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Current Music:Chill and Rigor -- from "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"
Current Location:Shaglehod in Autumn/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:On "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"
Time:01:02 am
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I'm going to try to post what I learn in each room/route. I want to do it as I do each playthough so my experience of it won't be tainted by memory of other rooms. I'll probably do this in point form, and continue it in the Comments. One person on Twitter mentioned keeping track of everything in Excel XD My memory may be incorrect in some places--I've not been writing things down.

☆★☆★This will be full of spoilers★☆★☆


I've only 'finished' one playthrough, and I didn't even get to finish it because the last bit requires something from another route.

Jumpstart ⇒ Elevator ⇒ Elevator After Escape ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Yellow Door ⇒ Infirmary ⇒ Infirmary After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber ⇒ Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Crew Quarters ■LOCK No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?

→Sigma was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→He saw Zero in their gasmask before getting knocked-out.
→Meet Phi.
→Phi somehow had Sigma's name come to mind.

→Meet Zero III.
→Learn that each room Safe has a false back & can accept 2 passwords.
→The Ambidex Machine can accept memory cards & do more than voting.
→Phi can jump really high, with acrobatic reflexes.
→"I am no man."

Elevator After Escape:
→Meet Tenmyouji, Dio, Quark, Luna, Alice, K, & Clover.
→Clover is still unconscious even after escaping the elevator.
→K has amnesia, and seems to be welded into a suit of armour. Sounds like a robot. His bracelet is hooked through the suit though, to attach unseen skin/wrist.
→Zero III gives them nicknames [Siggy, Phido, Alas, Cleaver (as if
referring to the 999 Axe Ending), B.O., Quirk, Tenmyoldie, Moony, and Potassium).
→'K' comes to his mind though he doesn't know his name. Zero III asks his name too.
→Clover is freaked-out over 'Zero' & 'Nonary Game'--Seems to know something about it. "It should be over".
→Alice met Clover a year ago.
→Phi works-out the anagram "WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!" silly fast.
→Learn that Zero is one of the 9, and Zero III is merely an Artificial
Intelligence created to "facilitate the facility".
→Learn most of the rules, but not what 'penalties' are.
→Learn about Chromatic Doors.
→Learn about the Number 9 Door.
→Learn about key cards.
→Learn about pressing both buttons on the bracelet.
→"You can take your Lame-ary Game and shove it up your ass!" leads to learning not playing means death.
→Learn what is inside the bracelet. Needles that can inject Soporil β (an anesthetic from 999) & turbocurarine (a poison that shuts-down the respiratory system). ...Means of a painless death...
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Phi = Red Pair
Clover & K = Green Pair
Dio & Quark = Blue Pair
Alice = Red Solo
Tenmyouji = Green Solo
Luna = Blue Solo
→Everyone had 3 Bracelet Points.

Into The CDs:
→Phi again shows how fast she can work-out things by explaining what path options there are.

Yellow Door:
→Sigma & Phi partner with Tenmyouji.
→Clover & K partner with Luna.
→Dio & Quark partner with Alice

→Deduce there must have been people working here (the facility) until recently going by its size & how clean it is.
→Learn the ADAM is a scanner.
→The screen can accept/play memory cards.
→Find a scalpel.
→Find, but leave the injection gun. It contains saline solution.
→Find Soporil β & turbocurarine just sitting on a cabinet, for anyone to pocket, and/or use with the injection gun.
→Find newspaper article on Radical-6 (a virus that according to the article has reached a pandemic level).

Infirmary After Escape:
→Sigma is a college student who recently had his girlfriend dump him. His computer crapped-out while writing a paper due for a teacher that does not observe Christmas. He went to the school to type it there & drank 5 energy drinks. He got in his car and it wouldn't start, then a strange sound & his car flooded with knock-out gas. He saw Zero behind the car gawking at him through his rear view mirror.
→Learn the Secondary Rules.
→Quark calls Tenmyouji "Grandpa", and tells him the Lounge has his favourite drink.
→Overhear Alice & Clover mentioning needing to get help from "Headquarters", and Clover mentions Zero again.
→Zero III has control over all electronic locks in the facility.
→Learn how to gain or lose Bracelet Points.
→Learn mostly about how voting works.
→Learn about Ambidex Rooms.
→Phi & Sigma find the corpse of an old woman in the 'elevator' K & Clover were in.
→Tenmyouji acts very weird and acts distrustful & quietly angry.
→Phi suggests taking the corpse to the Infirmary to inspect the wound.
→Learn Luna has a medical license (but is neither a nurse or doctor, and not quite a coroner).
→Learn the ADAM can do diagnosis & autopsys.
→The woman was killed by exsanguination from a stab wound to the heart. Probably from a thin (3mm) knife.
→K is suspected as Clover was still unconscious, and they were the only previous ones in that room.
→K makes a point that since Zero III never reacted to the body, that it must be something planned by Zero (Zero Sr. as they say).

AB Game Round 1:
→Phi 'suggests' choosing Betray.
→Does Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick who chooses (I think you might automatically-win).

AB Game Round 1 Ally:
→Phi is annoyed that Ally was picked.
→Tenmyouji picks Betray.
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray to Alice's Ally.
→Clover & K pick Betray to Luna's Ally.
→Zero III then finally explains that getting 0 Bracelet Points also
means the death penalty.
→Zero III suggests that Phi, Sigma, Alice, or...even Luna may die next Round. Maybe everyone actually.
→Clover & K act like Luna was stupid for choosing Ally.
→Alice is pissed at Dio.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Clover = Magenta Pair
Alice & Quark = Yellow Pair
Phi & Luna = Cyan Pair
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Luna, & Alice = 1BP
Dio, Quark, Tenmyouji, Clover, & K = 6BP
→Zero III says that this will probably be the last the group sees of him.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Quark is Tenmyouji's grandson, and they were kidnapped together.
→Tenmyouji won't say where or when they were taken.
→Quark acts confused & stares blankly.
→Tenmyouji is scared and suggests seeing Luna, but Quark seems to perk-up so Sigma & Grandpa try to believe him.
→A lunar eclipse is supposed to happen on December 31ST, 2028 by K showing an Astronomy magazine they found in the Lounge.
→...Dio is perhaps jokingly aroused by Saturn's rings...
→Dio won't say when he was taken.
→The date is guessed to still be Christmas Day.
→K mentions finding a book on Schrodinger's Cat.
→The Radical-6 newspaper article is shown around.
→Everyone seems to not know anything about it (and if it was a real pandemic, wouldn't they know?).
→There is a guess that everyone there is quarantined/infected.
→Dio suggests it's fake, and Phi, Sigma, K, & Luna agree. [The article should be front page news, but the back is plain black (Sigma says that full page advertisements aren't printed on the back of the front page)]
→Sigma confronts Clover & Alice about their conversation he overhead earlier.
→Clover & Alice are 'co-workers'.
→Clover decides she can trust Sigma.
→She admits she was in the last Nonary Game.
→And the first Nonary Game.
→She gives a vague description of what happened in the one from 999 [9 people kidnapped--well 7 since 2 were in on it...make that 9 if you count the other 2 that were kidnapped too (thus clearing the idea that Snake was 'in on' the plot. Of course the writer even said he wasn't, but if it makes things more believable then he guessed you could say he was. I PERSONALLY think he wasn't as why the Hell would he need to be drugged when put in the coffin? Spare clothes could be brought too, and just claim Zero had them made. I think he remembered Kanny!Akane dying because up until solving the sudoku that's what happened. Also just like he didn't recognise Santa's voice due to age, he didn't recognise Akane's--and why would he guess she wasn't really dead? He kept quiet on the past Nonary Game because he really did believe the threats to Clover. Also why would he make a guess at who Zero was, when he could just keep quiet & let the others do so?--He wrongly guessed Santa.).]
→BUT the last Nonary Game did what then Zero meant to, so why play another one?
→But the gasmask & cloak/coat worn was the same...
→Alice & Clover were kidnapped on December 22ND (were they asleep that long?!).
→Tenmyouji rushes in looking for Luna.
→Quark has collapsed.
→Luna scans him, and it's Radical-6.
→Tenmyouji is more sure it can't be than denial would explain.
→Alice mentions hearing about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Axelavir is the anti-viral serum for Radical-6.
→Quark wakes-up, grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab himself in the heart (SO DISTURBING. He yells about needing to escape. His soul needing to escape his body; that he needs to die. Quark is about 9 years-old D:).
→Sigma manages to grab him, and hold him down. Together the group gets the scalpel from him.
→The Soporil β is used to knock Quark out.
→Luna seems to know something about how Radical-6 operates.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.
→Luna was also kidnapped on December 25TH, 2028.

