into his brain?
→She says well maybe things won't happen like they did "last time".
→And Sigma confronts her about what she means, and how she knew his name, about why she knew 0BP meant death, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera.
→She says she "just knows" which makes Sigma even more suspicious.
→But Zero III calls both of them over for the results before Sigma can push further.
→Sigma (& Phi) pick Ally and Luna picks Ally.
→K & Clover pick Betray and Alice picks Ally (Which surprised me! I could see Alice voting Betray to Clover, but not the opposite. Then again neither know of the 0BP = death rule in the 1ST Round).
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray and Tenmyouji picks Ally.
→Sigma tries to gloat to Phi (about Luna's choice), but she ignores him.
→Luna thanks Sigma. But says she just did what was right and believed in him & Phi [I'm glad she got a 1ST Round Ally--means her optimism wasn't quashed (Luna's trust is like my trust was)!].
→Tenmyouji is all "What the Hell?!" (I think he might even say that) to Quark & Dio.
→Quark says it was Dio--he promised Quark he'd press 'Ally', so Quark let him vote for them.
→Dio says Quark is a Hell of an actor, and a natural born con-man.
→Dio says that Quark told him he was getting tired of Tenmyouji, and that since they can trust he'll vote Ally they can get 3 easy Bracelet Points. Quark will just say that Dio tricked him and Tenmyouji will believe it. They can probably even use Tenmyouji's trust later.
→Quark gets VERY upset and calls Dio a "lying bastard".
→Tenmyouji says for as long as he has known Quark he can tell when he is lying, even if he, himself was blind & deaf.
→Tenmyouji trusts Quark, and Dio is a jerk.
→Alice is upset with Clover.
→Clover & K apologise.
→Alice says not to dwell on the past--she'll have to make the points up in other Rounds.
→Zero III explains the 'penalty', the bracelet shuffling, etc.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, & Luna = 5BP
K, Clover, Dio, & Quark = 6BP
Alice & Tenmyouji = 1BP
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Alice = Cyan Pair
Clover = Cyan Solo
Phi & Dio = Yellow Pair
Luna = Yellow Solo
Tenmyouji & Quark = Magenta Pair
K = Magenta Solo
→Alice suggests a thorough look around for any hidden exits/passageways Zero might have missed.
→Sigma once had a one night stand with a prominent politician's mistress.
→Sigma self-pitys himself & remembers how he was kidnapped.
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Time:2012-11-13 04:56 am (UTC)
(Crew Quarters ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Infirmary)
→Tenmyouji won't say why he is reacting like he is to the old woman (Tenmyouji, Clover, & Luna are in the Crew Quarters this time).
→Nor if he and Quark are related.
→Sigma says he is just trying to find some sense in things.
→Clover & Luna come in and are surprised that someone besides Tenmyouji is there.
→Luna thinks that maybe the Nonary Game is something being played for entertainment while rich/powerful people watch "in an opulent theatre, watching us struggle while they drink brandy and eat caviar...".
→Tenmyouji flies-off at the idea that the old woman dying was for entertainment.
→Luna suggests that maybe that wasn't planned for the 'show'.
→Clover & Luna say that they believe K's hypothesis about the murder of the old woman being planned [though] since Zero III never mentioned it.
→Clover says there is a 1-in-7 chance one of them is a murderer/Zero--she excludes herself & Alice from that.
→Sigma & Luna ask Clover how she knows Alice.
→Clover says she & her are 'co-workers' in an 'organisation'.
→But she doesn't trust the others there enough to tell them anymore right now (but might later).
→Luna & her leave. Sigma gets shot-down by Tenmyouji again, so he leaves too.
→Alice & Dio are in the Lounge.
→They ask Sigma about the room.
→Sigma says the whole room is odd (there is no longer Planet/Colour alcohol on the shelves too).
→Alice shows Sigma the Astronomy magazine.
→Sigma tells them it's Christmas Day.
→Alice was kidnapped on December 22ND.
→Dio thinks he was kidnapped on December 20TH.
→Dio wonders if they've all be on a Soporil IV-drip and being kept asleep. Alice says that if the dosage was done right then they would all wake-up at the same time.
→All 3 decide that it probably isn't still Christmas Day then.
→Sigma wonders if the drugs/being asleep is why he has felt dizzy since waking-up.
→Alice also has not felt quite right in her body.
→Dio says his group found a book about a cat...A cat in a box and not knowing if it was alive or dead...But he doesn't really understand it (Schrödinger's Cat, in other words).
→Alice then shows the Infirmary newspaper article (she wasn't sure when/if to bring it up).
→Sigma wonders if this is one of the quarantine shelters.
→Dio & Alice make points that none of them seem sick, and if it was wouldn't there be more than 9 people there?
→Alice flirts with Sigma.
→Sigma decides that they must have been taken before the pandemic then, since none have heard about it.
→Alice doesn't mention about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Sigma says that if there is a pandemic then their friends & families are out there even if the 9 of them are safe in the facility.
→Sigma unsettles everyone.
→Sigma decides to go elsewhere.
→Dio & Alice stay in the Lounge.
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Time:2012-11-13 04:56 am (UTC)
→Phi, Quark, & K are in the Infirmary.
→K says he, Alice, & Clover searched the Infirmary thoroughly.
→Sigma asks them if they knew the old woman (Finally! I wanted to yell at him to ask everyone before).
→Phi doesn't.
→Quark doesn't (so maybe my hunch Tenmyouji does isn't true?).
