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From Nintendo 3DS On October 24TH, 2012

I'll probably update this with links/images later.

Well since my last entry I called Amazon again, and I got a wide array of answers and all were like multiple bad endings. It's like they were pulling explanations out of their ass. And Aksys kept saying to contact Amazon, and that they didn't know what really had happened. Pretty much it felt like both were shoving blame onto the other & hoping everyone that had pre-ordered expectating the watch would just forget. I got told everything that the 3DS orders weren't getting tne bonus, to it was against a policy to give them to customers that ordered before they were announced.

Well first I should say what originally was supposed to happen: There were rumours that a pre-order bonus would be released, but not through what way (with 999 it was GameStop/EB Games). So after contacting EB Games Canada asking if the game was available for pre-order for a month, and it not being in their catalogue, I finally just ordered it from (they had it with free shipping even). Then September 17TH they announced the bonus & it was only through, so I called to confirm this. Then I called to confirm the watch could be shipped to Canada. Aksys guaranteed that everyone that prd-ordered before it was announced would automatically receive one. But it was for only so I ordered from them instead using the 'with pre-order bonus' 3DS link Aksys posted. Then I called to confirm I was getting the bonus. The next day the bonus had sold-out so I called again to confirm that I had got through in time--I had. Aksys had more watches ordered so they released more and those sold-out on the 28TH. So until Friday at 4:00PM I happily thought I was going to get the game & the watch the end of this month.

It's pretty much been the last remaining beacon of something that can go right & something to expect. I was very low, and ready to leave online, but the thought of wanting to ramble about & play "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" has been something, pretty much my only thing. So I've let myself get excited. I even started drawing daily pictures to countdown for it (though using 999 characters as I know them better & they have numbers). Even getting yelled at on Twitter & Nicki being sick again didn't waiver my excitement. I even didn't send my 3DS off for repairs (I was sick so I didn't send it off when originally planned) as I wanted to be able to play as soon as I received it. As most know I'm not 'hanging on' but floundering. But this was something to be happy for.

Then Friday as I was on my way back from physiotherapy and I checked my DumphySE e-mail with my RAZR. And gotnan e-mail saying though I had been confirmed as getting the bonus, I was now just getting the standard-just the game-edition. They were sorry but oh well. If I wanted the bonus I could keep checking the included links & order it if they managed to get more stock. Otherwise I'd just be getting the game. Calling got another "sorry but no" (and a later broken promise to let me know when the stock was there), and I was so, so upset. That night Aksys released a statement saying it was a technical error on Amazon's side. So I didn't bother with my plan to write them an e-mail. The 'alert me' link on the pages did not work, neither did the one after adding itnto my Wishlist. Then the next day I called Amazon again since I had gathered all my evidence of their confirmations & had access to my original order e-mail with 'pre-order bonus'. The first person put me on hold & hung-up. The second I requested to be put through to promotions directly with. After awhile and so many different answers & reiterating I got a $10 reimbursment applied to my account, and a support forwarding of the not working 'alert me' button. I felt awful. Like every thing I had done right to get the bonus & still wasn't getting it. I got all those confirmations, asked the right questions, made sure I went about the right way, and did all I could. And still it didn't mean anything. I felt lied to, dismissed, mistaken, like nothing meant anything, and I felt stuck. Nothing I could say meant anything. The only thing that lessened it was knowing so many others were bullshitted too, and talking to ahnjehleehn & the Aksys Director of Productions (who is now Following me on Twitter). But it was a horrible [& familiar] feeling.

Then Sunday I decided to search "Virtue's Last Reward" on Twitter (using { } since I was too scared to check my Mentions). @OnesOwnGrief's tweet that the bonus links were showing available stock. Just by chance I learned that they were there & got one ordered. Luckily as they were sold-out in the next few hours. So I applied the $10 to that order, got expedited shipping this time (surprised it was only $2 more than standard). But I was still scared to cancel the previous order so I waited until morning to call Amazon again. As of last night my payment got →
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