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Current Music:Chill and Rigor -- from "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"
Current Location:Shaglehod in Autumn/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:On "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"
Time:01:02 am
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I'm going to try to post what I learn in each room/route. I want to do it as I do each playthough so my experience of it won't be tainted by memory of other rooms. I'll probably do this in point form, and continue it in the Comments. One person on Twitter mentioned keeping track of everything in Excel XD My memory may be incorrect in some places--I've not been writing things down.

☆★☆★This will be full of spoilers★☆★☆


I've only 'finished' one playthrough, and I didn't even get to finish it because the last bit requires something from another route.

Jumpstart ⇒ Elevator ⇒ Elevator After Escape ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Yellow Door ⇒ Infirmary ⇒ Infirmary After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Crew Quarters ■LOCK No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?

→Sigma was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→He saw Zero in their gasmask before getting knocked-out.
→Meet Phi.
→Phi somehow had Sigma's name come to mind.

→Meet Zero III.
→Learn that each room Safe has a false back & can accept 2 passwords.
→The Ambidex Machine can accept memory cards & do more than voting.
→Phi can jump really high, with acrobatic reflexes.
→"I am no man."

Elevator After Escape:
→Meet Tenmyouji, Dio, Quark, Luna, Alice, K, & Clover.
→Clover is still unconscious even after escaping the elevator.
→K has amnesia, and seems to be welded into a suit of armour. Sounds like a robot. His bracelet is hooked through the suit though, to attach unseen skin/wrist.
→Zero III gives them nicknames [Siggy, Phido, Alas, Cleaver (as if
referring to the 999 Axe Ending), B.O., Quirk, Tenmyoldie, Moony, and Potassium).
→'K' comes to his mind though he doesn't know his name. Zero III asks his name too.
→Clover is freaked-out over 'Zero' & 'Nonary Game'--Seems to know something about it. "It should be over".
→Alice met Clover a year ago.
→Phi works-out the anagram "WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!" silly fast.
→Learn that Zero is one of the 9, and Zero III is merely an Artificial
Intelligence created to "facilitate the facility".
→Learn most of the rules, but not what 'penalties' are.
→Learn about Chromatic Doors.
→Learn about the Number 9 Door.
→Learn about key cards.
→Learn about pressing both buttons on the bracelet.
→"You can take your Lame-ary Game and shove it up your ass!" leads to learning not playing means death.
→Learn what is inside the bracelet. Needles that can inject Soporil β (an anesthetic from 999) & turbocurarine (a poison that shuts-down the respiratory system). ...Means of a painless death...
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Phi = Red Pair
Clover & K = Green Pair
Dio & Quark = Blue Pair
Alice = Red Solo
Tenmyouji = Green Solo
Luna = Blue Solo
→Everyone had 3 Bracelet Points.

Into The CDs:
→Phi again shows how fast she can work-out things by explaining what path options there are.

Yellow Door:
→Sigma & Phi partner with Tenmyouji.
→Clover & K partner with Luna.
→Dio & Quark partner with Alice

→Deduce there must have been people working here (the facility) until recently going by its size & how clean it is.
→Learn the ADAM is a scanner.
→The screen can accept/play memory cards.
→Find a scalpel.
→Find, but leave the injection gun. It contains saline solution.
→Find Soporil β & turbocurarine just sitting on a cabinet, for anyone to pocket, and/or use with the injection gun.
→Find newspaper article on Radical-6 (a virus that according to the article has reached a pandemic level).

