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Current Music:Chill and Rigor -- from "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"
Current Location:Shaglehod in Autumn/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:On "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"
Time:01:02 am
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I'm going to try to post what I learn in each room/route. I want to do it as I do each playthough so my experience of it won't be tainted by memory of other rooms. I'll probably do this in point form, and continue it in the Comments. One person on Twitter mentioned keeping track of everything in Excel XD My memory may be incorrect in some places--I've not been writing things down.

☆★☆★This will be full of spoilers★☆★☆


I've only 'finished' one playthrough, and I didn't even get to finish it because the last bit requires something from another route.

Jumpstart ⇒ Elevator ⇒ Elevator After Escape ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Yellow Door ⇒ Infirmary ⇒ Infirmary After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Crew Quarters ■LOCK No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?

→Sigma was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→He saw Zero in their gasmask before getting knocked-out.
→Meet Phi.
→Phi somehow had Sigma's name come to mind.

→Meet Zero III.
→Learn that each room Safe has a false back & can accept 2 passwords.
→The Ambidex Machine can accept memory cards & do more than voting.
→Phi can jump really high, with acrobatic reflexes.
→"I am no man."

Elevator After Escape:
→Meet Tenmyouji, Dio, Quark, Luna, Alice, K, & Clover.
→Clover is still unconscious even after escaping the elevator.
→K has amnesia, and seems to be welded into a suit of armour. Sounds like a robot. His bracelet is hooked through the suit though, to attach unseen skin/wrist.
→Zero III gives them nicknames [Siggy, Phido, Alas, Cleaver (as if
referring to the 999 Axe Ending), B.O., Quirk, Tenmyoldie, Moony, and Potassium).
→'K' comes to his mind though he doesn't know his name. Zero III asks his name too.
→Clover is freaked-out over 'Zero' & 'Nonary Game'--Seems to know something about it. "It should be over".
→Alice met Clover a year ago.
→Phi works-out the anagram "WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!" silly fast.
→Learn that Zero is one of the 9, and Zero III is merely an Artificial
Intelligence created to "facilitate the facility".
→Learn most of the rules, but not what 'penalties' are.
→Learn about Chromatic Doors.
→Learn about the Number 9 Door.
→Learn about key cards.
→Learn about pressing both buttons on the bracelet.
→"You can take your Lame-ary Game and shove it up your ass!" leads to learning not playing means death.
→Learn what is inside the bracelet. Needles that can inject Soporil β (an anesthetic from 999) & turbocurarine (a poison that shuts-down the respiratory system). ...Means of a painless death...
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Phi = Red Pair
Clover & K = Green Pair
Dio & Quark = Blue Pair
Alice = Red Solo
Tenmyouji = Green Solo
Luna = Blue Solo
→Everyone had 3 Bracelet Points.

Into The CDs:
→Phi again shows how fast she can work-out things by explaining what path options there are.

Yellow Door:
→Sigma & Phi partner with Tenmyouji.
→Clover & K partner with Luna.
→Dio & Quark partner with Alice

→Deduce there must have been people working here (the facility) until recently going by its size & how clean it is.
→Learn the ADAM is a scanner.
→The screen can accept/play memory cards.
→Find a scalpel.
→Find, but leave the injection gun. It contains saline solution.
→Find Soporil β & turbocurarine just sitting on a cabinet, for anyone to pocket, and/or use with the injection gun.
→Find newspaper article on Radical-6 (a virus that according to the article has reached a pandemic level).

Infirmary After Escape:
→Sigma is a college student who recently had his girlfriend dump him. His computer crapped-out while writing a paper due for a teacher that does not observe Christmas. He went to the school to type it there & drank 5 energy drinks. He got in his car and it wouldn't start, then a strange sound & his car flooded with knock-out gas. He saw Zero behind the car gawking at him through his rear view mirror.
→Learn the Secondary Rules.
→Quark calls Tenmyouji "Grandpa", and tells him the Lounge has his favourite drink.
→Overhear Alice & Clover mentioning needing to get help from "Headquarters", and Clover mentions Zero again.
→Zero III has control over all electronic locks in the facility.
→Learn how to gain or lose Bracelet Points.
→Learn mostly about how voting works.
→Learn about Ambidex Rooms.
→Phi & Sigma find the corpse of an old woman in the 'elevator' K & Clover were in.
→Tenmyouji acts very weird and acts distrustful & quietly angry.
→Phi suggests taking the corpse to the Infirmary to inspect the wound.
→Learn Luna has a medical license (but is neither a nurse or doctor, and not quite a coroner).
→Learn the ADAM can do diagnosis & autopsys.
→The woman was killed by exsanguination from a stab wound to the heart. Probably from a thin (3mm) knife.
→K is suspected as Clover was still unconscious, and they were the only previous ones in that room.
→K makes a point that since Zero III never reacted to the body, that it must be something planned by Zero (Zero Sr. as they say).

AB Game Round 1:
→Phi 'suggests' choosing Betray.
→Does Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick who chooses (I think you might automatically-win).

AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Phi is annoyed that Ally was picked.
→Tenmyouji picks Betray.
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray to Alice's Ally.
→Clover & K pick Betray to Luna's Ally.
→Zero III then finally explains that getting 0 Bracelet Points also
means the death penalty.
→Zero III suggests that Phi, Sigma, Alice, or...even Luna may die next Round. Maybe everyone actually.
→Clover & K act like Luna was stupid for choosing Ally.
→Alice is pissed at Dio.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Clover = Magenta Pair
Alice & Quark = Yellow Pair
Phi & Luna = Cyan Pair
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Luna, & Alice = 1BP
Dio, Quark, Tenmyouji, Clover, & K = 6BP
→Zero III says that this will probably be the last the group sees of him.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Quark is Tenmyouji's grandson, and they were kidnapped together.
→Tenmyouji won't say where or when they were taken.
→Quark acts confused & stares blankly.
→Tenmyouji is scared and suggests seeing Luna, but Quark seems to perk-up so Sigma & Grandpa try to believe him.
→A lunar eclipse is supposed to happen on December 31ST, 2028 by K showing an Astronomy magazine they found in the Lounge.
→...Dio is perhaps jokingly aroused by Saturn's rings...
→Dio won't say when he was taken.
→The date is guessed to still be Christmas Day.
→K mentions finding a book on Schrodinger's Cat.
→The Radical-6 newspaper article is shown around.
→Everyone seems to not know anything about it (and if it was a real pandemic, wouldn't they know?).
→There is a guess that everyone there is quarantined/infected.
→Dio suggests it's fake, and Phi, Sigma, K, & Luna agree. [The article should be front page news, but the back is plain black (Sigma says that full page advertisements aren't printed on the back of the front page)]
→Sigma confronts Clover & Alice about their conversation he overhead earlier.
→Clover & Alice are 'co-workers'.
→Clover decides she can trust Sigma.
→She admits she was in the last Nonary Game.
→And the first Nonary Game.
→She gives a vague description of what happened in the one from 999 [9 people kidnapped--well 7 since 2 were in on it...make that 9 if you count the other 2 that were kidnapped too (thus clearing the idea that Snake was 'in on' the plot. Of course the writer even said he wasn't, but if it makes things more believable then he guessed you could say he was. I PERSONALLY think he wasn't as why the Hell would he need to be drugged when put in the coffin? Spare clothes could be brought too, and just claim Zero had them made. I think he remembered Kanny!Akane dying because up until solving the sudoku that's what happened. Also just like he didn't recognise Santa's voice due to age, he didn't recognise Akane's--and why would he guess she wasn't really dead? He kept quiet on the past Nonary Game because he really did believe the threats to Clover. Also why would he make a guess at who Zero was, when he could just keep quiet & let the others do so?--He wrongly guessed Santa.).]
→BUT the last Nonary Game did what then Zero meant to, so why play another one?
→But the gasmask & cloak/coat worn was the same...
→Alice & Clover were kidnapped on December 22ND (were they asleep that long?!).
→Tenmyouji rushes in looking for Luna.
→Quark has collapsed.
→Luna scans him, and it's Radical-6.
→Tenmyouji is more sure it can't be than denial would explain.
→Alice mentions hearing about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Axelavir is the anti-viral serum for Radical-6.
→Quark wakes-up, grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab himself in the heart (SO DISTURBING. He yells about needing to escape. His soul needing to escape his body; that he needs to die. Quark is about 9 years-old D:).
→Sigma manages to grab him, and hold him down. Together the group gets the scalpel from him.
→The Soporil β is used to knock Quark out.
→Luna seems to know something about how Radical-6 operates.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→Luna was also kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.