Into The CDs:
→They carry Quark to the Blue, Red, & Green Chromatic Doors.
→Alice won't go with Dio, so that leaves 2 Chromatic Door options (I can't remember if you have a jerk choice like with 999's Door 3).

Blue Door:
→Sigma & Clover partner with Tenmyouji.
→Alice & K partner with Quark.
→Phi & Luna partner with Dio.

Pressure Exchange Chamber:
Figures I'd find the save file corrupting PEC room on my first playthough D:
→Learn that the facility required all that entered to wear protective
suits & undergo decompression decontamination first. Due to viral spread concerns.
→The door to the outside is welded shut (and again Clover gets locked on the other side of glass).
→Learn that Tenmyouji knows quite a bit about LASERS.
→Find a memory card.

Pressure Exchange Chamber After Escape:
→More graffiti (I couldn't read it fast enough!)
→Find the White Chromatic Doors.
→Dio activates the Ambidex Doors as soon as he gets to the Warehouse A.
→Phi, Luna, & Dio found a vial of Axelavir in the Laboratory.
→Quark is injected, and his vitals go to seemingly normal--he is still asleep.
→Phi was kidnapped on December 25TH.
→The PEC memory card is played.
→The memory card contains an audio file of a man calling a group stationed on Mars.
→He mentions the (future) December 31ST lunar eclipse. And it being red. Asks how Mar's moons Deimos & Phobos are.
→After no response back for an uncomfortable time, it's learnt that the video feed he is seeing of the Mars group is a hacked loop.
→A woman finally replies saying that 6 of the group are dead.
→That she killed them, and is about to kill 6 billion more.
→There was a mock mission to Mars set-up (9 people in a facility set-up just as it would be if they were in space. Including radio silence.).
→Tenmyouji admits he was somewhat involved in the project.
→The mission had an infection of Radical-6, and it escaped.

AB Game Round 2:
→Sigma gets Tenmyouji to promise to choose Ally.
→Quark being asleep will automatically choose Ally.
→Once inside Clover acts really skankily OOC and tries to seduce Sigma (what would Snake say?!) into choosing Betray (she'd get 9BP).
→Luna trusts Phi to vote for her while she stays in the Infirmary with Quark.

AB Game Round 2 Ally:
→Clover is annoyed Sigma chose Ally.
→Tenmyouji kept his Ally promise.
→Sigma doesn't tell Tenmyouji that he was right with his suggestion that Clover might try to seduce him.
→Alice & K kept their promise to pick Ally to Quark's Ally.
→Phi (voting for Luna too) picked Betray to Dio's Betray.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma = Blue Solo
K = Red Solo
Dio = Green Solo
Phi = Magenta Pair
Clover = Cyan Pair
Tenmyouji = Yellow Pair
Alice's, Luna's, & Quark's are unknown.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Luna, & Alice = 3BP
Clover, K, & Quark = 8BP
Phi = 1BP
Dio = 6BP
→Alice apparently takes off after voting--K says she said she felt tired, so probably went to go lay down.
→Tenmyouji has asked Luna to leave the Infirmary.
→Quark is still asleep.
→Tenmyouji keeps a photograh in his pocket.
→Zero did not take the photograph when they took everyone else's possessions.
→Tenmyouji won't tell Sigma anything on said photograph.
→Sigma tries to press Tenmyouji for more details on the Mars mission.
→Tenmyouji makes a statement asking if Sigma really wants to know? Or would he rather not taint his life memories, and view of the world.
→Phi then comes rushing in, looking upset, and tells them they need to come right away to the Crew Quarters & see Alice.

Crew Quarters ■Lock No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?:
→Alice has been stabbed in the chest with a scalpel.
→She's dead, and her Bracelet lays open beside her [I can't remember what it the display is, or if it is even shown up-close (999's 'bad shit is going down' ominous music plays)].
→Clover freaks-out and accuses everyone of murder.
→The group tries to work-out if it is (no-one suggests what happened to Quark).
→Clover threatens to kill everyone in 10 seconds unless they can prove that it isn't.
→Everyone sputters & tries to calm her down, but her countdown ends.
→Fade to "To Be Continued..."
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Time:2012-11-04 10:11 am (UTC)
AB Game Round 2 Betray:
→Sigma perv[ert]ily takes Clover's offer; picking Betray despite his promise.
→Tenmyouji kept his promise to pick Ally.
→Alice & K kept their promise to pick Ally to Quark's Ally.
→Phi (voting for Luna too) picks Betray to Dio's Betray.
→Alice leaving is not mentioned.
→Clover runs straight to the 9 Door.
→She states that Alice gave her a direct order to escape & get help as soon as she can (leaving Alice behind as she only had 1BP).
→Alice is Clover's commanding officer.
→Clover scans & goes through Door 9 alone.

Tenmyouji Game Over 1:
→The Nonary Game ends.
→There is an announcement to 'enjoy your stay', as now everyone but Clover is trapped indefinitely.
→Tenmyouji states that there might not be anyone left out there for Clover to get help from.
→Fade to "Game Over".


(I wondered earlier if these 9 people are there to Morphogenic Field with the Mars' group? To prevent Radical-6 from fucking everything up? A gold file from the Infirmary claims Radical-6 is integral to VLR's plot.)
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Time:2012-11-13 05:12 am (UTC)
I can't remember where, but the Cyan AB Game Round 1 reminded me that at some point on this route:

→Phi briefly explains the Prisoners' Dilemma.
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Time:2012-11-05 04:13 am (UTC)
...Placeholder for Crew Quarters ■Lock No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?...

I stayed-up to start this as not knowing what was behind the Lock was bothering me! I was antsy at first to play it as it involves Alice's bloodied corpse-and with 999 1 corpse usually means more soon-and my needing to wake-up early for physiotherapy. After the Lock though I went to sleep, so some things from it aren't fresh in my mind.