Infirmary After Escape:
→Sigma is a college student who recently had his girlfriend dump him. His computer crapped-out while writing a paper due for a teacher that does not observe Christmas. He went to the school to type it there & drank 5 energy drinks. He got in his car and it wouldn't start, then a strange sound & his car flooded with knock-out gas. He saw Zero behind the car gawking at him through his rear view mirror.
→Learn the Secondary Rules.
→Quark calls Tenmyouji "Grandpa", and tells him the Lounge has his favourite drink.
→Overhear Alice & Clover mentioning needing to get help from "Headquarters", and Clover mentions Zero again.
→Zero III has control over all electronic locks in the facility.
→Learn how to gain or lose Bracelet Points.
→Learn mostly about how voting works.
→Learn about Ambidex Rooms.
→Phi & Sigma find the corpse of an old woman in the 'elevator' K & Clover were in.
→Tenmyouji acts very weird and acts distrustful & quietly angry.
→Phi suggests taking the corpse to the Infirmary to inspect the wound.
→Learn Luna has a medical license (but is neither a nurse or doctor, and not quite a coroner).
→Learn the ADAM can do diagnosis & autopsys.
→The woman was killed by exsanguination from a stab wound to the heart. Probably from a thin (3mm) knife.
→K is suspected as Clover was still unconscious, and they were the only previous ones in that room.
→K makes a point that since Zero III never reacted to the body, that it must be something planned by Zero (Zero Sr. as they say).

AB Game Round 1:
→Phi 'suggests' choosing Betray.
→Does Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick who chooses (I think you might automatically-win).

AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Phi is annoyed that Ally was picked.
→Tenmyouji picks Betray.
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray to Alice's Ally.
→Clover & K pick Betray to Luna's Ally.
→Zero III then finally explains that getting 0 Bracelet Points also
means the death penalty.
→Zero III suggests that Phi, Sigma, Alice, or...even Luna may die next Round. Maybe everyone actually.
→Clover & K act like Luna was stupid for choosing Ally.
→Alice is pissed at Dio.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Clover = Magenta Pair
Alice & Quark = Yellow Pair
Phi & Luna = Cyan Pair
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Luna, & Alice = 1BP
Dio, Quark, Tenmyouji, Clover, & K = 6BP
→Zero III says that this will probably be the last the group sees of him.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Quark is Tenmyouji's grandson, and they were kidnapped together.
→Tenmyouji won't say where or when they were taken.
→Quark acts confused & stares blankly.
→Tenmyouji is scared and suggests seeing Luna, but Quark seems to perk-up so Sigma & Grandpa try to believe him.
→A lunar eclipse is supposed to happen on December 31ST, 2028 by K showing an Astronomy magazine they found in the Lounge.
→...Dio is perhaps jokingly aroused by Saturn's rings...
→Dio won't say when he was taken.
→The date is guessed to still be Christmas Day.
→K mentions finding a book on Schrodinger's Cat.
→The Radical-6 newspaper article is shown around.
→Everyone seems to not know anything about it (and if it was a real pandemic, wouldn't they know?).
→There is a guess that everyone there is quarantined/infected.
→Dio suggests it's fake, and Phi, Sigma, K, & Luna agree. [The article should be front page news, but the back is plain black (Sigma says that full page advertisements aren't printed on the back of the front page)]
→Sigma confronts Clover & Alice about their conversation he overhead earlier.
→Clover & Alice are 'co-workers'.
→Clover decides she can trust Sigma.
→She admits she was in the last Nonary Game.
→And the first Nonary Game.
→She gives a vague description of what happened in the one from 999 [9 people kidnapped--well 7 since 2 were in on it...make that 9 if you count the other 2 that were kidnapped too (thus clearing the idea that Snake was 'in on' the plot. Of course the writer even said he wasn't, but if it makes things more believable then he guessed you could say he was. I PERSONALLY think he wasn't as why the Hell would he need to be drugged when put in the coffin? Spare clothes could be brought too, and just claim Zero had them made. I think he remembered Kanny!Akane dying because up until solving the sudoku that's what happened. Also just like he didn't recognise Santa's voice due to age, he didn't recognise Akane's--and why would he guess she wasn't really dead? He kept quiet on the past Nonary Game because he really did believe the threats to Clover. Also why would he make a guess at who Zero was, when he could just keep quiet & let the others do so?--He wrongly guessed Santa.).]
→BUT the last Nonary Game did what then Zero meant to, so why play another one?
→But the gasmask & cloak/coat worn was the same...
→Alice & Clover were kidnapped on December 22ND (were they asleep that long?!).
→Tenmyouji rushes in looking for Luna.
→Quark has collapsed.
→Luna scans him, and it's Radical-6.
→Tenmyouji is more sure it can't be than denial would explain.
→Alice mentions hearing about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Axelavir is the anti-viral serum for Radical-6.
→Quark wakes-up, grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab himself in the heart (SO DISTURBING. He yells about needing to escape. His soul needing to escape his body; that he needs to die. Quark is about 9 years-old D:).
→Sigma manages to grab him, and hold him down. Together the group gets the scalpel from him.
→The Soporil β is used to knock Quark out.
→Luna seems to know something about how Radical-6 operates.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→Luna was also kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.

