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Me with a dinosaur (Rex from Toy Story):

Yesterday I went with my mom to look at the Kentville, Nova Scotia pumpkin people! And today I went through the Evan's Family corn maze. I haven't gone through my pictures yet, but I did upload some to my Twitpic {HERE}.

Also my VLR countdown art just has Lotus & the 9th Man to draw, everyone from Akane up to scan/colour, & Junpei to finish colouring. I also have to make my pumpkin pattern for this year & go to the library to print it off D:

Also TweetDeck for web let me in, but it doesn't recall my timed-tweets, so I still can do nothing about them. I can upload multiple pictures at a time to Twitpic though, so that will be helpful for now. So, yeah, Scheduled Updates can not be prevented.
Tags: canada, holiday, nova scotia, picture

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