Crew Quarters ■LOCK No. 02■ Is there proof it wasn't murder? ⇒ Director's Office ⇒ Director's Office After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 3 ⇒ AB Game Round 3 Ally ⇒ Tenmyouji - END

Crew Quarters ■Lock No.2■ Is There Proof It Wasn't Murder?:
→Clover counts down.
→Sigma grabs her after she finishes.
→Sigma has a flash of remembering the Laboratory journal (Morphogenic Field, ho!).
→And what was written/what Phi paraphrased in the Laboratory journal.
→He tells Clover that Alice probably killed herself, and wasn't murdered.
→He asks K (who was partnered with Alice & Quark) about the Laboratory journal.
→K states Alice took it.
→Sigma gets Phi to search Alice's body for it (Alice is skantily clad--I have no idea where she would store it on her. She doesn't even wear a shirt...).
→Sigma tells Phi the Laboratory journal is in Latin, and she should be able to read Page 216.
→Phi translates and tells the Treatment Center After Escape information on Radical-6.
→She asks Sigma how he knew about the journal, and the rest.
→Sigma doesn't know & says he just knew.
→Sigma explains that Alice probably had Radical-6, and commited suicide like Quark tried to do.
→Clover accepts the answer.
→Clover vows to find Zero & avenge Alice (as she would be fine if not kidnapped).
→Tenmyouji, Phi, Luna, Clover, Sigma, K, & Dio all decide that the Radical-6 pandemic already happened.
→The White Chromatic Doors are about to open.
→Dio takes Alice's Bracelet, and pockets it.
→Phi, Luna, Dio, K, & Clover head to the White Chromatic Doors.
→Sigma & Tenmyouji go to get Quark.
→Quark is awake.
→Tenmyouji embraces & holds Quark close to him trying not to cry (I was worried that Quark would stab him as it seemed the Lock was the last section on this route).
→Quark feels fine but doesn't remember anything that happened.
→Or how much time has passed.
→Tenmyouji & Sigma decide not to tell him he was sick, about the scalpel incident, or that Alice is dead.
→With 4 minutes before the White Chromatic Doors open, they rush down to them.
→The others are excited Quark is alright and start exclaiming at/over him.
→Sigma puts a finger to his mouth to silence them not to mention it.
→Quark does not ask where Alice is.
→Nor about why the 2ND set of Chromatic Doors were opened/the last Round.
→Dio & Phi go through the centre Door.
→Luna, Clover, & K go through the lefr Door.
→Sigma, Quark, & Tenmyouji go through the right Door.

Edited at 2012-11-07 10:26 pm (UTC)
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Time:2012-11-07 10:27 pm (UTC)
Director's Office
→After the Director's Office starts going to the Flow screen shows that the Crew Quarters ■Lock No.2■ Is there proof it wasn't murder?: has expanded to several more sections o_o
→Quark, Tenmyouji, & Sigma wonder if it is Zero's office.
→Tenmyouji has a great sense of smell.
→Tenmyouji really knows & loves alcohol.
→Tenmyouji is in the "salvage business".
→Tenmyouji is pervy about hoping the large safe contains "videos".
→Quark hopes it contains money (100 billion dollars).
→Sigma must watch a lot of late night infomercials.
→Find an old computer.
→It's password protected on a screen with a two-headed lion eatng a sun on it.
→The keyboard does not work, so they leave it.
→Find a strange Roomba looking device that doesn't react when messed with (Sigma & I both thought it looks like a robot vacuum XD ).
→The facial recognition device can read from photographs.
→Zero could have laid an insoluble puzzle. If the bracelet teams had of randomised to a group of all males (Sigma. Dio, & Quark), or/and Tenmyouji had lacked that photograph, then there would have been no-one for the facial recognition to recognise.
→The picture Tenmyouji keeps in his pocket (and that Zero did not take) is of a young girl.
→A girl named Akane Kurashiki.
→A girl that is not his granddaughter.
→A girl that Tenmyouji has been searching for, for a very long time (Is Tenmyouji really Junpei?! He has a different bone structure, so I'm not sure if that isn't what Chunsoft hopes we'll think).
→Quark says it's his grandfather's "first love".
→Tenmyouji denies this though.
→Quark says Tenmyouji talks to the photograph sometimes.
→The tangram puzzle was silly unresponsive, and quite hard (like when I had where a piece would go, the 3DS touch screen wasn't registering my move, and rotating was so tedious).
→The safe only contains the escape key & the Star Ambidex Card.
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Time:2012-11-05 04:39 am (UTC)
I'm typing in segments now while playing. Lovely Nintendo 3DS game
suspend feature~


AB Game Round 1 Betray ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Green Door ⇒ Treatment Center ⇒ Treatment Center After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Clover Game Over

AB Game Round 1 Betray:
→Phi calls you cold.
→Tenmouji picks Ally this time.
→When Tenmyouji confronts Sigma, Sigma says "But you picked
Betray...last time...". Remembering the previous playthrough.
→Phi starts to defend Sigma by taking responsibility for the Betray. Sigma says he pushed it, so she lets him take the blame.
→Dio (& Quark) pick Betray to Alice's Ally.
→Clover & K pick Betray to Luna's Ally.
→Luna questions why, when if everyone just chooses Ally, then ALL will have 9BP in just 3 Rounds. Clover & K tell her she's stupid. Luna sadly says she understands.
→Learn the penalty & rules.
→Zero III suggests Tenmyouji, Alice or Luna (no delay in saying Luna) may due next round. Suggests probably Alice.
→Bracelet Colours:
Are the same as AB Game Round 1 Ally.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, Dio, Quark, Clover, & K = 6BP
Alice, Tenmyouji, & Luna = 1BP
(Infirmary ⇒ Crew Quarters ⇒ Lounge)
→Tenmyouji is pissed that Sigma, and they get into a fight.
→Sigma makes a comment about wishing Tenmyouji was secretly Clover.
→Sigma suggests Tenmyouji is involved in this since he says 'Quark has
nothing to do with this', instead of 'We have nothing to do with
→Quark is Tenmyouji's grandson.
→Quark acts confused & stares blankly.
→Tenmyouji is worried.
→Quark seems to perk-up, so Sigma & Tenmyouji try to believe him.
→Clover & Alice are "co-workers".
→Alice decides they can trust Sigma enough.
→Clover tells about being in the last 2 Nonary Games.
→Vaguely explains the 999 Nonary Game.
→Alice cuts her off & says that's all Sigma is going to get.
→Alice suggests Sigma might be Zero.
→Says they might know something Zero doesn't.
→K mentions finding a book on Schrodinger's Cat.
→Learn about the December 31ST, 2028 lunar eclispe from the Astronomy magazine K shows.
→The Radical-6 newspaper article is shown around.
→Suggestion that they are under quarantine.
→Dio suggests it's fake, same reasoning as in AB Game Round 2 Ally.
→Tenmyouji comes running in.
→Luna states that she's "not exactly" a doctor...
→Quark has collapsed.
→Luna performs an ADAM scan.
→Quark has Radical-6.
→Quark wakes-up, grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab himself in the heart.
→Sigma manages to grab him, and the group hesitates but helps get the scalpel away from Quark.
→The Soporil β is used to knock Quark out.
→Alice mentions hearing about a 'bio-weapon'.
→Tenmyouji states he can't trust to leave Quark alone. Nor wants to be responsible for someone dying (due to needing Quark's Bracelet).
→Plans to carry Quark on his own, but K reassures & insists to carry him instead as it's faster (In Ally K carries Quark automatically).