Into The CDs:
→They carry Quark to the Blue, Red, & Green Chromatic Doors.
→Alice won't go with Dio, so that leaves 2 Chromatic Door options (I can't remember if you have a jerk choice like with 999's Door 3).

Blue Door:
→Sigma & Clover partner with Tenmyouji.
→Alice & K partner with Quark.
→Phi & Luna partner with Dio.

Pressure Exchange Chamber:
Figures I'd find the save file corrupting PEC room on my first playthough D:
→Learn that the facility required all that entered to wear protective
suits & undergo decompression decontamination first. Due to viral spread concerns.
→The door to the outside is welded shut (and again Clover gets locked on the other side of glass).
→Learn that Tenmyouji knows quite a bit about LASERS.
→Find a memory card.

Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape:
→More graffiti (I couldn't read it fast enough!)
→Find the White Chromatic Doors.
→Dio activates the Ambidex Doors as soon as he gets to the Warehouse A.
→Phi, Luna, & Dio found a vial of Axelavir in the Laboratory.
→Quark is injected, and his vitals go to seemingly normal--he is still asleep.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH.
→The PEC memory card is played.
→The memory card contains an audio file of a man calling a group stationed on Mars.
→He mentions the (future) December 31ST lunar eclipse. And it being red. Asks how Mar's moons Deimos & Phobos are.
→After no response back for an uncomfortable time, it's learnt that the video feed he is seeing of the Mars group is a hacked loop.
→A woman finally replies saying that 6 of the group are dead.
→That she killed them, and is about to kill 6 billion more.
→There was a mock mission to Mars set-up (9 people in a facility set-up just as it would be if they were in space. Including radio silence.).
→Tenmyouji admits he was somewhat involved in the project.
→The mission had an infection of Radical-6, and it escaped.

AB Game Round 2:
→Sigma gets Tenmyouji to promise to choose Ally.
→Quark being asleep will automatically choose Ally.
→Once inside Clover acts really skankily OOC and tries to seduce Sigma (what would Snake say?!) into choosing Betray (she'd get 9BP).
→Luna trusts Phi to vote for her while she stays in the Infirmary with Quark.

AB Game Round 2 Ally:
→Clover is annoyed Sigma chose Ally.
→Tenmyouji kept his Ally promise.
→Sigma doesn't tell Tenmyouji that he was right with his suggestion that Clover might try to seduce him.
→Alice & K kept their promise to pick Ally to Quark's Ally.
→Phi (voting for Luna too) picked Betray to Dio's Betray.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma = Blue Solo
K = Red Solo
Dio = Green Solo
Phi = Magenta Pair
Clover = Cyan Pair
Tenmyouji = Yellow Pair
Alice's, Luna's, & Quark's are unknown.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Luna, & Alice = 3BP
Clover, K, & Quark = 8BP
Phi = 1BP
Dio = 6BP
→Alice apparently takes off after voting--K says she said she felt tired, so probably went to go lay down.
→Tenmyouji has asked Luna to leave the Infirmary.
→Quark is still asleep.
→Tenmyouji keeps a photograh in his pocket.
→Zero did not take the photograph when they took everyone else's possessions.
→Tenmyouji won't tell Sigma anything on said photograph.
→Sigma tries to press Tenmyouji for more details on the Mars mission.
→Tenmyouji makes a statement asking if Sigma really wants to know? Or would he rather not taint his life memories, and view of the world.
→Phi then comes rushing in, looking upset, and tells them they need to come right away to the Crew Quarters & see Alice.

Crew Quarters ■Lock No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?:
→Alice has been stabbed in the chest with a scalpel.
→She's dead, and her Bracelet lays open beside her [I can't remember what it the display is, or if it is even shown up-close (999's 'bad shit is going down' ominous music plays)].
→Clover freaks-out and accuses everyone of murder.
→The group tries to work-out if it is (no-one suggests what happened to Quark).
→Clover threatens to kill everyone in 10 seconds unless they can prove that it isn't.
→Everyone sputters & tries to calm her down, but her countdown ends.
→Fade to "To Be Continued..."
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Time:2016-03-10 07:34 pm (UTC)
→She says she doesn't know how she knows, but she knows somehow. That she has a strong feeling that's what happens.
→Sigma is annoyed. He brings-up again how she knew his. There is no way she could know.
→But then he remembers his 'memories' of a bomb.
→He asks her if she had a premonition too.
→She acts weirded-out by the suggestion and how weird Sigma sounded earlier too.
→She again asks if he is alright. That she thinks something is wrong.
→He thinks that Phi is the one who should be acting odd, not him.
→Sigma questions his sanity.
→Sigma's head hurts again.
→The 1 minute left announcement plays. Phi asks Sigma what he is going to do.
→She says she'll do it if he won't.
→But Sigma cuts her off and says he will.
→Phi asks if he's going to vote Betray.
→Sigma says he will [but I make him a dirty liar.].
→With 30 seconds left, Sigma stands over the screen going over the choices.
→He takes a deep breath and decides there is only 1 option to take.

AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Sigma presses "Ally".
→The announcement that voting is completed plays & the Ambidex Gates open.
→As Sigma & Phi leave the Ambidex Room, he notices everyone else hurrying to the results screen.
→Phi confronts Sigma and starts yelling at him for picking Ally Instead of Betray. She asked if he even listened to her or if he even thought at all.
→Sigma says he did listen & think. But that he wants to believe in Alice.
→Phi dejectedly says it wasn't a logical decision.
→Zero III shows on the screen.
→He calls Phi & Sigma over for the results.
→Phi says they'll see if Sigma made the right choice.
→K & Clover voted Betray to Tenmyouji's Ally. Dio & Quark [surprisingly!] vote Ally & Luna votes Ally. Phi & Sigma vote Ally to Alice's Betray.
→Bracelet Points:
Clover, K, & Alice = 6 BP
Luna, Dio, & Quark = 5 BP
Tenmyouji, Phi, & Sigma = 1 BP
→Sigma confronts Alice.
→She acts like he has no reason to be upset. She made the logical choice.
→That in this situation it was the option to minimise risk & maximise reward.
→She adds that anyone thinking/doing otherwise is stupid.
→Sigma asks again why.
→Alice says she could ask why too.
→Sigma brings-up the prisoner's dilemma. That the best solution is for everyone to vote Ally.
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Time:2016-03-10 07:41 pm (UTC)
→She sarcastically points-out his 'everyone'.
→She reminds him K & Clover voted Betray too.
→Sigma is quiet.
→She says that she knows about the prisoner's dilemma, but everyone voting Ally wasn't a likely outcome. She points-out the results again to show that (despite Dio, Quark, & Luna doing it right).
→She again calls him stupid :/
→She then half apologises but that she's trying to warn him.
→Phi agrees with Alice. Sigma is an idiot.
→That it's his fault they have 1 BP.
→Sigma storms away upset.
→He questions to himself why she voted Betray.
→He sees Luna, Dio, & Quark being happy/relieved about their results.
→Luna thanks Dio & Quark. That she is so happy.
→Dio is all 'er...'.
→Quark says Dio wanted to pick Betray actually. That if they got 3 BP from Luna they could work on escaping together. That they'd Betray next round too.
→Luna asks Dio if that's true...
→Dio is shaken and denies it.
→Quark exclaims he was just joking.
→That he doesn't think Dio would ever do something like that!
→Luna is still uneasy.
→Dio says he really had him.
→Quark laughs. [He is an ass. How can someone joke about that to poor Luna?!]
→Luna asks if they planned to vote Ally from the start then? [The hope in her voice is heartbreaking]
→She doesn't wait for an answer, thanking them again.
→Quark states they only did what anyone would!
→Dio plays along.
→Cut to Tenmyouji crestfallen saying he understands.
→...That he hasn't had time to earn Clover's trust yet.
→She is all...I guess? I didn't expect you to take the betrayal calmly...
→Sigma figures that that group had been arguing beforehand.
→Alice asks Zero III when the next Round starts.
→Zero III asks why she thinks there will be another one?~
→Alice says he called that voting run Round 1, and K backs her up with needing another round for anyone to possibly get 9 BP.
→Zero III says that they are correct. That yep, there is another Round.
→Clover asks when.
→Zero III says he doesn't know!
→Clover asks why?
→Zero III says voting starts when an Ambidex Gate opens.
→The camera looks over to show the AB Gates open already. Luna points this out.
→Zero III agrees and then closes them.
→As soon as they close the announcement for Round 2 plays, stating it's the Moon Round. So Moon Keys will be needed to open the Ambidex Gates.
→Sigma asks if the Sun Cards are useless now?
→Zero III confirms.
→Dio asks how many times they have to play the Ambidex Game?
→Zero III says he doesn't know. As many times as needed. That he wants someone to open the Number 9 Door.
→Tenmyouji asks if that means someone gets 9 BP then?
→Zero III says no, as long as they don't open the Number 9 Door!
→He says that someone could also not get 9 BP, depending on the voting.
→That the Number 9 Door needs 9 BP to open, so they could have to play many more Rounds [he even suggests up to Round "24,009,004,897"].
→But he hopes it doesn't.
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Time:2016-03-10 07:47 pm (UTC)
→Sigma asks Zero III how many people can go through the Number 9 Door? If it has rules like the Chromatic Doors.
→Zero III says any amount can go though.
→But he says you don't necessarily need 3 people to go through Chromatic Doors either.
→Sigma asks what?
→Zero III says that 2 or 1 could open a Door too.
→Alice questions him.
→Zero III says he didn't want to complicated things.
→K asks him to explain.
→Zero III says that they can just use the Bracelets.
→Clover asks how. [Being a previous Nonary Game player, why does she have to ask?]
→Zero III says that there is a scanner between the doors. But what is scans isn't the people.
→Luna asks if it checks the Bracelets.
→Zero III confirms. That as long as the right Bracelets enter, then the amount of people doesn't matter.
→Sigma asks if the Bracelets can even be removed.
→Zero III says yes.
→Quark asks how?!
→Zero III says there are 2 ways. 1ST Escape...or...
→Dio ask the 2ND.
→Zero III says he figures Dio already knows.
→Dio is shocked [Having played Dio End I know he knows].
→Zero III asks if he wants to remove it?
→Dio says yes.
→Zero III says that it's easy. It comes off when you die.
→Everyone is aghast.
→Zero III explains that the Bracelets monitor the energy their hearts make by pumping blood [like an electrocardiogram]. So if it doesn't detect a signal--
→--Phi interrupts that the Bracelet releases.
→Zero III confirms. That escape or a heart stopping are the only ways to remove a Bracelet. Anything else they could try would break the game rules. Leading to a penalisation.
→He ominously says some might release during Round 2. He laughs.
→Tenmyouji & Alice ask what he means?
→Zero III says someone might die next round. He guesses Tenmyouji, Sigma, or Phi. Or maybe everyone?
→Sigma & Tenmyouji ask what? Phi's chathead is shown but she is quiet.
→Zero III says he guesses he can tell them. Getting 0 BP means death.
→Sigma asks if he means the needles?
→Zero III says yes, it's the same as a penalty.
→Sigma thinks back to Phi being right but knowing before being told by Zero III.
→Tenmyouji says he gets it. If they lose 2 BP they'll have -1 BP.
→Sigma thinks a bit. He goes over what they just learned. Especially that everyone could escape, and the lack of people attached to Bracelets, and Bracelet removal conditions.
→Zero III lastly adds that the next Chromatic Doors are downstairs--Red, Blue, Green. But they'd need Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta Bracelets to combine for that. He tells them to look at their Bracelets.
→The colours have changed.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Luna = Yellow Pair
Alice = Yellow Solo
Tenmyouji & Dio = Magenta Pair
Phi = Magenta Solo
K & Quark = Cyan Pair
Clover = Cyan Solo
→Quark asks when they changed?
→Zero III says that they changed/shuffle when the Ambidex Gates close. That it's random.
→Zero III then fakes being sad. He says they may not see each other again.
→Clover questions.
→Zero III says now that they have the rules and know how things work that he isn't needed to facilitate things. He pretends to cry then taunts them.
→Sigma calls Zero III a dick.
→Zero III laughs, says a farewell, then blips off the screen.
→Dio is pissed. He says he'd kill Zero III if he could.
→Sigma is :S
→Quark asks what they are going to do before the next Chromatic Doors open?
→Sigma checks the remainder; 42 minutes.
→Alice suggests looking for other exits.
→K agrees. Even if they don't they still can go through the Chromatic Doors.
→Phi says they should meet outside the Chromatic Doors 5 minutes before they open. She asks for objections?
→No-one has any. They split-up & leave.
→Sigma stays though.
→Sigma goes over wondering why he is there. He can't think of what he'd done for Zero to pick him. [SEE Magenta Door ⇒ Lounge route]
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Time:2016-03-10 07:51 pm (UTC)
→Sigma remembers what he can of the night/early morning he was taken. December 25TH, 2028. [This is the same as on other routes. Sigma had pulled an all-nighter on a paper for a Buddhist professor trying to prove a point. His computer crashed so he went to use a school one. His girlfriend had broken-up with him by e-mail so he decided to not go to a Christmas party he was going to (deciding drinking alone there was not good). He felt light-headed going back to his car, which he blamed on relief at finishing & energy drinks. He got into his car, managed to get the key in but it wouldn't start. He tries 5 times and the engine makes a weird noise. He pounds on the steering wheel in frustration. Then a clicking noise and gas/smoke start flooding the car. Sigma tries to get out, as first registering his inability to on his lack of sleep. He remembers being so confused. He starts to pass-out from whatever the gas/smoke is. The last thing he remembers seeing is a cloaked figure in a gasmask standing behind his car (Having played 999 I recognise the figure as "Zero". The disguise both Akane & Santa wore).]