Into The CDs:
→They carry Quark to the Blue, Red, & Green Chromatic Doors.
→Alice won't go with Dio, so that leaves 2 Chromatic Door options (I can't remember if you have a jerk choice like with 999's Door 3).

Blue Door:
→Sigma & Clover partner with Tenmyouji.
→Alice & K partner with Quark.
→Phi & Luna partner with Dio.

Pressure Exchange Chamber:
Figures I'd find the save file corrupting PEC room on my first playthough D:
→Learn that the facility required all that entered to wear protective
suits & undergo decompression decontamination first. Due to viral spread concerns.
→The door to the outside is welded shut (and again Clover gets locked on the other side of glass).
→Learn that Tenmyouji knows quite a bit about LASERS.
→Find a memory card.

Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape:
→More graffiti (I couldn't read it fast enough!)
→Find the White Chromatic Doors.
→Dio activates the Ambidex Doors as soon as he gets to the Warehouse A.
→Phi, Luna, & Dio found a vial of Axelavir in the Laboratory.
→Quark is injected, and his vitals go to seemingly normal--he is still asleep.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH.
→The PEC memory card is played.
→The memory card contains an audio file of a man calling a group stationed on Mars.
→He mentions the (future) December 31ST lunar eclipse. And it being red. Asks how Mar's moons Deimos & Phobos are.
→After no response back for an uncomfortable time, it's learnt that the video feed he is seeing of the Mars group is a hacked loop.
→A woman finally replies saying that 6 of the group are dead.
→That she killed them, and is about to kill 6 billion more.
→There was a mock mission to Mars set-up (9 people in a facility set-up just as it would be if they were in space. Including radio silence.).
→Tenmyouji admits he was somewhat involved in the project.
→The mission had an infection of Radical-6, and it escaped.

AB Game Round 2:
→Sigma gets Tenmyouji to promise to choose Ally.
→Quark being asleep will automatically choose Ally.
→Once inside Clover acts really skankily OOC and tries to seduce Sigma (what would Snake say?!) into choosing Betray (she'd get 9BP).
→Luna trusts Phi to vote for her while she stays in the Infirmary with Quark.

AB Game Round 2 Ally:
→Clover is annoyed Sigma chose Ally.
→Tenmyouji kept his Ally promise.
→Sigma doesn't tell Tenmyouji that he was right with his suggestion that Clover might try to seduce him.
→Alice & K kept their promise to pick Ally to Quark's Ally.
→Phi (voting for Luna too) picked Betray to Dio's Betray.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma = Blue Solo
K = Red Solo
Dio = Green Solo
Phi = Magenta Pair
Clover = Cyan Pair
Tenmyouji = Yellow Pair
Alice's, Luna's, & Quark's are unknown.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Luna, & Alice = 3BP
Clover, K, & Quark = 8BP
Phi = 1BP
Dio = 6BP
→Alice apparently takes off after voting--K says she said she felt tired, so probably went to go lay down.
→Tenmyouji has asked Luna to leave the Infirmary.
→Quark is still asleep.
→Tenmyouji keeps a photograh in his pocket.
→Zero did not take the photograph when they took everyone else's possessions.
→Tenmyouji won't tell Sigma anything on said photograph.
→Sigma tries to press Tenmyouji for more details on the Mars mission.
→Tenmyouji makes a statement asking if Sigma really wants to know? Or would he rather not taint his life memories, and view of the world.
→Phi then comes rushing in, looking upset, and tells them they need to come right away to the Crew Quarters & see Alice.