Into The CDs:
→Tenmyoui refuses to go with Sigma.
→Alice & Dio don't want to go with each other.
→Tenmyouji won't trust any of the group with Quark.
→EXCEPT Clover for some reason...that he refuses to say.
→After a vote, Alice & Dio are forced to partner.
→Only 1 partnering option is available.

Green Door:
→Sigma & Clover are partnered with Quark.
→Alice & K are partnered with Dio.
→Phi & Luna are partnered with Tenmyouji.
→Clover is being very paranoid about pulling the lever (even though Sigma is carrying Quark). Expects something bad will happen.
→Eventually Sigma shifts Quark and pulls it.
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Time:2012-11-05 04:41 am (UTC)
Treatment Center:
→Sigma says that they might be able to treat Quark here.
→Clover at first doesn't seem to care either way, but eventually gets into it.
→Sigma is very kindly to Quark (ruffling his hair, putting him down gently, telling him he'll be fixed-up soon).
→Clover points out the clock has a NO.4 written on it (Clover was #4 in the Nonary Game).
→Clovers says "Don't you already have a memory card?" despite none in Sigma's inventory (don't know if I did it out of order, or if she was remembering the PEC memory card).
→Clover claims the jellyfish are aliens!
→Claims the red tile inside one of them is human flesh.
→Sigma can carry around 2 tree-like houseplants easily.
→Learn the treatment pods can do treatment or freezing.
→Clover says Sigma's bad joke probably froze the plant, Sigma asks what did he say (I don't remember him making a joke, but I also froze before treatment)?
→Quark cannot be cured in the treatment pod.
→The machine suggests Cells Alive System [CAS (CAS is mentioned in 999)]--A type of freezing/cryogenic freezing.
→Clover asks Sigma if they should freeze Quark or not, Sigma is all HELL NO.
→The dice game puzzle is a dick.
→Find Neostigmine in the Safe (2 Gold Safe Files mention it's a 'cholinesterase inhibitor'/'reversible acetylcholinesterese inhibitor' that's the 'antidote' for tubocurarine).
→Clover asks Sigma for a date (Sigma agrees).
→Find more rules about at least 1 person out of every partnering has to vote, or all 3 people die.

Treatment Center After Escape:
→Someone opens the Ambidex Doors.
→The pods monitors changes to show that 3 people had recently (8 hours ago) been unthawed & woken-up (By the music I was expecting that Quark had been frozen D:).
→Sigma wonders if the people in them were of the group of 9 now.
→Clover wonders if there are more than just 10 people there (9+the dead old woman).
→They notice that the time is written weirdly, as if Zero doesn't want them to know just what the real time is (earlier Sigma mentioned having his favourite
watch being taken from him too).
→They question if Zero wanted thenm to see this, that maybe the pod release information is fake.
→Sigma & Clover leave Quark in the No.1 treatment pod.
→Find the White Chromatic Doors (I couldn't read the graffiti this time either).
→Clover suggests choosing Betray.
→She is taken aback when Sigma says he honestly plans to choose Ally.
→Sigma says they can go another Round since he doubts Phi & Luna, or Dio are going to kill anyone.
→Clover is upset even thinking Alice could die.
→Clover states that K is probably going to get 9BP this Round.
→Sigma suggests that K might not choose to leave even then.
→Sigma explains about the pods.
→Tenmyouji makes Clover take him down to see Quark.
→Sigma flies-off at Dio for opening the Ambidex Doors before they got back.
→The rule note is shown.
→Apparently the Treatment Center Safe is the only one that contained a copy.
→K, Alice, & Dio were in the PEC room.
→Luna, Phi, & Tenmyouji were in the Pantry (but I'm sure Laboratory was mentioned last playthrough).
→Sigma tells about the data on the pods' monitors (that 3 people were in cold sleep).
→Phi wonders if being frozen means one's heart stops?
→Wonders if the pods could be used to get the Bracelets off.
→Everyone agrees.
→Except K is stuck in armour, so he couldn't be cryogenically frozen.
→They rush down to the Treatment Center to learn the CAS function is now locked off.
→Phi blames herself for mentioning it for Zero III to hear.
→It's decided that Zero probably wouldn't have left such a loophole to the Nonary Game (again I wonder how Snake's Bracelet stayed on in 999, since it was on his prosthetic arm?).
→Tenmyouji chooses to stay behind with Quark (defaulting to an Ally vote).
→Luna & Phi promise to choose Ally.

AB Game Round 2:
→Clover says she wishes to take back her request to Betray.
→Says she changed her mind after talking to Tenmyouji.
→Sigma grills her, but she just says he'd laugh if she said why.
→Quark is very important to Tenmyouji--which should be obvious as they are family...is there another reason?
→Clovers says Tenmyouji told her who he really was (but refuses to say, as she promised not to).
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Time:2012-11-06 04:44 am (UTC)
Now that I finished the Green route, FINALLY going the red route. Dio has an awesome hat (and I won't say who his design, that hat, blonde hair, & blue eyes remind me of), and has been a character I've been hoping to like. So far he has been a jerk though. So let's see what spending more time with him brings!


Into the CDs ⇒ Red Door ⇒ Laboratory ⇒ Laboratory After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Warehouse A ■Lock No.3■ Five minutes of life!

Into The CDs:
→Sigma can try to pick the Green Door, but is not allowed & annoys everyone.

Red Door
→Clover is not paranoid about the lever.
→Clover keeps making bad 999-type puns/jokes!
→Dio would smack Clover.
→The door that opens leads to a Laboratory, and not the Pantry.