→Sigma decides he'd better just go look too.
(Crew Quarters ⇒ Infirmary ⇒ Lounge)
→Sigma finds K & Quark in the Crew Quarters.
→They are glad to see one of the group that solved this room.
→Quark and K ask Sigma if he found a secret door or anything suspicious in that room.
→Sigma says if he had he would have told everyone.
→K asks if he found anything odd then.
→Sigma thinks about the "Schrödinger's Cat" book.
→Just then Quark finds it and asks about it.
→Sigma says in the word pun tic that it is about cats.
→Quark questions the cat talk.
→Sigma explains it's involuntary and it's happened since he was a kid. That when he talks about cats he talks like a cat...
→K & Quark both think it's weird.
→Quark asks Sigma what the book is about.
→Sigma pretty much just quotes Phi.
→K explains what the actual thought experiment is about.
→Sigma admits he just verbatimed Phi and knows nothing about it.
→Quark suspects it has no clues then but starts cat pun talking too.
→K points-out it out sadly. And Quark laughs.
→Sigma asks what they found.
→K says that the whole facility is suspicious...but admits that's not what Sigma is asking.
→He says the puzzles in the Lounge were lunar eclipse themed. He says that supposedly there is going to be a lunar eclipse on December 31ST, 2028.
→Sigma asks isn't that the coming New Year's Eve?
→K guesses it it. He says he isn't really sure on the current year/date. But Clover said similar too.
→Sigma thinks over that the eclipse would be in 6 days after when he was kidnapped. He wonders what the lunar eclipse has to do with any of this.
→K asks Quark about the Infirmary.
→Quark says they did find something odd.
→Sigma asks what. Quark is surprised Luna or Dio didn't tell him.
→Quark pulls-out the Radical-6 newspaper article [SEE Infirmary/Tenmyouji End route].
→Sigma asks if it's real...K says it's hard to believe.
→The both agree it sounds important though.
→Sigma says he hasn't even heard the term "Radical-6" before, and he's seen nothing on the news.
→Sigma wonders if it is true though.
→He has a strong feeling that he's heard the term before actually. He wonders where & why...
→K says that he is worried about the outside world if it is real. Is there a pandemic?
→Sigma, K, & Sigma freak-out in silence a moment.
→Quark eventually stumbles out that they shouldn't be worrying too much on it. That they should work on leaving the facility first.
→K agrees. That the fastest way to learn what is going-on outside is to get outside.
→Quark & K decide to keep searching the "cabins" [Crew Quarters].
→After asking Sigma his plan of action, Sigma decides to look elsewhere.
→In the Infirmary Sigma runs into Alice.
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Time:2016-03-10 07:56 pm (UTC)
→Sigma must have given her an involuntary dirty look because she teases him about it (not cool, Alice). If he is still mad.
→Sigma says how can he not be upset when he is close to death.
→She says she was just doing what she had to to survive.
→Sigma says that is no excuse.
→That if she had known they'd vote Ally then she would too, of course.
→Dio pipes-up that that is bullshit.
→Alice gets defensive. She says she has to get out. That there is still many things she plans to do.
→Dio asks what.
→Alice says she wants to wear nice clothes, eat lots of food, & fall in love.
→Tenmyouji suddenly there calls her an idiot.
→Alice is aggravated.
→Tenmyouji says he was going to back her position up but after that explanation Hell no.
→Annoyed Alice says is frustrating and admittedly there really is something she has to do.
→Sigma asks what, and everyone is quiet a moment.
→She says vengeance on who killed her father.
→Sigma asks what happened.
→Alice says she isn't going to say more. She shouldn't even be telling them that.
→Sigma says fine. But he wants to know if his murder would be a reason they were kidnapped/trapped.
→She says she doesn't know. That it might be for her, but not for Sigma.
→Sigma asks what she means.
→Alice says she was close to catching-up to the killers.
→Dio asks how close.
→She can't say but she suspects it was close enough that the killers decided to do something.
→Sigma asks if she's a detective [No, I'm a boy or a girl.--Wait...].
→She says not exactly but close.
→Everyone looks at her. She asks why.
→Sigma states she doesn't really look like a detective.
→Alice annoyed reminds him she said she wasn't one.
→Sigma asks what she is then. C.I.A.?
→Sigma says whatever she is she doesn't look like it [reminder; Alice is wearing no shirt. Just a piece of jewellery over her nipples].
→She says in her vocation looking like ehat she isn't is beneficial.
→Dio asks what her relationship with Clover is.
→Dio says he figures they know each other. Like family or coworkers.
→Alice shakingly denies it. ...That she isn't related to her work. Just a...friend...she met...somewhere.
→Sigma asks where.
→The middle of a desert [in Nevada probably!]. But it's a long story.
→She finally asks why she's the only one being questioned? That Sigma, Dio, & Tenmyouji should share personal information too.
→She points to Tenmyouji and asks who he is.
→Tenmyouji says he's a garbage collector.
→She asks about ties to Zero. Tenmyouji states none.
→She asks about his relationship with Quark.
→Tenmyouji refuses to answer. She says fine, they won't force it from him. He says sorry, but he'll say no more then. That she didn't tell everything either.
→Alice accepts that. And goes to Dio. What's his profession?
→Dio says they'll think he's lying, but he's a ringleader at a circus. [Fuck, you, Dio]
→Sigma & Tenmyouji don't believe him.
→Dio says he really is. He travels all over the world with a company of around 50 people. That he runs it and is a fifth generation ringmaster. He adds on his father died young/around 40 in a trapeze accident. That he was reckless, not wanting to be out done by younger.
→Alice says he lost his father too then. He says yeah.
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Time:2016-03-10 07:58 pm (UTC)
→Dio apologises for being sappy [:/]. He says he has no idea how he's connected to Zero. He was kidnapped on the last night of a tour. He was quite drunk and on the way back to the caravan he was grabbed and thrown into a black van. That before he could see who it was, they knocked him out with "that gas". Then he woke-up in the Ambidex Room. [Having gotten Dio End I know this all is bullshit]
→Dio says Sigma is next.
→Sigma says he already said. That he was on his way back from school, and his car was flooded with the gas.
→Alice asks if he's a doctor [he's dressed like a mechanic for fuck sakes, Alive. Unless she means he looks so old he'd have to be an academic doctor]
→Sigma says no. That he is still working on his degree. He wants to get a PhD.
→Alice says he must have been at it a long time. Sigma guesses he has.
→Tenmyouji asks if anything would connect him to this.
→Sigma says he keeps thinking but doesn't think so. Alice asks about Zero and Sigma says no too.
→Dio asks if he recognises anyone there?
→Sigma says everyone there is a stranger. Well, maybe K since he hasn't seen his face [Oooooooooo].
→Tenmyouji questions who K is.
→Sigma suspects they won't know until K's amnesia lifts.
→Dio says he's probably lying about that.
→Alice asks if he doesn't believe him, Dio says of course not.
→Sigma says they don't know about K but what about everyone else.
→He asks about Clover.
→Alice says she thinks she's a student. Who works as a waitress or bartender at night.
→Sigma asks about Quark.
→Sigma decides Quark is so young he probably doesn't have a job. He's probably still in elementary school.
→Tenmyouji laughs at that. Sigma asks why. Tenmyouji brushes it off and says a boy Quark's age would be in school. [Tenmyouji End]
→Alice says he must not know much about the kid then. Tenmyouji says if it makes her feel better then sure.
→Dio says he knows a bit about Luna. She talked a bit in their puzzle room. That she has a medical license.
→Alice asks if she's a nurse. Tenmyouji correct it could mean she's a doctor.
→Dio doesn't know but guesses nurse by her appearance.
→Alice asks about Phi. Phi is the most mysterious to her.
→Tenmyouji says if Phi told Sigma anything as they'd been around each other more.