→K says even if he did, he doesn't now whut-with his amnesia.
→Phi still suspects K.
→Sigma is also suspicious of him, but not really of the murder.
→K asks why.
→Sigma says "have you even looked in a mirror lately?" (K is apparently stuck in a suit of armour or a robot).
→Phi, Quark, & Sigma elaborate that K looks scary. That if someone met him at night they might collapse/die with fright (Quark adds some might even if met during the day).
→K apologises for being so frightening (personally I only find him Very creepy, and not scary. His head also reminds me of a kappa, so that's kinda scary. He reminds me of Alphonse from "FullMetal Alchemist" though, with his metallic voice & light for eyes).
→He's tried repeatedly to get out if it, but it seems stuck on.
→Sigma says he doesn't really need to apologise as it's not his fault for being stuck in the suit.
→K says he doesn't know if it is or not. Maybe he wanted to be in the suit originally?
→The suit feels very natural for K to be in, so he thinks he might be used to it from before losing his memory (I'm still expecting the twist of a mind transferred into a robot, and the suit really is his body itself).
→Still he is scared that he'll be stuck in it for the rest of his life.
→He wants out of it, or to at least get the mask off.
→K compares it to someone used to wearing glasses. That they might not feel wearing them odd, but it's not like they want to never take them off ever again (personally I'd hate to have to wear my eyeglasses 24/7 D: ).
→K takes the robe (kinda Buddhist monk like toga thing) off & asks them to look for any switches/etc. he might have missed or been unable to reach.
→They find a hole on his head (which would have been noticable anyway? His robe only covers like a toga) that looks like a giant deep freeze keyhole, that has "► OPEN" wrote beside it.
→They figure if a key was inserted then the suit/mask might pop off.
→K is very relieved & optimistic.
→Sigma checks and sees only 4 minutes until the Chromatic Doors open is left (the 9 promised to meet down there 5 minutes until opening, and it takes time to travel down there)
→Sigma, Phi, Quark, & K get there just as the Chromatic Doors open (they only stay open for 5 minutes, and anyone not behind them, or behind one not matching their required partnering dies).
→Dio is pissed at Phi for arriving so close to late due to the death risk.
→Alice is also pissed at Sigma.
→Luna & Phi state that fighting is useless (they got back in time) and they need to hurry.

Into The CDs
→Phi gives the options.
→Tenmyouji refuses to go with K (these are like Fox, Chickens, & Grain puzzles). He doesn't trust that he won't Betray him after.
→K refuses to go with Tenmyouji. He doesn't want to kill him by choosing Betray (Tenmyouji has 1BP), or lose points by choosing Ally.
→Clover & Alice want to go together.
→Luna wants to go with Sigma or Phi since they chose Ally last Round (if she only knew that it was Sigma's vote! Phi wanted Betray).
→Option C is thrown-out since it would mean Tenmyouji & K partnering (I suspect if I selected Betray to Luna I'd be going that route though like with the Yellow Door route). Despite it meaning Clover with Alice, and Luna with Phi.
→Luna gets Sigma to choose since she trusts him (and wants to go with him or Phi).
→Just then Quark gets a dazed look on his face and collapses to him knees.
→He starts creepily whispering that everyone doesn't have a choice to die, that everyone has to die. Among other disturbing things (I was hoping Quark having Radical-6 was just for the Yellow Door route :( ).
→Tenmyouji wants to take Quark to the Infirmary, but there isn't time (if they aren't behind a Chromatic Door they'll die).
→So he picks him up and goes through--Whatever Chromatic Door that goes with Sigma's option choice.
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Time:2012-11-13 04:58 am (UTC)
Green Door:
→Sigma & Alice partner with Luna for the Green Door (I wanted to go with K, but I'd rather go with poor Luna more).
→Tenmyouji & Quark partner with Clover for the Blue Door.
→Phi & Dio partner with K for the Red Door.
→There is a 3 doors & a lever section here too.
→Sigma pulls it and the Right door opens this time [and not the Middle like with the Laboratory (I wonder if the scanner screens by the levers check who pulls it and opens depending on that, or if it is random like the Bracelet colours/pairings?)].

→There is a Terminator looking robot on a slab, and pushing a button on said slab causes its eyes to light-up red [this freaked me out because I was expecting a robot attack D: (also I wonder if this leads to K - END as it's a robot room) Maybe 'GAULEM' = 'Golem'???]!
→Alice says the platforms on the sides of the room are like disco stages. Luna asks what 'disco' is, and Sigma is amused. Alice brushes it off and pretends to not know what disco is either.
→Finding the lab coats (but not -that- kind) in the lockers has Alice flirt with Sigma again, and Sigma ask Luna if she has to wear one with her job (not a nurse, not a doctor, not quite a coroner). Sigma blushes, and Luna doesn't answer.
→Someone named 'Harold' worked there?
→Luna pushes the big red foreboding button (luckily just a power drained noise issues from the room. I was worried it would make the Terminator!robot get up D: ).
→Sigma eats & parts random pieces of junk from the back workbenchs' piles of stuff. Luna is disturbed.
→12 more robots drop down from the ceiling after a puzzle.
→Luna wonders if the boxer-wearing robot (that drops-down onto the left stage from said ceiling) is hiding something under them.
→Like a diary. "Why the hell would you hide a diary in your crotch?!" says Sigma, and I laaaauuuughed.
→Or maybe "a hose or something"? Sigma & Alice think she means a robo!dick.