→There is a DNA laboratory in the facility.
→Find a scalpel.
→Dio knows how to dissect a frog.
→Dio knows how a DNA extractor works.
→Dio knows about bases & DNA sequences.
→Find Axelavir.
→Find a journal written in a strange language.
→Find an IG Replicator.
→Dio, Sigma, or Clover do not know what an IG Replicator does/how it works.
→Dio can do slight-of-hand.
→Dio steals the Axelivar from Sigma.
→Dio threatens to break the vial unless Sigma & Clover vote Ally & keep quiet about finding Axelavir.
→Sigma agrees because of Quark, despite if Dio votes Betray Sigma will die.
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Time:2012-11-06 04:45 am (UTC)
Laboratory After Escape:
→Dio holds the keycard like a gambler.
→Sigma, Dio, & Clover do not mention finding Axelavir to Alice, Phi, or K.
→Luna, Tenmyouji, & Quark are in the Infirmary.
→K goes to search the new rooms.
→Alice goes to search the Laboratory, Clover goes with her.
→Dio also leaves.
→Phi plans to go with Sigma to check on Quark.
→But Phi stops him and asks to see the journal from the Laboratory.
→Phi says the journal is in Latin.
→Phi can read some Latin.
→The journal is not all research, some of it is personal entries.
→Phi can read Page 216.
→Radical-6 reduces the processing speed of the brain to 1:√(1/6) or 1:0.408 which is why it is called 'Radical-6' as 'radical' can be another name for the the 'root' operation, as well as a term that means 'severe'.
→24.5 seconds feel like 10 seconds to someone infected.
→Those infected with Radical-6 develop & act on an extreme desire to commit suicide (probably due to the processing speed & being mentally unable to deal with the disparity in perception/time).
→The writer of the entry suspects it could take 10 or 20 years before an anti-virus or treatment is found for Radical-6.
→People that survived the outbreak are being quarantined into underground shelters by the government.
→The writer suspects it may only be a handful of survivors.
→While the town the writer is in has so many corpses piled-up along the roads outside of it.
→Animals do not seem to be effected by the virus.
→Phi wonders if the Nonary Game group is one of those bunches taken underground.
→She wonders if they have maybe been asleep for years, or even decades (given there is a Radical-6 treatment now).
→Sigma states that they can't be because they were kidnapped before the virus was even known about.
→Also doesn't think there is a way to be put asleep for so long [If I hadn't gotten the Treatment Center, I'd also say 'And not have them age or change any'. CAS was mentioned in 999, but only experimental (999 is a year earlier than VLR)].
→Phi is not sure.
→Phi goes off to do something else instead of going to the Infirmary.
→Sigma checks on Quark.
→Sigma decides that he has no other choice but to vote Ally, even if it kills him. He doesn't want Quark to die too, and Quark will if he doesn't get the Axelavir (either from the virus, or by killing himself due to the virus).
→Tenmyouji chooses to stay with Quark, so his vote will default to Ally.
→Dio has already sealed himself into the Ambidex Room.
→Luna explains Tenmyouji's choice.
→Alice says that she plans to vote Ally because if she does vote Betray [to Tenmyouji's default Ally] K will then have 9BP (and be able to open the 9 Door).
→Phi, Luna, Clover, Sigma, & Alice state that K should stay outside while just Alice votes.
→K refuses, but won't say why (his model makes a creepy face I haven't seen before though :/ Like a 'tee hee'-ing robot).
→K runs into the Ambidex Room--Alice hurries in too.
→Sigma, Clover, Luna, & Phi are worried what K will do to Alice, but there is nothing they can do.

AB Game Round 2:
→Clover tries to convince Sigma to choose Betray despite Dio having the Axelavir.
→Sigma says he has no choice but to choose Ally as it's the only
option that might help Quark.
→Clover tries to rush to the voting machine to vote Betray for them.
→Sigma grabs her & throws her to the ground (I thought she had special SOIS training?! CQC? ...999!Snake knew CQC XD).
→Clover says she doesn't want Sigma to die.
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Time:2012-11-13 04:49 am (UTC)
Into the CDs ⇒ Magenta Door ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Lounge After Escape ⇒
AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ GAULEM Bay ⇒
GAULEM Bay After Escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ CORRUPTED SAVE FILE

Into The CDs
→Sigma chooses 'Option A' meaning him & Phi will partner with Luna for the Magenta Door. Phi & Luna are fine with this.
→Dio bickers with Tenmyouji about being stuck with an 'old fart' and a kid (for the Cyan Door).
→Tenmyouji is happy to stay with Quark.
→Clover is very happy to partner with Alice (for the Yellow Door).

Magenta Door:
→Luna says that the Lounge must have been used until recently going by the lack of dust.
→Sigma, Luna, & Phi wonder but have no idea what the facility was/is used for.

→Phi likes alcohol.
→Phi makes a "Captain Planet" joke (it made me laugh, actually this room was more like the Laboratory for 999 type jokes :D ).
→Luna is single.
→Luna is a silly romantic.
→Sigma flirts with Luna.
→Phi gets annoyed at Sigma for flirting with Luna.
→Find an Astronomy magazine.
→It tells about a lunar eclipse that is supposed to occur on December 31ST, 2028 at 4:50PM UT [UT = GMT? (and the Gold File says that in real life a lunar eclipse is expected then too)].
→Phi tells about how the Moon appears red during one where the Earth blocks the Sun as it is reflecting the sunset.
→Sigma worries the alcohol in the puzzles might be poisoned so dumps it down the drain instead of any of them drinking it.
→Zero III "carrot" keep people from going in-and-out of Chromatic Doors once they have been opened/escaped from.
→Despite Zero III lacking a body, he wrote several notes (I've gotten others in other routes).
→Find a map of Floor A (I haven't been stating when maps are found as it's every non-tutorial Escape section. You get a map of the Floor you're on/in).
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Time:2012-11-13 04:51 am (UTC)
Lounge After Escape:
→Meet-up with everyone at the next door as all those Chromatic Door routes lead to an elevator
→Dio either says 'prowl' or 'prow' (I heard 'prowl' but 'prow' is written). I suspect he means Alice's tits (sticking-out like the prow of a ship).
→Tenmyouji is interested in the Lounge.
→He suggests going there to sit & discuss what they all found.
→Phi suggests checking the elevator out first.
→They learn that that the hallways eventually meet up.
→Quark tells Tenmyouji that the Lounge has his favourite scotch.
→Tenmyouji tells him he'd love to, but now is not the time to be drinking.
→However once they get out of here; he can drink as much scotch ashe wants, and he'll buy Quark as many root beer floats as hd can stomach.
→Quark wonders if Tenmyouji has enough money for a root beer float.
→Tenmyouji says he is find as he just found a building full of rare metals (this exchange is so much better since I got the Tenmyouji - END :} ).
→Sigma wonders if Quark & Tenmyouji know each other, and Alice & Clover know each other, who else in the group knows each other?!
→Dio & Tenmyouji bicker more.
→Zero III threatens Dio after Dio yells at him (Zero III not Tenmyouji).
→Learn 'most' of the AB Game rules.
→Phi & Sigma find a dead old woman in their Ambidex Room.
→Sigma calls everyone over.
→Sigma makes someone keep Quark out of there.
→Phi says that it looks like murder.
→And that the killer either took the weapon with them, or it was a part of them.
→She makes Dio, Sigma, & K carry the corpse to the Infirmary for an autopsy/to inspect the wound.
→Tenmyouji does not help. He hangs back acting weird.
→Luna states she has a medical license [but is not a nurse, and not quite a coroner (I hope on this route I find out just what the Hell she is if not a nurse, doctor, or coroner!)]
→The woman was killed by something small & thin, with one sharp edge & one blunt edge (again, I suspect a scalpel).
→Phi suspects K as Clover was still unconscious, and both of them were the only ones in that 'elevator'.
→Like before K reasons Zero III could have opened the door & probably knew about the murder a head of time as he did not mention it at all (and again K first suggests the top hatches which Zero III already stated were locked).
→Sigma is leery about going back into that Ambidex Room after a dead woman being in there.
→Phi tells him to come closer, and she jumps onto the top of their Ambidex Room (this is new!)--Another super jump.
→She gets Sigma to climb up too.
→She asks him to try opening the hatch.
→The hatch is locked.
→Sigma brings up what Clover & K said, and asks if she still suspects K.
→Phi says she just wanted to "make sure".