→Sigma thinks about her knowing his name, but realises he knows nothing much about her at all. That it seems suspicious
→He says that he knows as much as anyone else does.
→He lists off "A fake detective, a waitress... A garbage collector, an elementary school kid, a nurse, and a circus ringleader. Plus two total mysteries.". [From what I know right now; A lead secret agent, a psychic secret agent who's been in 2 Nonary Games prior, a garbage collector, the garbage collector's grandson from a post-apocalyptic time, at least a registered nurse, a cultist clone who killed an actual participant, a experiment replacement, and a psychic mystery. And a psychic college student.]
→He wonders what they have in common because he doubts Zero would grab random people.
→Alice says they should focus on escaping instead of dwelling on things.
→Tenmyouji agrees.
→Sigma says he's going to check on the rest then.
→Dio asks where he's going.
→Sigma says the Lounge. And Dio is all "Later, bro." at him.
→Sigma leaves for the Lounge. There he meets Phi, Luna & Clover.
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Time:2016-03-10 08:00 pm (UTC)
→Phi says hullo, and Luna asks if she get him a seat.
→Sigma asks if she's a waitress.
→Clover is all "What do you want?" in annoyance.
→Sigma says he just came to check-up on everyone defensively.
→Sigma looks around and jokes with the bar, sofa, and 3 ladies he feels like he's in a "VIP room".
→Clover excitedly asks if she can get him a drink.
→Sigma questions her age.
→Clover says she's just turned 21 :/
→Sigma says he could have a drink or two with her then--but even though that sounds fun it's not a good idea.
→Clover flirtily asks why not.
→Sigma doesn't think getting drunk in this situation is wise.
→Clover laughs saying this seems like this would cause people to drink. Sigma fake thinks and agrees.
→Luna is all "guuuyyysssss".
→Sigma admits he's joking. And his head still hurts anyways.
→Phi seems concerned that Sigma's headache hasn't gone away yet.
→He says it had subsided but is back.
→Luna asks if he's alright?
→Sigma says it probably will ease-up again if left alone. The others aren't convinced.
→Sigma wonders if anyone else is effected too?
→Phi asks if he means the headaches. She thinks and says she had one earlier too, but she feels fine now. Luna says she had one too. Clover says she didn't. But pauses and says she has felt weird though.
→Luna asks if it's her head that feels weird. Clover says it's all over her that does. Sigma asks if she feels numb, because he feels kinda like he does when an arm falls asleep like the arm isn't his for a moment, only it's his whole body. She says maybe... Phi says she kinda has that too. Like floating or her body isn't really hers. Sigma is excited someone feels it too.
→Luna suggests that it's from the anesthetic gas they all were knocked-out with.
→Sigma asks what she is talking about. She explains the 'white smoke' used to abduct them. He understands then.
→She thinks it was strong because they all were out for a long time.
→Sigma asks if she thinks the odd feeling is a side-effect.
→Luna says it could be or maybe the anesthetic is still effecting them.
→Just then K runs in with "Something horrible has happened!" D:
→He tells them they need to come with him.
→Phi asks what.
→K says he found something horrible in 02 of the Crew Quarters.
→Luna & Clover ask what. K tells them they'll understand when they see it.
→K, Sigma, Phi, Clover, & Luna rush into the Crew Quarters & 02.
→K points under the cot.
→They look and see what is probably a bomb.
→Sigma asks what it is, and K tells him he thinks it's a bomb.
→Sigma starts freaking-out and remembering his flashback.
→He realises it's the same bomb he saw. He wonders if it really was a premonition. He decides to call it a "...vision" instead.
→Luna says she'll go get the others. K says Quark is already doing that.
→Just as he says that Quark, Tenmyouji, Alice, and Dio run in.
→Tenmyouji yells to know where the bomb is, and Quark pushes through to point to it.
→Everyone just stares for a long time.
→Phi says she doesn't see a timer, so it's probably remote activated.
→Alice says she's right. It probably uses an active button or switch, not a dead-man switch [she knows about bombs].
→That if they can find it they'll be safe as long as the button isn't pressed.
→Sigma asks who first found it?
→K says he did. Immediately him & Quark went to get everyone.
→Phi asks how he knew what it was.
→K says he thinks he saw it before but isn't sure when.
→Phi asks if it's because of his amnesia, K says yes, then Dio starts yelling.
→Dio says they do not know if It's a real bomb, and how could K know when he doesn't even know his own name :-[
→Alice says K is right, that she's sure it's a bomb.
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Time:2016-03-10 08:10 pm (UTC)
→Phi asks her how she knows and points-out Alice was sure about the switch too. After some bickering Alice says it's an "occupational hazard". Phi asks what occupation. Alice says she can't say.
→Phi states that this is not the time for secret bullshit.
→Alice says to trust her that it's a bomb.
→An antimatter bomb.
→Phi & Sigma are all ...
→Phi then asks if it's a bomb that uses annihilation energy.
→Alice wonders why she knows what that is, but says yes she is right.
→Quark asks what "Annie Hill Nation" is.
→Laughing Alice says she would have thought Quark would know. Quark asks why, and Alice says well his name is Quark. She asks if he knows what the word means.
→Quark says his grandfather told him it was "an elementary particle. One of the smallest bits of matter" but that's all he knows.
→Alice asks Tenmyouji if he wants to explain it to Quark. Tenmyouji asks why him, Alice says he seems know Quark the best.
→Tenmyouji says it's hard to think of simple ways to explain it.
→Phi asks if he wants her to explain it then. Tenmyouji agrees.
→"Okay, to begin with, we usually refer to bits of matter as "particles" but there are also these things called "antiparticles". For example, an electron is a particle with a negative change. It has a sort of opposite which is the antiparticle called the "positron". It has a positive charge instead of a negative one like the electron. So protons have antiprotons, and neutrons have antineutrons. "Antimatter" is a general term that covers all the antiparticles. The thing that's interesting about antimatter is that because it's the opposite of normal matter, when they collide they both sort of cancel each other out. When they cancel each other out, though, it releases a whole bunch of energy. That process is called "annihilation". So an antimatter bomb is a bomb that uses annihilation energy.".
→Quark says he still doesn't understand.
→Phi tries again. "You've got men and women, right? They're kind of like complete opposites. What happens when you put them together?".
→Quark is still confused.
→"Well, if there were, uh, quantum men and women, then when you put them together they'd disappear. Because their opposites elements cancel each other out. Like when a plus cancels out a minus, you get zero. That's annihilation. But when you get annihilation, you also get--" Quark interrupts "I know! A baby!". Phi agrees "Exactly. In this case, the baby you get is the energy from the annihilation. It's not a real baby, of course, but like a baby it's got all sorts of potential to do amazing things."
→Alice says that's a strange explanation.
→Phi tells if they understood though? Quark enthusiastically agrees.
→Dio: "Yeah, but that thing under the bed isn't going to be making a baby.". He asks how big of an explosion it will be.
→Alice says it's E=mc2 ; The mass lost during the annihilation gets converted to energy.
→Phi breaks it down. Take the mass of the antimatter and multiply by the speed of light squared to get the amount of energy.
→Alice gives an example of 350mg of antimatter. So 359mg of matter.
→Phi says 700mg total.
→Alice says it'd be around 63 trillion joules.
→Sigma is stunned by the "trillion".
→Alice compares that to the force of the Hiroshima bomb.
→Dio is shocked by that force with only 350mg.
→Alice corrects 700mg.
→Dio says his point is something less than a gram being equal to a 10,000 pound bomb?!
→Alice tells him to calm down.
→She thinks she knows the bomb type, suspecting it "only" has 26ug (micrograms) of antihydrogen.
→Luna says that would be "only" about 45 billion joules of energy.
→Quark asks what that means.
→Alice says about a ton of TNT (Only? Only?)
→Dio asks her to repeat that. She does.
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Time:2016-06-27 12:28 am (UTC)
AB Game Round 1 Betray ⇒ Red Door ⇒ Control Room ⇒ Control Room After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Warehouse A ■Lock No. 08■ How do we stop Phi?