→Alice rips the robot's underwear off. Nothing was hidden.
→Luna suggests Sigma try said boxers on.
→Luna says "Oh, you're amazing! I've fallen for you all over again!" after Sigma/you solve the voltage puzzle.
→The right stage should be flipped to make the damn eye puzzle less tricky (one stage is supposed to be read left-to-right, the other right-to-left-but-only-the-heads-not-the-eyes (but the thinking from the bartender's perspective from the Lounge was good!tricky).
→I discovered that stuff wrote on the MEMO/Brain Memory screen (the game's 2 page note taking feature) degrades/fades with time. I'm not sure if it counts playtime, or by section. I noticed it when I loaded it up for the red eye puzzle, and the notes I made back at the Treatment Center have gone all degraded/has pixels missing).
→Find a strange plug-like device in the Safe (looks like K's key to me! Guess this might be K - END instead of Luna -END?)
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Time:2012-11-13 05:05 am (UTC)
→Just as Sigma, Luna, & Alice are leaving they hear someone yell: "Hold up, governor."
→Sigma asks who said that & Alice says that her lovely throat could not make a sound so coarse.
→The terminator!robot has awoken!
→Sigma knows that a 'Cooper' derives from a barrelmaker.
→His name is GTM-CM-G-OLM, or G-OLM for short.
→Him and the others are 'General-purpose AUTONOMOUS Labor Electronic Machine's [GAULEM (so I was right about the Golem thing!)].
→He has an accent which is kinda West Country with the 'me's & such but he takes kinda London (I say the voice actor is putting-on a generic 'British' accent. I only know West Country because I read/typed so much stuff hearing it in my head). ANYWAY he says that he talks this way because someone with an American Southern accent (like the one Zero III sometimes uses) decided they should all have separate personalities.
→Sigma asks if he is part of Zero III.
→G-OLM finds this hilarious and explains that while both his brain, and all of Zero III hang-out in the facility's mainframe, he is a independent core. And more like a limb/computer monitor than a whole AI like Zero III.
→"But I don't know shit-all about this game he's running."
→G-OLM has gone through the video that's been recorded from the game though, and so knows the 9 people's names.
→He likes pretty women.
→He relates his feeling pain, and how humans feel pain, to the Chinese Room. A woman is locked in a room with only shelves of books & a slot on the door. People passing-by can ask questions by slipping paper in the slot, and she was ordered to answer each question with a suitable response. However the room is in China, and each question asked is in Chinese (I can't be more specific as to what dialect, or be politically correct, etc.). The women doesn't know any Chinese. The books on tne shelf though seem to be full of various written Chinese phrases & replies. So by using the books, and finding each question asked, she can complete her task. G-OLM equates this to a body receive an outward stimulation it doesn't understand, but is causing problems and that the brain can deduce is something wrong so it sends out a generic response to get you/him to stop what is causing the stimulation.
→G-LOM says that he is in disrepair now, having been left on the slab/worktable after only being there to get his internal batteries fixed. Now all his lubricant has gone gummy and so he feels a lot of pain & is stiff.
→And due to his faulty battery, he is stuck tethered to the slab/workbench by a power cord (so he can't go with them to the others).
→He was asleep until Sigma/Alice/Luna pushed the activation button though.
→He says that him and the other GAULEMs (maybe it's like Golem+gaul?) usually don't look so skeletal, that they are usually covered in an artificial tissue called ABT that makes them look human.
→"Truth to tell, I doubt you'd be able to tell the real from the fake even if it was right in front of you."
→He starts to say more on that "See, right in the middle of—" but an alarm sounds with "Command violation. Rogue processes detected. Product ID GTM-CM-G-OLM. Executing emergency deactivation.".
→And G-OLM's head sparks and he collapses & just smokes.
→Sigma, Alice, & Luna decide that Zero had him shut-down before he could reveal something.

GAULEM Bay After Escape:
→Someone has opened an Ambidex Gate (and since the GAULEM Bay Safe had the rules about not voting meaning death, there is a panic).
→Sigma, Alice, & Luna make it up, and only Dio, K, & Phi are back too.
→Dio gets yelled at since AGAIN he opened the Ambidex Room ASAP.
→Everyone is worried about what will happen to Clover, Tenmyouji, & Quark.
→Clover & Tenmyouji make it back though.
→But Quark went missing/ran-off on their way back (no word on his behaviour during the room!).
→Alice just goes off to the side and examines something on the floor, not talking to Clover.
→Everyone (but Alice) decides to quickly search, eventhough he isn't needed for voting.
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Time:2012-11-13 05:06 am (UTC)
→Sigma gets Phi to take him to the Pantry (the room her, K, & Dio had).
→They made Dio drink the water, and try some preserved food to make sure it was safe to consume (this amuses me after the stunt he pulled on the Yellow ⇒ Red route).
→Phi loves to eat. She had a serving of: paella, nasi goreng, schnitzel, yukgaejang, borscht, tom kha gai, chef's pasta, & twice-cooked pork.
→The food is best before over a 100 years from 2028.
→Phi is 20 years-old, she thinks.
→Sigma is 22 years-old.
→He can't believe she is that old and look so young, and she says he must have done drugs to look so old at 22.
→Sigma starts to question her on her not knowing her age, but remembers about the Chinese Room explaination & G-OLM.
→He tells her about the deactivation, and she tries to connect his "middle of" to the Chinese Room.