AB Game Round 1:
→Phi orders Sigma to choose Betray.
→Says that if they get down to 1BP it will be all "over".
→Sigma says he finds her suspicious (She knew his name, and barely blinked at the dead old woman).
→Phi won't answer, only tells him to pick Betray or she will.
→Sigma stands in front of the voting machine stating that it will just automatically Ally if they do nothing.
→He asks her again what is going on.
→He suspects she's Zero.
→The announcement counts down from 10, and Phi still says nothing.
→It gets to 1 & finally Phi blurts out that if they get 0BP they die.
→Sigma turns and votes.
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Time:2012-11-19 04:01 am (UTC)
Welp, I left my Nintendo 3DS on, open, and with the volume up all the way while it tried to load past that black screen until the battery drained, turning the system off. I then restarted my game today, saving over my 23 hours, 16 minutes, & 10 seconds file just before the PEC room. That room crashed my system just after I entered the chamber the first time, but was only laggy & unresponsive the 2ND time [less laggy than my 1ST playthrough, but more of the seeming to walk into a wall (it's first-person view, so it's like walking sideways into a wall) while turning because of lag] so I managed to hurry through it.

I'm now about 8 hours back into the game again like I was, but more like 7 hours as I sidetracked to finish the Crew Quarters while still early in the game because it's also a save corrupting/crashing room.
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Time:2012-11-19 04:03 am (UTC)
I'm now 26 hours, 37 minutes, 26 seconds into playtime, and I need to type things up D:
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Time:2013-01-03 06:09 am (UTC)
"Conclusions without evidence are useless."___Phi
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Time:2013-01-07 04:28 am (UTC)
"How could you do that, Mr. Dio? You're a jerk!"

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Time:2013-01-24 01:11 am (UTC)
I had this ready on January 18TH, but am just adding it here now.


Thanks to "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude", I've learned that 'Dio' is an Italian word for 'God', so that adds even more symbolism to this route.

This route starts with the Magenta Door, only choosing Betray to Luna, instead of Ally in the AB Game Round 1.

AB Game Round 1 Betray ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Red door ⇒ Pantry ⇒ Pantry After escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Betray ⇒ Wasteland Bomb number 0 deactivation code ⇒ Dio End

AB Game Round 1 Betray:
→Tenmyouji is plodding along behind everyone, and Sigma wonders what happened to him.
→Sigma asks Phi if they really will die at 0BP?
→Phi is all 'You chose Betray because you believed me, eh?'. She says he made the right choice.
→Sigma tells Phi that she'd better be telling the truth about 0BP meaning death.
→She says that Zero will tell him if she's lying or not.
→Everyone else is waiting at the results projection. Zero III calls them over.
→Sigma is all 'What do you mean Zero will tell me?!'.
→Bracelet Points:
Sigma, Phi, K, Clover, Dio, & Quark = 6BP
Alice, Tenmyouji, & Luna = 1BP
→Luna is confronts Phi & Sigma, and is very upset.
→Phi at least tells Luna that she told Sigma to do it.
→Luna say that everyone just vote Ally 3 times and everyone could all escape together!
→Phi is all 'It is faster to just vote Betray twice, yo'.
→Phi sees having 6 Bracelet Points as having leverage over other players.
→She says "Well, I was planning on getting out of here with everybody else any—".
→But Luna interrupts her calling-out pretty much 'bullshit'.
→Phi & Luna look at each other a long moment. Luna just looks sad & disappointed.
→Sigma goes to apologise but is interrupted by Alice yelling nearby.
→Alice is upset with K & Clover for voting Betray against her.
→She asks Clover how the Hell she'd think she (Alice) would ever betray her?
→Clover says that's what she thought at first, but K gave her reasons why Alice would, especially since she wasn't just voting against Clover.
→K explains that Alice would likely vote Betray because she couldn't see his face, and thus be unlikely to trust him. "I understand it might seem...strange of me to say this, but who would trust a man who hides his face?"
→Alice is all 'yes, but Clover was there too!'.
→So K explains that she'd probably think he'd overpower Clover.
→Clover says that's why she hit 'Betray'.
→K & Clover apologise since they never expected Alice to pick 'Ally'. It is "very unfortunate" how things worked-out.
→Alice says she'll just have to make those points up the next Round (is this why on the AB Game Round 2 Ally route that Phi determined Alice would always pick Betray? I can't remember if she said she'd make the points up on that route or not).
→Dio: "Lemme give you a warning, Tenmyouji. That little shit is a hell of an actor. I'll bet you money he's a born con man. I donno what he is to you, but if I were you I'd trust that kid as far as I could throw him, and at your age that can't be much. You hearing me, old man? Keep an eye on him." (that's what we get of that scene here. Except Sigma thinks that things didn't go well for the other teams too.)
→Alice asks Zero III when the next Round starts? This leads to an explaination of the key cards, etc.
→Sigma asks if only 1 person can open the 9 Door.
→Zero III says that any or all 9 can go through, if they all have 9BP.
→He then explains that the Secondary Doors scan the Bracelets, not the people.
→And more explanation on the Bracelets.
→When Zero III explains about the 0BP = death thing, Sigma thinks of Phi, and wonders how she knew before Zero III explained it?
→Alice gets pissed-off because of important rules being hidden. How is it fair to have them play a game without telling them the rules?
→Zero III: "I think it's fair... After all, it's not like anybody else knew... Right? Right, Phido?" Phi: "Y-Yeah. I guess so..." Sigma: "... ..." But he decides to just go over what he's learnt instead of calling it out.
→Bracelet Colours:
Sigma & Alice = Cyan Pair
Clover = Cyan Solo
Tenmyouji & Quark = Magenta Pair
K = Magenta Solo
Phi & Dio = Yellow Pair
Luna = Yellow Solo
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Time:2013-01-24 01:13 am (UTC)
→Everyone decides to go search the place. Sigma dawdles a bit, remembering what happened when he was kidnapped and wondering why.
→They also plan to meet 5 minutesu until the Chromatic Doors open.
(Infirmary ⇒ Lounge ⇒ Crew Quarters)
→Quark, Phi, & K are there, and the scene is the same as in the
Magenta Door AB Game Round 1 Ally route.
→Phi & Quark stay, K goes to the Crew Quarters, and Sigma goes to the Lounge.
→Alice & Dio are there, and the scene is about the same as before too (Alice still claims she can't have a terrible disease because she has luscious skin & a beautiful face *facepalms at her*).
→Alice & Dio stay in the Lounge, and Sigma goes to the Crew Quarters.
→Tenmyouji is there (Tenmyouji refusing to say if Quark is his grandson), and Clover & Luna surprise them like before. The scene is about the same as before--
→But Tenmyouji says that the old woman being dead must be part of the game. Or else "the rabbit would've said something".
→And this time when Clover says her & Alice are co-workers, and she can't say anything else because it's confidential & she promised not to, when Sigma says that her organisation might be involved, she goes to spill the beans. But Tenmyouji is all 'We're out of time! >:[ '.
→4 minutes until the Chromatic Doors open, they rush to the meeting spot.