AB Game Round 1 Betray:
→The voting ending announcement plays.
→Everyone but Phi & Sigma rush to the results screen.
→Phi says that he picked what she wanted him to pick so thanks him.
→Sigma says she doesn't have to that he just made the obvious choice.
→She asks what he means.
→Sigma says that he is certain Alice picked Betray. That they had to vote Betray too.
→Phi asks how he knows what she picked?
→Sigma is quiet a moment and says he just knows. Phi asks if he's mocking her. Sigma says "maybe".
→Zero III calls them over. Phi says they'd better go see if Sigma made the right choice.
→K & Clover voted Betray and Tenmyouji voted Ally, Dio & Quark voted Ally and Luna vited Ally, Sigma & Phi voted Betray and Alice voted Ally [Much to my irritation! Just like that ass Tenmyouji]
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Clover, & K = 6BP
Dio, Quark, & Luna = 5BP
Tenmyouji & Alice = 1BP
→Sigma runs to Alice asking what the fuck?!
→Alice is confused. Sigma says she picked Betray last time!
→He starts to falter, that he picked Betray this time because of last time...
→She asks what the Hell he is talking about "last time"?
→Sigma asks when she pushed the button to vote. She says right after the 5 minutes left announcement.
→Sigma says that can't be right.
→Sigma flashes back to the results board from where Alice voted Betray here [See AB Game Round 1 Ally on this route]. He questions what is going on. That last time when Phi & him voted Ally that Alice voted Betray. Remembering her "minimising risk" explanation. How she called him an idiot for being optimistic.
→He wonders what was different this time to have her vote Ally when him & Phi voted Betray?
→If his choice had somehow changed history?
→Sigma decides that's not right. That at least if she had chosen Ally because she knew he had chosen Betray then that was one thing, "the principle of cause and effect". But this wasn't that. Alice couldn't have known. And if she had she definitely would have voted Betray.
→Sigma thinks of it like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. That if he put out rock first, then Alice put out paper after she'd win. So he goes back in time to choose scissors. He goes first again and Alice chooses rock. Like that still makes sense. His actions before cause her actions after. But that's not how it happened in this Ambidex Game. Using again Rock, Paper, Scissors, he says this is like if Alice went first this time but he doesn't know what she played. So he goes with rock. It's revealed Alice went with paper. Sigma loses and is pissed-off. So goes back in time to retry. He decides to play scissors this time because it's obvious to win against Alice's paper. But importantly Alice has already made her choice before he plays anything. But Alice has put out rock instead. That he would be so angry! How could she play rock when before she played paper?! That there Isn't any cause and effect here. That Alice's choice was in the past and his was in the future. How could the future influence the past?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2016-06-27 12:30 am (UTC)
→Sigma again remembers the results board where him & Phi voted Ally. He realises this isn't a theory now. That the Rock, Paper, Scissors scenario actually just happened.
→Sigma wonders what is happening?!
→Then Sigma questions why he is thinking so casually about time travel?! That this is real-life. That time travel is impossible.--Right?
→But why does he so vividly remember him & Phi voting Ally before? Why does he remember Alice's explanation.
→Alice startles him out of his thoughts. Asking if he had a stroke or such.
→Alice says Sigma should be answering her questions instead. Because she only has 1BP left because of him & Phi.
→Sigma agrees. Him agreeing pisses her off. Sigma sincerely apologises. He feels terrible for voting Betray.
→Alice says she'll never trust Sigma or Phi again. That they'll "pay" for it.
→Alice storms away and the look she gives Sigma stabs him.
→Sigma overhears K & Clover trying to explain themselves to Tenmyouji.
→Tenmyouji says he wouldn't ever vote Betray because of Clover being his opponent. Clover asks what he means. K asks if Tenmyouji has a crush on her. Tenmyouji stumbles and says no. K asks what then and Tenmyouji tries to answer. Clover interrupts and says Tenmyouji is stupid to vote Ally. That the only reason to would be if you impeccably trusted the other persons. Tenmyouji asks if she doesn't trust him then, and she says of course not! She asks if he's losing his mind expecting her to trust a stranger she just met. Tenmyouji says he understands now. He seems on the verge of tears and mumbles how he didn't think it would hurt so much. Clover questions him on that and says he's acting creepy now. He tells her he understands that he guesses he hasn't had time yet for her to trust him. Clover acts surprised by how calm he is over it. Tenmyouji points-out Luna, Quark, & Dio's group. That the fault with his group's results must be his.
→Luna is thanking Dio & Quark profusely.
→Quark says they only did what anyone else would. Dio hesitates but agrees.
→Sigma thinks everyone else probably wishes they had done like Luna, Quark, & Dio did. Both teams vote Ally for 5BP all around.
→Sigma wonders what had happened in their AB Room though to have Dio sound so awkward agreeing?
→Alice asks Zero III when the next round starts? He asks why she thinks there will be another round? She points-out he said "Round 1". K also says that if the goal is to get 9BP then there would have to be a 2ND round. Zero does the whole spiel on how the next round will be when an AB Gate opens. Luna says they're already open, Zero III closes them and the announcement about the Moon Round plays.
→Sigma asks if it's Moon Cards then does that mean the Sun Cards no longer work? Zero III confirms.
→Then the part where Dio asks how many rounds and Zero III says he doesn't know. And Tenmyouji's question and Zero III confirming that no, the game goes until the Number 9 Door opens and not just if someone gets 9BP. That the game could go on forever though.
→And Sigma asking about the Bracelet & Secondary Door rules. If there is similar for the Number 9 Door? Zero III says there isn't, all 9 of them even could.
→Zero III says that the people numbers for Secondary/Chromatic Doors isn't exactly correct though. That instead of 3 people, 1 or 2 could enter them. Alice questions his earlier rules and he says he didn't want to "make things complicated". Then the whole thing that the scanner between the Doors only scans the bracelets and not the people wearing them. That the bracelets only come off if you escape through the Number 9 Door or your heart stops though. And then the part about how reaching 0BP is the same as the penalty result.
→Sigma thinks on how Phi was right then. But how had she known?
→Alice berates Zero III for not explaining all the rules sooner. Zero III says it's fair because no-one else knew about the 0BP rule. He asks Phi if that's right, and she hesitates and agrees.
→Sigma contemplates all the new information.
→Zero III explains about the Bracelet Colours.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Luna = Yellow Pair
Alice = Yellow Solo
Tenmyouji = Magenta Pair
Phi & Dio = Magenta Pair
K & Quark = Cyan Pair
Clover = Cyan Solo
→Zero III says his farewell.
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Time:2016-06-27 12:34 am (UTC)
→Quark asks what they should do now then? In the time before the next Round?
→Alice suggests looking for other exits.
→K agrees they should look around at least.
→Phi suggests meeting in front of the 2ND set of Chromatic Doors then, 5 minutes before open.
→Everyone but Sigma leaves Warehouse A. He starts wondering with despair why he is even there.
→He remembers about how he was taken [See other routes].
→Sigma decides to go search things too.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Sigma meets Alice, Dio, & Tenmyouji in the Infirmary.
→Sigma asks if she's still angry. She says she is. Dio asks her to calm down and she says he should be quiet as he has 5BP. That her & Tenmyouji only have 1BP and could die.
→Tenmyouji says she shouldn't get angry at people though. That being a jerk to Sigma doesn't help her any.
→Alice says he doesn't understand. That he is old so closer to death, not like her. She has things ahe plans to do.
→Dio asks like what and she again says she plans to wear "gorgeous clothes", eat lots of "delicious food", & fall in love.
→Tenmyouji calls her dumb. That he was going to agree with her until she gave those reasons.