→Luna comes running in and tells them to hurry to the Crew Quarters.
→Alice is dead again this route.
→But instead of a scalpel in her chest this time, it looks like a knife handle (or as Phi states it could be a tool or ice-pick).
→She suspects Dio as he found the body.
→He says Clover saw her alive last.
→Clover gets all quiet and makes 999-esk revenge statements (Clover kills everyone in vengeance in 999's Bad End Axe Ending).
→Clover then runs-off.
→Tenmyouji follows.
→K says Clover probably won't trust any of them now, or admit to anything if she killed Alice.
→Sigma goes over who could have killed her in his head. He decides himself, Phi (who was with him), or Quark (who despite being MIA, Sigma decides is too small to overpower Alice).
→K suggests that the Nonary Game is just a distraction so Zero can go murder them all one-by-one.
→Sigma remembers Zero III suggesting Alice or Tenmyouji or both or all would die in the 2ND Round.
→Sigma leaves Alice's now detached Bracelet, and goes to vote.
→Tenmyouji & Clover are already locked-in.
→Dio, K, & Phi bicker.
→Dio will have 9BP if he Betrays K, and K will have 9BP if he Betrays Phi & Dio.
→Luna oddly suggests that they all just pick Betray so no Bracelet Points will change.
→Luna says also in a strange tone that she, herself can trust Sigma though.
→Phi says she wants to utterly defeat the Nonary Game by getting everyone through the 9 Door.
→...Well she can't get Alice out now...
→She asks K to choose Ally. That she can guarantee she'll choose Ally too.
→Dio tells Sigma that he's lucky Alice is dead so if Luna votes Betray she can't die again (Alice had 1BP left).
→Luna asks Sigma what he'll choose (oh fuck her voice has that waivering pitiful asking tone :( )?
→Sigma instead of saying "Yep, yep!" gives a kinda douchey response of well even if he did pick Betray he'd just have 8BP and need to play another round anyway.
→Luna goes to vote.
→Phi asks K to pick Ally again.
→K of course doesn't trust Dio not to overpower Phi & vote Betray.
→Dio says someone with a body stature like his does not result to violence.
→So Phi tells Dio to look behind him and then runs into the Ambidex Room to lock him out.
→With Dio out of the picture, K says he'll choose Ally.
→Dio swears & yells a lot and bangs on Phi's AB Room.
→He runs into an empty Room and tries to start voting. There is an announcement that an invalid pair has been detected, and that team members can not vote in separate rooms.
→Dio is PISSED.

AB Game Round 2:
→Sigma goes to choose Ally, but remembers how weird Luna sounded (who wouldn't if they got "well you're not worth betraying since I need another Round anyway." after just saying "I trust you!" :/ ).

AB Game Round 2 Ally:
I saved right before the results are displayed, as I had a "Swapnotes" note waiting and I was really eyestrain-y so wanted a happy break (I figured it's be from fantastic Jeremy). I then loaded-up VLR again, selected my save file, and English voice track. The save file loaded fine, but when it goes to resume my game I just get a black screen and my whole Nintendo 3DS system freezes. I'm worried that at 23 HOURS into it, my save file might have corrupted. But I'm not getting the error message so I'm hoping it will be alright.

I can go through the motions of having hope, even if I have none or any such belief. At least if I have to restart, I know the puzzles now... :[
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Time:2013-01-03 06:02 am (UTC)
It took me awhile, but I finally got back into playing back through what I already played, then suspending the software, opening GMail in the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser, and typing. I'm t just after the Rec Room on the Pair With Alice & K route through the Magenta Door in my actual playing.


AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Security ⇒ Security After Escape ⇒ Director's Office Solve The Mystery Of The Two-Headed Lion!

AB Game Round 2 Ally
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Luna, & Phi = 7BP
Dio & K = 8BP
Tenmyouji & Clover = 4
Alice (deceased) = 3BP
Quark (missing) = 9BP
→Sigma (and voting for now dead Alice) picks Ally, Luna picks Ally.
→Tenmyouji (and voting for missing Quark) picks Betray, Clover picks Ally.
→Phi (voting for locked-out Dio) picks Ally, K picks Ally.
→Luna nervously thanks Sigma for voting Ally. That they are in the homestretch now until getting 9BP.
→Sigma says he just did as he promised. Luna still acting anxious says she just did the same.
→He says he hopes they are against each other in the next round too. She is all '...Because I'll choose Ally?' And he says yes, because he can 'trust' her.
→Luna says that if they are in a Pair together the next Round, Sigma can vote for both of them and choose whatever option he wants.
→Sigma is all 'Wha?!', says he will probably choose Ally again as he's done it twice already.
→That "let's choose "ally" and get the hell out of here together".
→Luna agrees, but doesn't sound too into the idea. Lots of "...".
→Sigma asks why, and Luna answers that it's hard to be happy about things.
→Sigma guesses it's because of Alice being dead.
→Luna sounds kinda surprised & is all 'yeah, that too' like.
→Sigma also guesses because Quark's still missing, and Luna gives the same sort of distant response.
→Sigma says technically Quark has won the Nonary Game though, because he had 9BP now.
→Clover sounds hurt and asks Tenmyouji how he could vote Betray? After all the things he said (neither say what that is, and it's meant to be vague/mysterious).
→Tenmyouji says that everything he said is true.
→Clover asks how he knew what he said, and accuses him of being Zero.
→Tenmyouji says that of course he isn't Zero! But he got someone involved in this that he shouldn't have.
