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First off; the week before last, I finally got my bathouse up! 16 feet up!


Well yesterday was my MRI. We left early because it is a long drive, and I had a lot of errands to do beforehand. I took back a package of No Name beef patties that I was going to return anyway as they were greasy, salty, & had a mealy (like suet) texture, but because of the beef recall I received a full refund instead of an exchange. I only got that kind because on the day I did Atlantic Superstore was out of the President's Choice kind I get in either the beef or vegetarian. I feel blasphemous though because sometimes I make gravy with beef OXO for vegetarian burgers (I eat them like sailsbury steak or with eggs). While there I managed to find a case of San Pellegrino Aranciata [I love it but it seems that if a place starts carrying it, they ten stop. San Pellegrino also changed the packaging & can colour (from a lovely deep blue, to a light blue & orange)] & some Pocky. And Joe Fresh has sweaters that I want one of, so if anyone's local Superstore sells the mustard style, I'd pay for it/shipping. I also had to exchange on the bags in the peacock set I got because it was missing a foot when I unpacked them to take pictures. Being a Bentley bag it has a warranty~ I also finally picked-up that Sir Isaac Brock book I ordered. My nausea was also horrible that day, along with heartburn, and on the drive I had to get my mom to pull-over to the side of the road so I could vomit into a ditch :/ Anyway I also shopped around for a giraffe baby toy (preferably that squeaked) for the son of a guy I grew-up with that's a family friend of June's. He is younger than me FFS :/ Shopper's Drugmart was out of their version of that fancy squeaky giraffe, and so I decided to wait until I got up to Wal*Mart even though I saw a nice giraffe rattle at Mind Bender Toys. Well Wal*Mart is very, very lacking on baby toys & such. But I eventually after searching found their last baby towel & washcloth with a giraffe on it set (and "Little Cutie" with a palm tree). I also bought a cheap blue horse named 'Clip-Clop' that squeaks loudly. Giraffes are my favourite things for baby items, especially with teal or green. I almost bought some Hallowe'en outfits for the cats, but they only had 4 (we have 5 cats) collars & the sweaters were a few dollars more than I had left in my budget--So I'll wait until the Greenwood Wal*Mart (where Zellers was) opens and see if they have seasonal stuff in. Pumpkin sweaters for my brats at least. I also didn't find any wigs I could use for anything either :( I was thinking of maybe going as Snake (999!Snake) without the fancy jacket, but I couldn't find a short wig that I could either dye or that was already grey. I have the short-sleeved white shirt, dress pants, and a reddish tie. I'm not doing Lorel this year (I have the last 2 years), and none of my cosplays are really good for Hallowe'en, so I don't know what to be. I outgrew my Eighth Doctor jacket (when I gained some weight back), and the ascot fell apart. I have the hair for Armand, but if any Vampire Chronicles character, I'd go for Lestat again (Nicki is my favourite character though). I asked for suggestions on Plurk/Twitter/Facebook, but I don't think I'll get any answers.


We arrived at Valley Regional around 4:40PM and I went to the front desk. I showed them my referral & asked about the telephone. They told me not to worry about it as I was pre-registered, and just go sit in the waiting room. So that's what I did. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually people in scrubs came and escorted everyone out for their tests. At 1/4 to 6:00PM I was worried so I went & tried the telephone.

The couple of ladies let me in and were worried that I wasn't going to show. I was anxious that they'd scold me, or that I wouldn't get to have my MRI (leading to another 6 month wait & maybe seeing Dr. Clarke again). BUT it's a common thing for the front desk to send people to the wrong room & they weren't really fazed at all. I sat in the MRI waiting room proper, which had a a large television with rabbit ears that were the goldish colour old floor model/panelled models have. I wanted to take a picture because the room reminded me of an old spy movie, but the younger of the 2 entered then. I had to orally answer questions about my health, if there was a chance I had any metal inside me, my hernia surgery, and such. I have no idea if I've had an MRI before, but given that I had a seizure when I was little (I had a ridiculous fever that got too high), I probably have but don't remember it. My mom doesn't know either. Anyway the other lady gave me a Johnny shirt and told me to go choose a locker for my stuff & to go get changed. I snuck a few pictures since I decided to take my purse with me [I was going to leave it with Mom, but she was agitated and has in the past just taken-off & left me places (thus me wanting my purse)]. I chose locker #1, despite 3 being my favourite number, because the keyholder reminded me of the Kocher Forceps from the Operating Room in 999. The lockers were in reverse numbered order (3-1). ...And alsi reminded me of a puzzle in the Operating Room in 999...

After I was done I went to the magnet room & knocked and the cold air hit me as soon as I entered. The lights were very dim, and there was a blue hue to everything. The Bone Density/Mammography/MRI waiting room was poorly lit, but this was as if all the florescent lights could barely stay on (no flickering though). I thought the room would be noisy, but there was just the hum of fans. I had forgotten to take my glasses off, so one technologist took my glasses & the keyholder, while the other put a sheet over the MRI table/bed. I laid down on it, and after I had my knee in the little foam trough(sp?) and had something that felt like pads of X-ray vest material tucked-in over it, I got a pillow to put under my head. I have a habit of holding my hands together/interlocking my fingers, but they gave me little pads to put under my forearms & told me not to have my hands touch and to keep my arms resting on my abdomen. After I was given a 'call button' to squeeze if I needed them, (it looked like the end of blood-pressure pump, attached to a long cord) and then they covered my feet/right leg with a towel (and was told to keep said leg turned in). They placed giant headphones over my ears (to muffle the noise, and so they could communicate to me) and headed-off into their little room.