→Alice says she really does have something more important to do. Sigma asks what and she says to avenge her father's murder. Sigma asks for more details but she refuses.
→Sigma does ask to know if her father's murder has a connection to them being trapped in the facility. She doesn't know either way. But maybe her own kidnapping is connected because she was close to finding the killers.
→Sigma asks if she's a detective. She says that's close. Tenmyouji, Dio, & Sigma look at her because she doesn't look like one.
→Sigma asks if she's CIA then. She isn't. She says in her line of work not looking like what she is is best.
→Dio asks about her being close to Clover. She denies they work together and that they just met in a desert but that's a long story.
→Alice says the others should talk about themselves too.
→Tenmyouji says he's a garbage collector. He refuses to answer Alice about how he knows Quark.
→Dio says he's a circus ringleader. That he took over from his dead father. Alice points-out the similarity with her.
→Sigma reminds them he already said he was a student. He was working on his PhD.
→Sigma says he doesn't know anyone else there, except maybe K since he is wearing a mask and has amnesia.
→Sigma asks if anyone know anything about Clover, Quark, Luna, & Phi?
→Alice says Clover is a student and waitresses/bartends at night. Sigma says Quark must be an elementary school student. Tenmyouji laughs and Alice questions him. He says he guesses a boy Quark's age would be in elementary school. She says he must not know much about Quark then. Tenmyouji tells her that if it makes her feel any better than she can believe that then. Dio says he knows Luna has some sort of medical license. They guess nurse. They ask Sigma about Phi. Sigma realises he barely knows anything about Phi. He thinks to himself that she seems more suspicious.
→Sigma wonders what they all have in common for Zero to kidnap them?
→Alice says they should keep looking around the facility instead of gossiping. Tenmyouji agrees. Dio asks where Sigma plans to look next.
→Sigma decides to go to the Lounge.
→In the Lounge Sigma meets Phi, Luna, & Clover.
→Luna & Sigma joke that she's a waitress.
→Clover asks in annoyance why he's there. Sigma says he was just checking it out.
→Sigma jokes that he feels like he's in a VIP room with 3 ladies, the bar, & couch. Clover asks if she can get him a drink. Sigma questions her age. She says she just turned 21. He says he would drink with her then, if it wasn't a bad idea. That this isn't a good situation to get drunk with. Clover says it seems like a time when people would want to. He agrees.
→Luna questions him. He says he has no intentions to drink, especially with his headache.
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Time:2016-06-27 12:35 am (UTC)
→Phi asks if he still has one. He says it was fine for awhile but returned. Luna is concerned. He says it should be fine if he waits.
→Sigma asks them of anyone else is having problems? Phi says she had a headache earlier too. Luna did too. Clover says she didn't have a headache but feels weird. Luna asks if it's her head, but she says it's her whole body. Sigma says he thinks he feels that too, like he went to sleep on his arm only all over. Clover says kinda but not exactly. Phi says yeah, it feels like her body isn't really hers. Luna says it might be the Soporil β gas that was used when everyone was abducted. She thinks it might either be a side-effect or just hasn't worn-off yet because of how much was used to keep them unconscious so long.
→Phi says it's unimportant and they should keep searching.
→Sigma asks if they're going to stay in the Lounge. Phi says they haven't finished searching there.
→So Sigma heads to the Crew Quarters.
→Sigma meets K & Quark in the Crew Quarters.
→They ask him if his group was there earlier. If he found anything suspicious. He says he would have told everyone if he had. K asks further. Sigma shows them the "Schrödinger's Cat" book. Quark asks about it and Sigma goes to explain but his cat talking starts. He tries to explain and Quark & K think it's weird. Quark asks about the book and Sigma says it's some physics experiment. K explains it. Sigma says he doesn't know anything beyond what Phi told him. Quark starts to catch the cat talking.
→Sigma asks K & Quark about their groups' previous rooms.
→K says the whole facility is suspicious. But specifically the Lounge puzzels were lunar eclipse themed. The eclipse to happen on December 31ST, 2028. Sigma tries to think of how an eclipse could be connected to their abductions.
→K asks Quark about the Infirmary. Quark says one thing but asks why Dio & Luna didn't say. Quark shows them the newspaper clipping [See Infirmary].
→Sigma wonders why he hasn't heard anything about a pandemic before now. K agrees it would be a big deal. K wonders if a pandemic is happening in the world outside of the facility.
→Just then Clover comes barging in yelling that they need to come with her.
→K asks what happened. She says they found something.
→Quark asks what and she says "It's horrible! It's really scary!". Quark questions but she says to come look. It's just in the next room.
→She leads them to another Crew Quarters' room and points under that room's bed. It's a numbered canister stuck to it. She thinks it's a bomb.
→Sigma has a flash of that bomb counting down and Phi thanking him. Then the bomb exploding.
→Sigma realises it was the same bomb from his vision earlier. That it might have been a premonition instead.
→Quark suggests telling everyone. Clover says Luna already is gathering everyone else. That everyone should arrive in a few seconds. And they do.
→Dio demands to know where it is. Luna points it out.
→The part from AB Game Round 1 Ally on this route plays. That it probably has an activation switch. Only with Clover & Luna having found the bomb first. Sigma asks why they weren't in the Lounge and they said they decided to come search the Crew Quarters. Phi confirms because she stayed at the Lounge.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2016-06-27 12:37 am (UTC)
→Phi asks how they knew it was a bomb when they found it? Clover says she knew by looking at it. Phi questions. Clover starts to say that during her training, but Alice interrupts. Clover covers her mouth, but Alice confirms it's a bomb. And the part where Phi questions Alice about how she knows about the bomb. And the annihilation energy. And about Quarks name. And Phi explaining in simple terms after Tenmyouji can't think of a way. The "A baby!" part. [And Dio acting appalled at how destructive the bomb is and fearing for his safety :-/ ] And K pointing-out the numbering on the bomb. And the explaining about the password input. And wondering who could have planted it. The suspicion on Sigma. And the bit about Zero III. And how it couldn't have been a 10TH person.
→Luna interrupts to tell them to check 5he time. 4 minutes until the Chromatic Doors open. Everyone rushes downstairs.
→They get there as the announcement plays at the Chromatic Doors open.
→Quark says they need to figure-out who is going through what! Sigma asks about combinations.
→Phi says to listen to her. She explains that there are 3 combinations.
→Alice butts-in and says Sigma got to pick last time so she should this time. Where she has the most to lose. Quark says Tenmyouji should get to pick too. Tenmyouji agrees but wants to see what Alice says.
→Alice wants to go in the Green Door with Quark & K. K asks Tenmyouji what he thinks. Tenmyouji okay.
→Clover asks why he'd want to go with her where she already voted Betray against him before?
→Tenmyouji says he's sure. That's why he wants to. That he wants to change her mind about not trusting him. Clover is tongue-tied.
→Tenmyouji says he's wanted to pair with Alice too, to discuss something. She asks what, but he won't say right now.
→Luna asks if everyone else is okay with that?
→Sigma thinks if he's okay going through the Red Door with Luna & Phi. [You get an option to select "Yes" or "No". I wanted to pick No just because of not trusting Phi.]
Alice is pissed-off. Luna asks Sigma what option he wants.
(Option C)
→Alice says like Hell. Sigma betrayed her last round so why would she go with him this time?!
→The Door closing announcement plays. Luna starts to panic. She asks Sigma to reconsider.
→Sigma decides he has no other choice. He agrees with Option B then. [I was curious on the result but I didn't pick Option A. There is a fork in this path so I know there is another route option, but I didn't want to unlock it yet for just wanting to see different dialogue]
→(Option B)
Alice says he made a wise choice.
→Luna says they should go. Everyone hurries through their Chromatic Doors.

