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3 Doujinshi Cover Scans

I was going to post about "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" & my Sea Monkeys, but I've been miserable all evening so I was going to post about that. Instead I reinstalled my scanner, and scanned the covers of 3 doujinshi I've had ranging from between 2008 to the begining of last September. Mainly because I've been asked about finishing my scan of that huge Shink anthology; "For My Love".

Melody of Love

Secret Sheik

Hero * Naoto only book


And here is what my guess is they are about...Going by the panels as I DO NOT READ JAPANESE ^^;

"Melody of Love":
[bought in 2008 from I think KFrog herself (used to be a big TLOZ fanartist)]
Seems to be about Sheik being awesome. One of the last pages has him carrying Link away on his back. I love art where Sheik has that dagger/stiletto/knife.

"Secret Sheik":
(bought in 2012 from ebay)
The ebay Seller claimed it's a comedy, and going by the exaggerated expressions I think that's right. Pretty much it's just a bunch of Link being a goof, and Sheik blushing. The first page has Link petting a cucco XD

"Hero * Naoto only book":
(bought 2011 because the cover reminded me of #ebzrp)
I think this takes place on the day of the beauty contest as Souji (Protagonist or whatever his name is now) is dressed in a wig & a girls' school uniform. It starts off with Souji, Yosuke, & Kanji all dressed-up in their girly clothes (Kanji complete with his lipstick!) waiting in a hallway. Naoto comes upon them and is all "KYAAAAAH! *clears throat*" and Souji is all "Ohoho~" And makes some passing comment (with a little bubble of him talking to Funky Student in the corner of the panel) which makes her look defeated. He's all "!?" and puts lipstick on. She must make some comment that he looks pretty as she takes out a little pocket mirror to show him himself. They go into a classroom so he can sit & look. He takes her hand and by the expression on his face says something flirty, but she says something that takes him aback, so he lets go. She goes to run off and he grabs her hand again, standing-up and saying something that looks to be more serious. It has a little flashback to Souji spewing liquid out of his mouth while Yosuke waves his arms and is all D: (I wish I could read what Yosuke said). He still is talking with a serious expression, and she looks all sad/down and he is all "Huh??" Then she yells out some confession or something (hands balled at her sides all serious style). He makes a soft face, cups her cheek, and pulls her up for a kiss. He mutters something after, causing her to blush with her mouth agape. He then taps her on the back and makes a little "Ta!" wave as he leaves. She just stands there with her hand over her mouth and lots of *ba-dump* symbols. After he gets a ways away though he collapses to the floor against a wall all "ohshitohshitohshitwhatdidIjustdo" burying his face in his hands. The doujinshi then cuts to later on by the fence outside of the school. Souji is wearing his 'civilian' clothes and Naoto now has that awesome hat. She seems all chipper & happy, and he looks like "Wha?". Then she kind of half crosses her arms and says something that makes her blush, then looks up like "Like you know?". The last panel cuts to a view of the top of the school with a huge bold bordered speech bubble, and another one with large "!!!" in it.
[I also should state that I'm still questioning if Naoto is transgendered. I haven't really made-up my mind for head!canon yet (and given that I have no plans to play P4, I don't know if I will decide eventually--so ambiguous?). I will say that I don't like how Rise & mostly the other girls react to it and their girl-ing of her/'poor young Naoto-chan'. I refer to Naoto as 'Naoto-kun' though. (and for the record; Lorel is/was not transgendered--definitely a woman.)]


And here are 2 "The Legend of Zelda" postcards I got (probably from samuraicar--who I greatly recommend!) with one of the Shink doujinshi (I may re-scan them as I see there is a fair bit of lint that showed-up):


I scanned the whole Souji/Naoto doujinshi and it can be found {HERE} [also I ship Naoto/Kanji moreso]
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