→Clover asks if it's Quark, and Tenmyouji says yes.
→Then Tenmyouji storms-off into the Magenta Door to look for Quark.
→Clover goes to follow, but goes to the Cyan Door instead.
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Time:2013-01-03 06:04 am (UTC)
→K asks why she chose Ally? If she didn't trust any of them now, why would she do that?
→Him and Sigma conclude it's because he must have said something to her to convince her.
→Neither have any idea what that would be though.
→Luna asks K why he chose Ally?
→K says that if Phi had chosen Betray, then Dio would have gotten 9BP. So that was her grantee.
→Sigma asks why he didn't just choose Betray to get 9BP and leave?
→Luna says it's because he promised, right?
→K does that creepy face & fake "Ha. Ha. Ha." laugh, and says that too, but he also felt a connection with Phi during the Pantry, and that he felt like a little voice say ""Don't betray her."".
→Phi gets pissy and claims that, that & gut feelings are bullshit, and no-one can have a connection with her without her permission. That for him to say it is skeevy.
→Sigma is all D: "What the hell, man?! He did you a favor and now you're gonna give him shit for it?!".
→That she chose Ally, so she must have trusted him too (despite it being stated that she wouldn't because of Dio :/ )?
→Phi says no, that she made him trust her. By stuffing her face and acting like an idiot while in the Pantry to make him drop his guard.
→Sigma says that even if he trusted she'd pick Ally, he still could have picked Betray and left.
→Phi & Sigma bicker more with Sigma suggesting she felt a connection to K too, and her yelling that she couldn't trust someone without even seeing their face.
→Luna interrupts and suggests changing the subject. She asks where Dio went?
→K says he saw him leave through the Yellow Door after the results.
→There is an announcement about the Star Round and how a Star keycard will enable unlimited voting.
→K, Sigma, Phi, & Luna decide that it probably doesn't mean consistent voting. That there must be a cool-off (Luna works-out it's around 45 minutes).
→K & Luna go to look for the others to find-out their bracelet colours. Phi & Sigma go to retrieve Alice's bracelet.
→Sigma asks Phi if she thinks K is the murderer?
→Phi just gives a 'maybe'.
→Sigma freaks-out, and Phi reminds him that he didn't stop her from going with K either.
→Sigma says he feels he can trust him.
→Phi asks Sigma if he has considered Luna is the murderer?
→Sigma says no. Says that if she wanted Alice dead, she'd just have to hit Betray last Round.
→Phi says that would be too public; if she had, everyone would be against her. Phi says that Alice would not have chosen Ally (the risk with her 1BP would be too great? Or does Phi think Alice would choose Betray anyway?). But that even if Luna stabbed Alice, K doesn't have much
to worry about [being in a suit of armour. (She also says maybe Sigma is attracted to K because of his flattering attire)].
→Clover is in the Crew Quarters. She goes to run, but Sigma stops her.
→She says that she doesn't want to talk to anyone, and that she knows who killed Alice. She wonders if Sigma & Phi might be working with the murderer.
→Clover says Alice was killed because she discovered something, and that she's worked it out too.
→They ask what, and she tells Sigma & Phi to figure it out themselves.
→Clover then runs-off.
→Sigma worries about what colour Clover's bracelet is, but Phi managed to somehow get a good enough look at it.
→Sigma & Phi wonder what Alice (and Clover) figured-out.
→Phi nonchalantly picks-up Alice's bracelet, pockets it, then starts searching Alice's corpse.
→She finds what seems to be a bloodstained handkerchief. The blood is dried, and much older than Alice's blood (I figure they probably mean where her blood stains her clothes).
→They deduce that it must be part of what Alice discovered.
→They wonder if it's the old woman's blood.
→Phi & Sigma go looking for Tenmyouji & Dio to find-out their bracelet colours.
→They find the Rec Room, and figure that's the room that Tenmyouji, Clover, & Quark had because the door is unlocked.
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Time:2013-01-03 06:06 am (UTC)
→Tenmyouji is there & very distressed.
→Sigma tries to calm him down (saying he knows him, and this isn't how he is. I wonder if this would be said if I hadn't played the Tenmyouji route beforehand?).
→Tenmyouji says that they should be happy he hasn't found Quark yet, because if he does he'll try to make him open the 9 Door. So it's better for everyone else if Quark is still missing.
→Sigma is all 'D: no way! I'm not happy he's missing!' (Phi says nothing).
→Tenmyouji yells that nothing is turning-out like he thought, and that he shouldn't have brought Quark here.
→Sigma calls him on "brought".
→Tenmyouji says that Zero made him an offer.
→Phi tries to interrogate him, but he just looks away & gives a wall of "..." (Ace Attorney games would have a PsyLock here!).
→Tenmyouji suddenly asks Sigma & Phi to hold out their wrists. They do so.
→He then pulls out something he was hiding, sprays them with it, and quickly turns out the room's light [being the first room I encountered with a light switch someone can manually control (the first room I played with one was the Security Room)].
→The liquid was Luminol, and no reaction happens [but I figured that test would fail if the murderer (I suspected Radical-6 at this point for this route) was right-handed, and only used one hand. Tenmyouji is counting-on blood getting stuck in the bracelet after the killer stabbed Alice or the old woman. If a supposed killer had used their right hand, and since both was only one stab wound, and the weapon was left behind (in Alice's case), the killer would just have to carefully wipe their hand (since by the bodies' positions, there wasn't a struggle).]