Into The CDs:
→They arrive as the Chromatic Doors open.
→Alice is pissed at Sigma for being late (Understandably so! Since without his bracelet through the door with her, she'll die).
→Sigma gives a stupid response, and she is more disgruntled, and gives an explaination of someone getting stuck between doors. "Man, that sounds even worse than getting your lungs turned off..."___Dio
→Tenmyouji apologises to Quark.
→K tells everyone to hurry and Phi gives the options.
→Alice REFUSES to go with K.
→Dio wants to go with Luna. Phi calls him on his jerkish reasons. Luna is all 'But you betrayed me, Phi'. Dio is all 'we won't vote Betray! That's mean you die!'. Luna agrees then.
→Tenmyouji is impartial to going with K.
→So only Option C is given.
→Clover is happy to go with Alice! And regrets voting Betray last Round.

Red Door:
→They encounter 3 locked doors & a lever (Clover pronounces it 'lev-er' not 'leave-er' as I do).
→Sigma thinks it's weird only the right door opens.
→Alice is all "Come along now.", and Clover & Sigma hurry to follow.
→The room is labelled 'Pantry', and is mostly walls of storage for containers. I am reminded of safety deposit, or post office boxes. There is also a large water tank, cabinets, a deep freezer, & a food cart.
→Clover is amazed by all the boxes...She wonders what someone woukd need all those underwear for?
→Clover misread 'Pantry' as 'Panty'. Sigma & Alice make fun of her with jokes (I giggle & wonder what Snake would think if he was with the group).

→I am playing on Hard, but I've been told the dialogue on Easy for this (and other rooms) is HILARIOUS! Clover-chan is hella moe!
→There is a poster with "The day the man was abducted" on the back of it (which leads to 'December 25TH' being the date needed for the Gold File).
→Clover is still fumbling over her words to have them related to underwear, and Sigma & Alice are still making jokes.
→Alice knows about beauty products needing acidic water.
→Clover was taught about Ph balances in school with experiments (practical labs?).
→Instead of Clover doing complicated mathematics (like she often did in 999), it is instead Alice that works out that there are 366 storage-thing boxes in her head. Clover & Sigma seem amazed.
→There is a convoluted organisation/calendar system for the food storage (took me ages to figure-out!). Dates are used, but instead of just inputting '1' & '13' for January 13TH, but the system uses the columns & rows too. So January 13TH is '123', 'E', '3'. Days of the week become letters, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera.
→There are 5 employees with diet plans.
→The ice block puzzle is an ass :/
→There is residual heat in the waaaarm drawer that Alice figures is from someone recently using it.
→Clover also misreads 'Neutral' as 'Natural'.
→Sigma's fantastic memory is referenced again.
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Time:2013-05-16 03:19 am (UTC)
I started this not know whose Ending it's lead too, but when I got the feeling it was K's (around the time in the Rec Room), I wanted him not to turn-out to be a bastard. Because after his heroic throwing of Phi & Sigma through the door in the Security route, and other cool things.

Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ Rec Room ⇒ Rec Room After escape ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Betray ⇒ Warehouse B ■LOCK No. 01■ How can Phi and K be saved? ⇒ Warehouse B If you find the two-headed lion (Key to Gate 2) ⇒ K End

Into The CDs:
→This route means choosing tne option to go with Alice & K after choosing Ally on the Magenta Door/Lounge route.
→If you try to choose "Go through the red door with Clover" K is all "No. I cannot allow you to do that., and even though Sigma is all 'What the Hell, K?' K still stands in the way, telling him to choose a different door (though he does add "Please."). Sigma doesn't think he could shove past him, so makes another choice.
→Sigma tells Alice & K to hurry with him through the Blue Door.
→They easily agree, and K says they should hurry (none of the mood from trying to go with Clover remains, even if that choice is tried).
→Sigma, Alice, & K run through the Blue Door.
Phi, Dio, & Clover run through the Green Door.
Tenmyouji, Quark (being carried by his Grandpa), & Clover go through the Red Door.

Blue Door:
→There are just 3 locked doors & a lever.
→Alice comments that it looks like the Number 9 Door's lever.
→K wonders if it even works.
→Sigma easily just goes up & pulls it (none of the bickering or anxiety from other routes).
→Only the right door opens. It is labelled 'Rec Room'.
→K figures that it's because that's the way they are supposed to go.
→Sigma wonders how to get the other 2 doors open?
→K doesn't see a way to open the other 2 doors.
→Alice tells them not to worry about it. They have a damn open door, so they should go through it.
→They go through the opened door.
→The room has a pool table, a jukebox, a dartboard, screens, a mounted deer head, suits of armour, a kiddie ride, etc. The decor is a contrast to most of the rest of the facility; plush carpet, wallpaper, and such. Even a lightswitch. The Lounge even was just a couch & bar thrown into an otherwise metal utilitarian room.
→Alice is kinda bitchy about Sigma not reading the door plate before entering.
→K: "Short for "recreation", one might assume. How ironic... I doubt recreation is foremost on any of our minds right now.".
→Sigma wonders about the 4 suits of armour.
→Alice points out the Zero III kiddie ride.
→K wonders what it is?
→Alice explains that they are often outside of grocery stores (in shopping malls here), and are operated by a coin. Kids sit on them & they rock around a bit.
→She says K must have rode one as a child?
→K doesn't remember, but it's possible?
→Sigma wonders if it's presence means there were kids in the facility?
→Alice doubts it, and figures it's just part of a collection or something.
→K thinks it's an odd thing to collect.
→Sigma ponders that with all the various rooms, this facility is like a luxury cruise ship (999!).
→K says that it does seem like people are expected to stay there for an extended time. Even the Infirmary is well stocked for minor things.
→Alice asks if this place is suppossed to help distract for people stuck there then? K says "Yes. Relaxation is important in an isolated environment.".
→Sigma says that it's everything people need to live without leaving.
→He figures they are expected to be stuck in the facility a long time, but 'it's not happening!'.
→They decide they need to solve the room then, in order to get the needed key & keycard.
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Time:2015-04-24 07:32 am (UTC)
Rec Room:
→There is luminol in the mini-refrigerator {'refrigerator' reminds me of a German exchange student in my French class immuable group [kinda like a role-play where once a week we tried to live as a French person. The first year I was a little boy in a Paris apartment building (we drew positions out of a hat), and the second I was a female security officer on a cruise ship]. She made fun of me for saying 'refrigerator' instead of just 'fridge'. I had to explain what a refrigerator was! "Le réfrigérateur c'est un appareil dans une cuisine pour de conserver les nourriture au froid."? }
→K knows weapons (like the specific type of spear that the lance is, and goes to call the double-sided axe a labrys but decides that's too. complicated).
→Sigma knows tridents were used in fishing.
→Alice knows what an Allen's wrench is. @h@
→Alice jokes that mini-fridges usually hold cheap beer in college dorm rooms.
→She also says darts is just for guys picking-up girls. Sigma protests that it seems like a real sport, but Alice is cynical. He wonders what happened with her.
→Alice jokes that the billiard balls are Dragon Balls.
→K knows what a record player is (this game is originally dated in 2028). And is excited to play it.
→Alice knows pool table parts.
→Alice makes a joke about evil bosses & dartboards.
→The coin slot of the kiddie ride is shaped like a lion's head. The coins are patterned with suns.
→K has a childish glee about the kiddie ride, and hops on it when Sigma starts it. He giggles uncontrollably!
→When the ride takes a picture, K gives it to sigma as a souvenir of their time together.
→He wishes he could give out copies to everyone.
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Time:2014-03-21 08:02 am (UTC)
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Subject:Re: LHMZFRpFcLZJgTerNoqfIkZRNeZs
Time:2015-04-29 02:13 am (UTC)
Hullo! Welcome to my procrastination!
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Time:2016-03-10 07:17 pm (UTC)
After my SAVE FILE CORRUPTION the Crew Quarters was one of the first rooms I played as the save file glitch was reported most from the PEC and it. I figured I'd get it out of the way before replying all I had. That said, I never typed anything up on it when I played it. Though Bo did suggest numbers to try on the telephone for easter eggs.