Crew Quarters ■Lock No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?:
→Alice has been stabbed in the chest with a scalpel.
→She's dead, and her Bracelet lays open beside her [I can't remember what it the display is, or if it is even shown up-close (999's 'bad shit is going down' ominous music plays)].
→Clover freaks-out and accuses everyone of murder.
→The group tries to work-out if it is (no-one suggests what happened to Quark).
→Clover threatens to kill everyone in 10 seconds unless they can prove that it isn't.
→Everyone sputters & tries to calm her down, but her countdown ends.
→Fade to "To Be Continued..."
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Time:2016-03-11 04:13 am (UTC)
→Sigma asks if after that they ended-up here. Alice confirms and says that's all her information on her & the Myrmidons. Except a few details.
→Alice suggests they go back now.
→Sigma says he has one more question. She seems shocked. He asked who here is a Myrmidon.
→That if one of their codes was found by a bomb they must be responsible and placing them.
→Sigma asks if she has any clues. She says if she could decode the message maybe, but no key. Sigma asks what she means and she explains that Myrmidons usually have a long string of numbers as a code key.
→Sigma thinks.

B. Garden ■ LOCK No. 05■ What is the long string of numbers?:
→Sigma flashes to the route where Dio, him, & Phi escape. And Dio sending that message.
→Sigma repeats "78153 61098 83809 42419 90551" from that outloud for Alice.
→Alice & Sigma are surprised. Sigma thinks that the numbers just seemed to appear in his head.
→Alice asks him to repeat that. She works-out that that is 198449351 to the third power with prime factor decomposition.
→Sigma asks if she's reducing an integer to a series of prime numbers and multiplying them together. Like with 30 being 2x3x5, Alice says he probably learned that in junior high school.
→He asks if she did tgat math in her head. She seems annoyed he would question that. He says that's impossible. But she reminds him that she's better than most at mathematics.
→She points-out that he just recited a long string of numbers. She asks where he heard it and he doesn't know what to say because it just came to him.
→Alice says nevermind butbthat she's sure that's the Myrmidon key. Because they often use prime factors and there aren't many 25 digit numbers that are third powers to prime numbers.
→She thinks that his number is a specific one. He asks her to explain. She says to look at it's prime factors. He still is confused.
→She asks him to remember the memory card code. Sigma repeats what he thinks he remembers of the first row, and then the second. And then that they repeat.
→She is amazed at his mad memory skillz. That they could use that back at...and she cuts herself off.
→Sigma tells her to continue about the code.
→She says to use 198449351 to find the correct letters.