→Tenmyouji seems relieved.
→Phi guesses that it's because it proves Phi & Sigma aren't Zero Sr./Senior.
→Tenmyouji confirms that. But won't say anything else. He figures Zero Sr. might have Quark hostage, and if Tenmyouji goes rambling then something might happen to his grandson.
→Sigma goes to protest, but looking in Tenmyouji's eyes he sees sadness & loneliness. He decides to leave it be.
→Tenmyouji runs out.
→Sigma asks to ask Phi a question. She says that she doesn't know anything else either. But it's not, so she thinks it's about Tenmyouji's bracelet, and she caught it. It's really just a question to tease her about screaming when she was sprayed with Luminol.
→Phi & Sigma go down to the 3RD Warehouse.
→White Chromatic Doors are there.
→"MEMENTO MORI, IF THE NINETH LION ATE THE SUN." graffiti on the wall.
→Dio is there by the White Doors.
→He says he figures Quark is just off napping somewhere, and he doesn't want him found since he'll escape and leave everyone trapped there for the rest of their lives (no mention that if Quark doesn't go through the next Doors he'll die).
→Sigma is horrified at the idea of everyone being trapped there indefinitely. That they'll die, and whoever brought them here will even leave their corpses.
→Dio asks Sigma if he brought Phi there so he could kill her. It's all D: for a moment, but Dio is still just pissed-off at Phi tricking him (actually says if K hadn't chosen Ally, he'd be hanging Phi off one of the warehouse shipping cranes).
→K (who told Dio the other peoples' bracelets), Tenmyouji, & Clover had also been down there. Dio says he hasn't seen Luna though.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Phi = Magenta Pair
K & Dio = Yellow Pair
Clover & Quark = Cyan Pair
Luna = Green Solo
Alice = Blue Solo
Tenmyouji = Red Solo
→Phi stops in the Lounge on the way back, and comments on the Sun clock (part of the Green Sun, Blue Earth, Red Moon puzzle). She brings-up the "MOMENTO MORI, IF THE NINETH LION EATS THE SUN." graffiti.
→Sigma wonders what 'be aware of death' or 'remember death' ("I think it's usually used to mean "We're all going to die someday, so don't forget about your own mortality."") has to do with anything.
→Phi brings-up the extra 'E' in 'NINTH'. Decides it was added deliberately (I noticed it too and figured it meant the thing was another anagram), to give enough letters.
→When they get back to Warehouse A, K & Luna aren't there. Phi decides her & Sigma should wait there to prevent missing them by searching.
→Phi goes to check where Alice was looking at earlier.
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Time:2013-01-03 06:07 am (UTC)
→Phi & Sigma find blood spots on the floor there.
→They figure it's from the old woman.
→Phi looks up at that warehouse's shipping crane, then runs to the 9 Door and stares at the row AB Rooms.
→Sigma works-out too that the right most Ambidex Room has been moved (by crane) to the left most side since the first AB Round started.
→Ambidex Room start positions:
1= K & Clover
2 = Tenmyouji
3 = Sigma & Phi
4 = Alice
5 = Dio & Quark
6 = Luna
→So since Luna was in the room that was moved, did Luna murder the old woman?
→Was the handkerchief stuffed in between the right most AB Rooms, and fell out when #6 was moved?
→Phi figures the line of blood on the handkerchief means it was used to wrap the murder weapon.
→On closer examination of the "TWO MILKMEN GO COMEDY!" graffiti they discover that a splotch at the bottom that they'd assumed was just more paint, is actually blood.
→Was that where the old woman was stabbed?
→Did the killer stab her there, then drag her back to the AB Room, wrap & hide the weapon/handkerchief, then later operate the crane to move where the corpse was hidden?
→If so, why did they not collect the handkerchief/weapon again? Instead of leaving it to be discovered.
→And if the killer was Zero Sr. (which since they could use the crane, it probably was), couldn't they have found a better place to hide the body?
→Also the old woman must have been killed (or died from Radical-6 as I suspect) while people were behind the Chromatic Doors since everyone searched the Ambidex Rooms thoroughly once all of them were opened. They would have found the body in #6, or under the graffiti.
→Given that, Sigma says that Luna could not have killed the old woman as Luna was with Phi & him from the Magenta Door up until AB Game Round 1.
→Phi says she doesn't think Luna murdered the old woman, but that Alice-and then Clover-must have suspected that she did.
→Sigma says he has a very bad feeling.
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Time:2013-01-03 06:07 am (UTC)
→They start to wonder what is keeping the others since they've been waiting about 20 minutes.
→Just then K comes out of the Cyan Door, and sombrely asks Sigma & Phi to come with him (and the excellent English voice acting is excellent).
→He says that Luna is dead.
→He leads them to the Crew Quarters, where Luna is dead on the floor of the room (Room 2) Alice's corpse is in.
→Her bracelet, and an injection gun lay on the floor beside her.
→K says he was waiting in the Warehouse, when he thought he heard a faint woman's scream from behind the Cyan Door. He thought he might have imagined it, but the silence after left him uneasy (3 minutes passed) so he went to investigate.
→And found Luna on the floor not breathing.
→He attempted to resuscitate her, but could only do chest compressions as the suit's mask prevented mouth-to-mouth.
→K knows CPR.
→He tried over 15 minutes, but then searched the Crew Quarters for the killer, then went back to the Warehouse A where he found Phi & Sigma.