Red Door:
→They come to 3 doors and a lever.
→Sigma wonders if it's a dead end. All 3 doors are locked.
→Phi suggests he pull the lever. He asks why and she says because it might be a trap.
→Sigma says there must be nothing on the other side of her breasts then. No heart.
→Phi says she is a C-cup. Sigma says if she is then he has a 12 inch dick. [Which we know is actually 8 inches and grows to 18 inches and can fold into a 'Σ']
→Sigma & Phi argue for awhile until Luna breaks-out laughing at them. They ask what and she says she pulled the lever.
→Only the left door opened.
→They enter the door into a big and somewhat dark room.
→Luna thinks it's a control room. Phi thinks she sees a generator through the window.
→Sigma says that they should look around. Luna asks about the Moon Cards. Sigma says they're probably in the room. So Phi agrees to start.
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Time:2016-06-27 12:41 am (UTC)
Control Room:
→There is a control panel covered in buttons, screens, & such.
→Phi thinks the generator machine looks like an octopus. Sigma says it would be a big octopus. Phi says it would take years to eat all of it. Sigma says not to eat it then. Luna says she thinks it's an annihilation reactor. Phi asks if she means like the bomb. Luna says yes, they'd work similarly. Luna says Phi probably knows more about it than her. Phi says not really she just picks-up information here-and-there. Phi says it's probably running on hydrogen & antihydrogen though and goes to try to explain how to calculate how much energy it's producing. Sigma interrupts and says to stop that complicated mumbo-jumbo. Sigma asks if the octopus is a annihilation energy machine then. Phi says it's more like an engine. Luna adds "All of the energy in this facility is generated by Mr. Octopus.". So this room is the generator's control room.
→There is a clipboard with "TEST" on it written in different coloured highlighter for each letter. T = green, E = blue, S = yellow, T = pink
→There is a laptop on it too. It looks like my Sony Vaio :-P (except the large webcam on top) It has a green "T" in the screen and a memory stick shaped USB object plugged into it.
→The USB object is a portable scanner. If you scan the clipboard the scanner turns from a red light to a yellow one.
→Plugging the yellow scanner into the laptop displays the Gold File password
→Unplugging the USB object switches the laptop screen to a picture of the wall behind them, showing another clipboard shoved beside the folder cardboard boxes. Phi makes fun of Luna & Sigma for thinking it was a realtime feed after they move things and the image stays the same.
→The clipboard has 4 rows of different coloured 4 digit numbers. And an arrow pointing right. They are written in the highlighter colours
→Scanning it turns the scanner green.
→Putting it in the laptop just shows the green numbers. "7213" going by the arrow.
→There is a red clock on the wall that reads "11400sec".
→There are books on shelves that Sigma can't read because they seem to be in code. There are also 2 small boxes on the shelves. The red one contains a protractor. It has a red line 30° from the 90° mark. The black box contains a compass. Under the shelves are boxes filled with unknown machinery. Luna doesn't know what it is. Combining the compass & protractor spreads the compass to 60°.
→There is a blue clock on the wall that reads "510min". Sigma comments that it's a long time.
→There are books on another shelf too. A bunch of technical books and a novel he doesn't give the name of. Phi comments all the boxes are held together with PP bands.
→There is a piece of paper in the wall with a bunch of "off"s & "on"s written on it. It has a hole in the centre of it. Using the compass on it gives a circle that touches some of the words. Black on, black off, white on, black off, black off, black off in a clockwise direction.
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Time:2016-06-27 07:37 pm (UTC)
CORRECTION: After the announcement plays, it goes to Into the CDs until whatever Chromatic Door of the 2 on this route!
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