Into the CDs ⇒ Cyan Door ⇒ Crew Quarters ⇒ Crew Quarters After Escape ⇒
AB Game Round 1 ⇒ AB Game Round 1 Ally ⇒ Into the CDs ⇒ Blue Door ⇒ B.
Garden ⇒ B. Garden After Escape ⇒ Infirmary ■LOCK No. 04■ There isn't enough anti-viral medication! ⇒ AB Game Round 2 ⇒ AB Game Round 2 Ally ⇒ Alice Game Over

Cyan Door:
→Sigma chooses the Cyan Door for Phi & him, meaning they go with Alice.
→They are okay with that. Dio & Quark are okay with Luna. But Clover wanted to go with Alice. Tenmyouji asks if he isn't good enough. She says he's oooolllld. Tenmyouji takes offence. He says he is still in the same shape as he was at 20 years-old.
→The announcement for 10 seconds until the doors close plays.
→Sigma says they don't have the time to fight, thst they need to go.
→ Tenmyouji concedes and tells Clover he'll tell her off later.
→ Clover brushes Tenmyouji's threat off.
→Everyone splits-up and the Chromatic Doors close.
→Phi, Sigma, & Alice enter through a door marked "Crew Quarters" and come to a hallway lined with doors.
→Phi says people probably stayed there.
→Alice points-out the numbers on the doors.
→Sigma suggests opening one and opens the 01 Door.
→Inside the small, sparse room is a bunk, a locker, desk, et cetera.
→Phi says her hypothesis was right.
→Alice asks who would stay in such a place though?
→Phi figures it's for workers and not guests.
→Sigma asks what they'd be working on.
→Phi says she doesn't know. Why would she know? That she knows as much about this facility as Sigma does.
→Alice asks if it's a coal mine, or drilling for oil.
→Phi again says she doesn't know.
→Sigma tries the exit door, and it's locked.
→They decide they can't exit until they unlock it then so best get to work.
→Sigma reminds them of the keycards so maybe one is there.
→They split-up for the rooms; Phi to 04 & Alice to 02.

Crew Quarters:
→03 has a pair of handcuffs blocking the latch.
→Sigma starts making cat puns uncontrollably after picking-up the Schrödinger's Cat book. [One of the Gold Files jokes it's a magic reason]
→Sigma doesn't think that the book is part of a puzzle so leaves it on 01's Safe.
→There is a telephone that can be used to make calls [A Gold File explains it can't call outside the facility!], but only to 4 digit numbers. Usually to easter eggs which do not affect the puzzles/plot.
6969: "Woman's Voice" = A sex hotline. $24.95 a minute.
3141: "Euler" = A history lesson on pie (not π) [Leonhard Euler was a mathematician who popularised using Pi to represent the number of the circumference of a circle.]
5309: "Jenny" = A woman named Jenny. Sigma says he got her number on a wall...
8008: "46137.0" = An upside down message made with numbers [!378163771 51 34 4506]. Flipping & translating gets 'GOSH HE IS ILLEGIBLE!'.
→The telephone (01's has a display panel about it) has a cassette place/bay for an answering machine tape (01's has a metal piece like a luncheon meat can key). Asking Alice about the telephone in 02 has her say it must be "decades" old.
→ There are also buttons 1-4 for dialing to the telephones in the other rooms--except 03. It gives a no line associated with this number recording.
→Calling 02 & 04 has halves of another number [2592]. But 04 has Phi confuse an asterisk for "Agricola" which Sigma says is a "German-style boardgame farming simulator".
→Dialing the combined puzzle number gets "This is room 3. No tape has been inserted. The answering machine will not function.".
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Time:2016-03-10 07:21 pm (UTC)
→Sigma is very excited about the tropical poster of a woman with scratch ticket stuff in the shape of a bathing suit on it.
→The pieces of key you find in 02 & 04 make a key to unlock the handcuffs on 03.
→03 has a large box cutter on the desk. It's sharp but not very long.
→The locker is unlocked and contains a huge industrial roll of aluminum/tin foil. It has symbols printed on it. Sigma cuts them off into 3 sheets with the box cutter.
→03 has LOCKER. 01 has ●★♦▲ . 02 has 4985 (the code for 02's locker which has a cassette tape in it). 04 has 3472 (the code for 04's locker which has a wallet in it. The wallet contains a toy coin).
→★ with a 6 ● with a 1 ♦ with an 8 ▼ with a 9 are on the poster by scratching-off accessories located where the holes in the cots are (each room cot has a body silhouette on it with holes ripped into the cot on various limbs).
→Sigma keeps scratching the poster to try to scratch-off the bikini under the scratch-off bathing suit on the woman.
→Calling the numbers in the symbols' order gives nothing.
→Calling the 03 number after getting the cassette in 03's answering machine plays a message from Zero III. He tells Sigma to look at the display above the telephone. 2652 is shown. Calling that number opens the answering machine door to get that key/pin.
→The code from the poster & the symbols match except the triangle is flipped. So if you switch the 9 for a 6 & the 6 for a 9 you get the right locker code (1986). [Looking at the numbers upside-down will give 9861 for the Gold File.]
→Sigma is sad no-one appreciates or sees his victory dance at opening the safe.
→Sigma decides to get Phi & Alice there before looking at the safe contents so they won't get pissed and/or accuse him of stealing anything from it.
→The Crew Quarters Safe contains a Floor A map, 2 Sun Keycards, a note with more Rules (noting even Zero III can't prevent someone/anyone from entering a room/door after it's been opened/escaped ftom) , and the exit key.
→Alice asks about the "Schrödinger's Cat" book.
→Sigma says it's just a book about cats but they don't have time for it right then--falling into his cat pun talking.
→Phi questions the cat pun talking.
→Sigma says it's a "tic". That he has been doing it since he was little and it's involuntary. It's safe though...
→Which Alice is doubtful on.
→Sigma mispronounces "Schrödinger's" as "Shrodinger's". Phi corrects him.
→Sigma asks if she's heard of it.
→Phi says it's rarer to find someone who hasn't!
→He asks Alice if she has.
→Alice says yes. She just wondered why that book was there.
→Sigma asks what it is, then.
→Phi tells him it's a quantum physics thought experiment. That the book probably goes into the principles of it more.
→ Phi knows Schrödinger's full name & home country. And birthday, et cetera.
→Sigma interrupts. Asking if it's going to take long.
→Phi says yes. Sigma suggests leaving the story until later and using the escape key right now (meow? :-P ).
→Phi & Alice agree he is right.
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Welp. #ZeroEscape #VLR

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