→K suspects someone poisoned Luna by injecting her in the neck (he actually says "carotid artery") with the injection gun.
→K knows the medical term.
→The injection gun contains turbocurarine (the muscle relaxant in the Nonary Game Bracelets. And what was in the Infirmary).
→K also suspects that the killer ran out into the connecting hallways so he missed them.
→The knife that was in Alice's chest is now missing.
→Sigma, K, & Phi decide that using the injection gun over the knife would be the preferred way to kill someone.
→Did someone take the knife before Luna was killed? Or did whoever killed Luna take the knife after? Did Luna come across[ed] someone taking the knife?
→Since there was 30 minutes before K heard the scream, and no-one was seen, there is no way to know what happened. Phi says since they don't know, they shouldn't draw conclusions as it will taint their reasoning. "And if we don't know, we really shouldn't try and draw conclusions. That could color our reasoning, and that's not good. Conclusions without evidence are useless. So just forget any conclusions you might have come up with. Save that brain space for something more useful."
→K gives Sigma Luna's bracelet because they need it to go through a Chromatic Door. Sigma felt like he would be just using & abandoning her by taking it. But K says that he needs to survive & work-on catching her killer.
→Phi then starts going all 'Damnit! How could I get so distracted?' (which after having played later routes I took as something else, but at the time took as just weird).
→But it's because she forgot Quark is still missing, so Tenmyouji & Clover won't be able to go through a Door without him.
→There is only 4 minutes until the White Chromatic Doors open, so K, Sigma, & Phi decide to hope that Quark was found and everyone will be waiting down on Warehouse B*.


I had to take a break, though I hoped I could make it to Security before then. Man, I remembered a lot happening in this route, but I forgot how much! I think the route I played after this one (Dio End) was shorter though!

Edited at 2013-01-05 04:01 am (UTC)
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Time:2013-01-05 04:03 am (UTC)
→K, Sigma, & Phi arrive just as the White Chromatic Doors open.
→Only Dio is there at the White Chromatic Doors.
→He demands Sigma and Phi give him Alice's bracelet so him & K can go.
→Phi looks him in the eyes and hands it over (the eye looking thing meant more to me since I played further).
→He says he hasn't seen Clover, Quark, and/or Tenmyouji. He doesn't mention anything about Luna.
→K says that he doesn't feel right leaving 3 other people to die (K knows Luna is dead). Dio acts like it isn't a big deal and asks if K wants to take a different Door then? When K still doesn't go; Dio: "Then please, tell me, what the fuck is the issue?" K: "Being a human being."
→Dio says that if they don't go then K will kill him. There are 3 minutes until the White Chromatic Doors close.
→When K still doesn't go Dio says that he has a baby son that Zero will kill if Dio doesn't win the Nonary Game -- Ambidex Edition (I remember not believing him, but still hoping I was wrong since at least it would be a more redeeming character thing for Dio. Also thinking of Dio dealing with diapers & such amused me).
→Sigma wants to call-out that bullshit, but he decides that if K believes it at least he'll go through a Door.
→K says he'll go on one condition: that Phi & Sigma go through a Door as well.
→Sigma & Phi also won't go through a Door since Tenmyouji, Clover, & Quark haven't arrived yet.
→K says that he figured they'd say that.
→K then punches both Phi & Sigma in the stomach, and carries them into a Door.
→He says that he doesn't believe Dio (about the kid), but he wants Sigma & Phi to both survive (it can't just be him & Dio).
→Sigma struggles to ask: "K...what are you...doing...?" K responds: "I confess I am not entirely sure. I will think about it during the ten seconds that remain." K then leaves to go with Dio.
→The Doors close, and after Sigma & Phi drag themselves through the Secondary Door they just lie/sit on the floor.
→Phi says her body will be fine, but she needs time to deal with her thoughts. Sigma can't stop thinking about Clover, Tenmyouji, & Quark.
→Sigma also thinks that K has a very powerful punch.
→Eventually they make their way to the next room which is the Security room.
→Sigma wonders if they can see what is going on elsewhere in the facility. If they can check for Clover, Tenmyouji, and/or Quark. Phi doubts they would be allowed (by Zero Sr. & Zero III) to just do that.
→But the monitors have no power, and the control screens seem locked.


At this point I was still expecting that I had an Ending coming-up as everything was going bad, and the route on the FLOW screen was showing AB Ga,e Round 2 Ally as the last section. But as the Security Escape Section started, the route on the FLOW screen
expanded! [ahnjehleehn says she thinks it is to trick people into playing with their hearts to vote Ally to Luna, even if the route seems it will end badly.]


→Phi & Sigma can see 9 of the live feeds, but no-one appears on any of them.
→There is a lightswitch that is an ornate lion head, and the button that sits in his mouth is engraved with a sun (At this point I wished I had kept track of the different lions & suns elsewhere).
→I don't know if the words on the stairs change, but they don't seem to be the same passwords I used last time.
→The shape puzzles are trial & error [The green chair shape puzzle is: hit the different coloured hexagons in a clockwise order. The red chair shape puzzle is: hit the 2 middle triangles from top to bottom, then the 2 different coloured hexagons from right to left. (I somehow managed to remember the answers from my first playthrough. It may be different for other players though)].
→I had to use a Walkthrough for the hourglass puzzle (0407091115).