B. Garden Decode the code!:
→Sigma asks hoooow.
→She says that the first digit in the number is "1" so to take the 1ST letter in the code so "C". "9" is next so 9 letters over from the 1ST, then 8.
→Sigma tries to work it out. CO... The it gives a puzzle. It says you'll get 6 chances to try but fail and the game ends. :-[
COMPLETED is what I got.
→Sigma tells her it. That it might be "completed completed completed" too since the code repeats.
→Alice asks if he's sure. And he is. She asks what it means and he thinks it means "mission completed".
→He starts babbling about and remembering the transmitter. She asks him about it but he isnlost in thought. Memories wash in like waves washing sand away to reveal gems.
→Sigma has flashes to a lot of stuff from the old woman's corpse to Luna using the ADAM. He remembers Dio in the protection suit reciting about Brother. That his mission was complete and he had saved mankind.
→Sigma gets pissed at himself for remembering numbers but not that Dio was a leader of the Myrmidons. That he must be planting the bombs.
→Alice starts yelling at him to snap out of it. To explain.
→Sigma worries she'd think he was crazy and not believe him if he tried to explain what he remembered.
→She accuses him of being a Myrmidon.
→Sigma says if he was why reveal himself like this, she accepts that.
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Time:2016-03-11 04:15 am (UTC)
→Suddenly Clover comes running in. She's been looking for them.
→Everyone but Luna & Quark are by the White Chromatic Doors.
→Sigma asks why and checks his Bracelet to see 45 minutes left.
→He asks how she knows about the White Chromatic Doors. She says from Tenmyouji. That he said he'd show her them.
→Alice asks about Luna & Quark. Clover confirms she stayed in the Infirmary with him.
→Clover says Phi & K were already down there when they arrived.
→And Phi, Dio, & Tenmyouji got into a fight over the last AB Game Round. That Phi picked Betray despite Tenmyouji's 1BP. Dio picked Betray so he got drawn into the fight too. Alice says Phi only has 1BP too so it sounds like a valid choice.
→Clover says to come with her to help K break the fight up.
→They hurry there. When they arrive everyone is still hella tense, even K.
→Sigma gives Alice a knowing look and they go over to the arguing group.
→Sigma says Clover got him & Alice. That everyone needs to calm down.
→Tenmyouji calls him a dick and says it's about his life.
→Sigma says fighting isn't helping that they need to trust each other.
→Tenmyouji doesn't want to trust her. She says she had no choice with it being Dio voting. Tenmyouji says it was good Dio picked Betray or Tenmyouji would be dead. Phi says it would be her if she hadn't picked Betray too.
→K tells then to stop. My precious cinnamon bun. That Sigma is right.
→Dio tells K that he tried to Betray Clover too and escape. K says at least Clover wouldn't have died if so.
→Dio says he only voted Betray to protect Tenmyouji.
→Sigma has had enough of this shit. He roars for them to shut-up.
→Everyone goes quiet and glares at him.
→Sigma says he knows who planted the bombs.
→Shock! Alice asks if that is about his ramblings earlier. Sigma says yeah. Tenmyouji tells him to say. K pleads for Sigma to explain.
→Sigma says the culprit will admit it himself. He says Dio is the one.
→Dio laughs it off and asks for evidence.
→Sigma says he is just stating a fact. Dio asks what fact.
→Sigma knows taunting him isn't enough. Dio is good at lying.
→Sigma says that he, himself, is actually frm Free the Soul. Dio asks if that's a "hippie shoe company".
→Sigma starts calling Dio "Left" and says that Brother had sent Sigma here to monitor Dio.
→Dio cracks his façade a bit.
→Sigma takes that andand runs with it. Spouting-out every Myrmidon & Free the Soul fact he knew.
→Sigma then gives the code key.
→Sigma asks Dio hownhe could know all this if he wasn't from Free the Soul?
→Dio cracks.
→Sigma says Brother suspects Dio will betray them. Dio starts yelling that Brother trusts him! Sigma asks him to confirm that on the transmitter outside.
→Dio says Brother wouldn't have made him the Myrmidon leader if he didn't trust him.
→Sigma asks Dio to repeat that. Dio angrily does. And Sigma laughs. Dio realises he's been caught.
→Sigma says he has never met Brother. Dio asks him how he knew that then, and Sigma says he was "divinely inspired".
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Time:2016-03-11 04:15 am (UTC)
→Phi asks what's going-on.
→K asks what the Myrmidons are.