The slow glide into the chamber wasn't so bad, but it off-put my low blood-pressure a bit when it first jolted into motion. I wasn't in all the way at first, just up to my elbows. But after the first 4 minute picture they slid me in farther. I actually found it roomy, but I also prefer small spaces, so there's that. I probably could have moved around a bit if I was allowed to. I actually recalled that old late-night sexual education show where in one episode they showed MRI's of couples & masturbation. But anyway I could feel the fans' air hitting me, and on top of the already cold room I was freeeeeeezing! To the point I had borderline painful goosebumps all over...among other things. I really wish they had given me a towel for over my arms & neck. I was expecting sounds like a jackhammer, but the noise was more various beeps, a sound like an old scanner, fans, and a whirring. Their was occasionally clicks as the table moved, but it was mostly just lower octave beeps. It lasted around an hour, with each picture taking around 4-5 minutes. One of the technologists would say when one was going to start for most of them. And until I was slid in farther, I could look-up and see the timer counting-down in bright neon green numbers like a microwave display. One leg fell asleep, while the one under the pile of stuff started spasming because of the weight on the kneecap. I managed to slip the cord of the call button into my left hand to give it something to hold, and held the valve/pump in my right, but I kept wanting to place my arms over my chest/clasp my hands. It was so quiet even though there was a lot of noise. And after the first few pictures I started to be hit by melancholy thoughts & how alone I feel. Normally I try to concentrate on surrounding noises for distraction, but the MRI sounds seemed to be one of those that the brain tends to block-out. I remember reading or hearing recently about how the ability to filter-out noises is one of the first skills a baby learns in the womb. Like how you have to concentrate to hear a clock ticking, even if you are alone in a room with it. So all I had was the muffled sounds of myself that I could hear with the headphones closed around my ears/jaw. I started tearing-up a bit, and the tightening of my chest made my asthma want me to cough. So I ended-up holding my breathe to suppress the cough and so until I calmed-down I was in there freezing, trying not to cough, and hearing my heart beating in my ears. I got so I was bothered by the weight of the heavy headphone cord on my chest, and was grasping the call button cord tightly. But I did calm-down before they slid me back out, so I spent the last bit taking slow breaths, and trying to doze-off (I had no idea how much time was passing once I couldn't see the timer). It was so cold though that I couldn't relax too much, and by then my nose was running from the fan air, and my ears were hot/itchy from the headphones. Eventually a technologist told me they were just going to look over the images, then pull me out. The first thing I did was rub/wipe my eyes with the back of my hand (not wanting evidence of tears), and started to stretch my arms. I had to wait until they got the stuff off my leg though, and collected the pads before I could do too much though. I was so stiff when I swung around/strode up, and my right leg had fallen asleep. I got my glasses and was sent to go change again. I was so, so cold that I regretted not wearing a hoodie or jacket. I also had a hella hard time getting my stiff/cold hands to unlock/open my locker :/

My mom was still around when I finally left the magnet room, and quit ready to drive back. But there is a kiosk/food stand in the lobby that sells beverages/sandwiches/sweets, so I offered to buy her a tea if she'd wait so I could get one. I also got a roast-beef sandwich because I figured I should eat something before the long car ride back (I get car sick anyway, but still had nausea/heartburn).--And I convinced my mom to have a pumpkin cookie (I got one too, but stepped on it by accident in the car). I also got a chance to gawk at the art the hospital had on display/for sale and took pictures of a forest scene & an apple. And then we started to head back, but June called and asked to have one of those 3M adhesive remover pens picked-up from Staples, so I had an excuse to also buy a pack of Pilot Frixion pens. They are erasable gel pens, and the colours are very vibrant. I was using a purple one a lot, but I have no idea where it went (I suspect Lydia), and every store I found that sells them single was out of purple or not getting anymore in. So though I already have 2 maroon-ish ones, and a black, I now have a 6-pack with; purple, pink, sky blue, orange, lime green, & maroon. And in the $1 bin were mini legal pads, so I got a pack of 3 too (I prefer to write on yellow legal pads). I missed getting to Foodland on the way back (it was almost 10:00P< by the time we got to Middleton), but I did get to go to Subway so I had food for the next day (a foot-long Italian BMT, honey oat, toasted, bacon, Monterrey Jack, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and cut into 4 pieces). She finally dropped me off at my residence around 10:30PM o_o And in all that time I StreetPassed with no-one, and had "A View To A Kill" stuck in my head.


The rest of the pictures I uploaded can be found {HERE}.

I also took pictures of some Batman stuff for alchemy_hisoka, that I might as well share here too.
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