Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
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From Motorola RAZR On October 16TH, 2012

1357K 8:04
“I lack capacity for online. Don't feel alright/safe on Twitter.

Nicolas is sick again. Need to call the vets' in the morning. I'm very worried & stressed. Been having a lot of work with him.

Snake's jacket is ridiculous to draw. Lotus will be silly hard. I don't know if I'll finish these or not with how exhausted I feel. Aksys are lovely folk! I talked a bunch with the Director of Production. I probably won't get "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" until at least Hallowe'en though :(”

Transcribed by: lady_noremon

Nicki had no blockage! His tests showed he had a bladder infection, but besides his urine is a lot better than previous--hardly any crystals now either (and what he has she thinks might be triggered by this infection)! But he does have inflammation, and as I know urinary tract infections are painful & awful. No wonder he has been dribbling or trying to pee everywhere :( They emptied his bladder, and are keeping him overnight for observation. They want to be sure he can empty it himself, and has control with it in general. I can probably pick him up tomorrow around 1:00PM, and he'll have a course of antibiotics & painkillers, but hopefully can go off the steroids since this isn't caused by things spasming (and from experience they are hella hard on someone's system). She also said he doesn't seem very happy, so I expect he is over there wailing pathetically :( (Nick for being a big cat has a high-pitched wail for a meow).

When I came back I was utterly exhausted. I didn't even bother eating lunch or supper, I just flopped in bed and fell asleep wnile watching "Doctor Who" ("Dalek") & mid-text-message with watchcry (I RARELY fall asleep with my RAZR open & in my hand) D: I haven't worked any on Snake, and I know I probably won't get it up tonight (that sentence was typed that way and I snorted so it stays). I'll try to once I finish eating though (soup & brown bread)!

Well the day I thought was the 27TH is actually today (That birthday Scheduled Tweet), so here is the return of a ridiculous level of anxiety, and me hiding offline.

I got a "Thank-you!" and no railing or Blocking. Also Nicki's meds are little pills & 4 premeasured syringes (oral ones). He has been following me around since I got back and actually purring (he rarely purrs) with his tail up in the air.
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