→The words/phrases on the side screens needed for the Safe Key password puzzle:
→"Not all of the words are needed, however. The unneeded words should be erased." The extra words are used for the Safe File password puzzle, and are:
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Time:2013-01-13 02:49 pm (UTC)
Man, I feel like shit Betraying & betraying Luna. I am very familiar with her stomach dropping, flailing, just trying to grasp at straws and not cry feelings and of just asking "Why?". Causing it, or having jerkface!Sigma cause it and me watching is just awful.

AB Game Round 2 Betray:
→Sigma doesn't say a word after hitting 'Betray'. He just walks over to the results projection.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Dio, & K = 8BP
Luna = 3BP
Tenmyouji, Clover, & Alice = 4BP
Phi = 7BP
Quark = 9BP
→Luna asks Sigma how he could Betray her. He promised he wouldn't, so how could he?
→She asks him to just lie if he just did it to get more Bracelet Points. Say he wanted to protect everyone, or that his finger slipped.
→Sigma can't give a reply.
→Finally Luna defeatedly says: "I...I can't trust you anymore...can I...?".
→Sigma is still silent.
→"I see. All right then. You did it so that you could get more points, right?"
→Sigma just closes his eyes and turns away.
→Luna scrunches-up her face and starts to cry.
→"My heart sank into my stomach like a lump of lead. I'd lost something very precious. Like they say, trust takes years to build but only a second to break. If only I could take that second back..."
→Clover is all 'Hey!" at Tenmyouji as he goes to leave.
→Tenmyouji says he is going to look for Quark and then just ignores her. He heads for the Magenta Door.
→Clover mutters something, and goes to follow, but stops. After awhile she hurries through the Cyan Door.
→Luna asks Tenmyouji if he is going to look for Quark, and asks if she can help.
→Tenmyouji is all 'No.', Luna is surprised, then he says that he wishes he could say no, but that he needs all the help he can get though.
→They leave through the Magenta Door.
→Sigma looks around and only Phi, K, & him are left.
→He asks K where Dio is?
→K says that Dio looked at the results then stormed-off through the Yellow Door.
→Sigma says that he's probably pissed. If Phi had voted Betray then Dio could be gone.
→K says that Phi showed she was clever, and so he decided to trust her. That trusting her was easy.
→Sigma asks why didn't K just vote Betray then? He'd have 9BP then.
→K says that he'd made a promise.
→Sigma asks Phi if she considered K would pick Betray instead.
→She says yes, but that she had to trust K.
→"Don't you think that's important? Trusting someone, I mean?"
→Phi says they should go look for Quark too.
→They each take off through a different Chromatic Door (Sigma Magenta, Phi Yellow, K Cyan).
→Sigma doesn't find anyone in the Lounge, Pantry, or GAULEM Bay.
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Time:2013-01-13 02:49 pm (UTC)
→He gives-up & goes back to Warehouse A.
→Sigma finds Tenmyouji holding an unconscious Quark, and standing in front of the 9 Door.
→Sigma is all 'You found Quark?! Where was he?!'.
→Temmyouji says he wouldn't be back if he hadn't found Quark, and he will not tell Sigma where he found him.
→Sigma is all 'WTF? What did I do wrong?'.
→Tenmyouji says it's because Sigma broke his promise to Luna.
→He doesn't like people that break their promises (despite Tenmyouji breaking his several times :/ ).
→Sigma can't offer any response, so he asks how Quark is.
→Tenmyouji says that he is fine, just sleeping.
→Someone-who he doesn't know (He says "Hell if I know. And honestly, I don't really care
" 'Hell if I know' always makes me think of the "Matt Hazard: Bloodbath, and Beyond" joke. What do you get when you cross a hippopotamus, an elephant, and a rhinoceros? Helephino!) who-seems to have injected Quark with an anesthetic (harking to the Yellow Door routes).
→Tenmyouji says that he just needs to get Quark out of there, and all of this will be over.
→Sigma wonders why he thinks they can leave?
→"I can. Well, he can."
→And that's when Sigma realises that Quark has 9BP.
→Tenmyouji is going to hold Quark's hand up and pull the 9 Door lever.
→Sigma is all 'D:' because Tenmyouji only has 4BP. He remembers Zero III's warning that if someone tries to go through without 9BP, they'll die.
→And that's when Tenmyouji kicks Sigma hard in the stomach (while holding Quark, and being an old man).
→Sigma's air gets knocked-out, and his knees buckle. He tries to yell at Tenmyouji to stop though.
→But Tenmyouji doesn't. He opens the door.
→Sigma manages to yell at him (while on the floor).
→Tenmyouji knows he'll die. But he can't deal with throwing Quark out while he is unconscious. He plans to stay with him until the Soporil β & turbocurarine kick in.
→Sigma (forgetting the rules about the 9 Door only opening once) tells Tenmyouji to just wait.
→Tenmyouji says he can't. That there is a killer there, and it's not safe for Quark.
→Tenmyouji carries Quark through the 9 Door, and it closes.
→The announcement about the Nonary Game being over plays, and all doors are now unlocked. They are trapped there indefinitely.
→Sigma rolls over and stares at the ceiling from on the floor.
→He doesn't know what will become of Tenmyouji & Quark.
→He hears footsteps, and remembers whatTenmyouji said about one of the group being a murderer.
→Sigma decides it doesn't matter anymore. That he'll never see outside the facility again. He wonders if he should just let whoever it is kill him.
→He closes his eyes.
→Fade to "GAME OVER...".
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Time:2013-01-13 03:59 pm (UTC)

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