→Dio stares Sigma down while Clover & Tenmyouji explain about the memory card, code, and the Myrmidons.
→Phi & K asks for confirmation that the Myrmidons planted the bombs and Dio is the one. Sigma confirms.
→Alice starts cursing
→Sigma looks at her just as she says she'll kill Dio. She charges him.
→Dio dodges and pulls-out a detonator.
→Dio tells her he likes fiesty women but to calm down. He asks her if she knows what he's holding. And what will happen if he pushes it.
→Alice says it will blow-up both bombs. Dio says not just "both".
→K asks about the 01 bomb.
→Dio says yes. And one more too. [4 bombs then!]
→Clover says 4 then? And Dio admits he's planted 4 bombs. Zero, one, two, & three. 4 tons of explosive energy. That it would level the whole facility.
→Tenmyouji & Phi saybit would kill him too.
→Dio says he's ready to die. He has replacements.
→K asks him ifnhe means the clones Sigma mentioned and Dio says yes.
→Sigma hears Alice whispering to Clover to use her training.
→Alice & Dio charged Dio. Alice goes to punch him, he dodges, and while he's focusing on Alice, Clover snatches the detonator from him.
→Clover throws the detonator to Sigma? Sigma manages to catch it and holds it close.
→Alice & Clover take Dio down.
→Dio stops struggling. Sigma doesn't like that.
→The detonator starts beeping & flashing.
→Dio starts laughing.
→Clover asks why. Dio says that if the detonator get more than a metre away from him it activates. That her throwing it over to Sigma activated it. Thay having it commandeered was expected.
→Dio says now the bombs are counting down instead of on remote control.
→Sigma asks how long. Dio says 30 minutes.
→Tenmyouji asks how to stop it. Alice reminds them about the input device & codes.
→Dio asks who she is to know. She says it's not his business.
→Alice asks Dio where the input device is and he says that's not her business then.
→Alice starts wrenching Dio's arm back. Dio asks her to stop before she breaks it. She says that's her plan. To tell her where the input device is. He breaks and says it's in his right coat pocket.
→Alice orders Clover to check.
→Clover at first finds nothing. Alice torques it more asking if he lied. He says to keep looking and Clover finds something. A pill.
→Dio says he can't see what she found, she stupidly moves it closer--
→--Dio snatches it and bite down on the pill.
→Alice says she was stupid. Tenmyouji asks what it was. Phi says poison.
→Dio starts convulsing in pain and frothing.
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Time:2016-03-11 04:17 am (UTC)
Warehouse B bomb number 3 deactivation code:
→Sigma grabs Dio's hair and asks him where the input device is. Dio says he lost it in his chesterfield. Sigma punches him and Phi demands the deactivation codes at least then.
→Dio smugly says it won't matter and says he'll just give the one for bomb 03.
→Sigma demands the other 3.
→But Dio starts spouting that his body will be part of the foundation for a bright future.
→Dio starts to fade, rambling about Brother and the beautiful world it will be. Dio dies with a smile.
→Clover asks what to do with only one code?!
→Phi asks how much time is left. K says 25 minutes. Phi asks if he's sure. K says as soon as Dio said the time he checked his Bracelet. It said 30 minutes exactly so K's been keeping track.
→Tenmyouji says the bombs explode when the White Chromatic Doors open then? K sadly confirms.
→Alice says she was hoping that they could get through the White Chromatic Doors before the explosion. Clover brings-up the 5 minutes open mechanic. And Alice says she knows. There's no way.
→Phi says they have no time to waste then. They need the input device, the other 2 bombs' locations, and Clover adds 3 more deactivation codes.
→Sigma asks if Dio has any notes on him. Alice checks but finds nothing (not even that knife?).
→Phi says they'll have to look then. She asks Tenmyouji to go inform Luna. He does.
→Phi tells everyone they can do this and to split-up. They do.
→But no-one found anything. And the time kept counting down.
→And the White Chromatic Doors opened. The announcement plays.
→They watch the Doors open. Sigma wonders if they lead to Hell or Heaven.
→Everything goes white. Sigma muses they never even got to say goodbye to each other.
→Sigma starts going over how and why things went this way.
→He feels a wave of intense heat as he loses all thought.
→"Neither heaven nor hell...only the void."
→The credits play.
→Alice - END
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Time:2016-03-11 07:15 am (UTC)

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