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On Nicolas Fitzgerald


Nick had been cleaning himself a lot the past week, and I just figured it might be worms, so decided to just watch for any sight of them. But on Monday evening Nicki was in the litterbox a very long time, and I was worried so I picked him up and when I did he let out a little cry. Now he is not a very vocal cat outside of trilling (and wailing pitifully when he wants out in to the porch)-Hell, he rarely purrs-so I got more worried. That night he was dopey and his ears, nose, & paws were hot. I was planning to go visit Douchette on Tuesday but instead called the vets' and made an appointment. I didn't know if anything was going to be wrong so I booked his needles too just in the case that there wasn't. Well at about an hour before said appointment he started squatting on the floor like he was trying to pee, and when I picked him up he growled so I started worrying about FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). We got to the vets' and he embarrassingly pooped on their furniture, and the diagnosis was a partially blocked bladder. She took him right away for sedation & to be unblocked, and I had to sign a form & leave him there overnight for observation after the procedure. I felt so bad for him & missed him terribly. Like he often curls-up beside me when I'm watching television, and I play with his little paws--I had no-one to cuddle or hold my hand. The doctor called me before they closed to tell me that unblocking went so well they didn't even need to use a catheter, and that he was awake, bright, and doing excellent. I still didn't sleep very well that night though.

I called the office a half hour after they opened on Wednesday and he had ate & urinated on his own so I went and brought him back with instructions & medication (I might scan his discharge papers). He was dopey & utterly disgusted; just flopping in the middle of the floor and staring off into space. He did eventually get up to stuff his face with his new special food, then went back to sleep on the chesterfield this time (in about the same position as the above picture). So I decided to have a fried egg sandwich, a mug of tea, & crawl back to bed (I had a splitting headache, and was bothered over the bill). About the time I got up, he got up too, and I planned to give him his pill & try him with the canned urinary food (it's cheaper & they said it would work better/dissolve the remaining crystals faster)! ...But he started crouching again and seemed very distressed. So I called the vets' but the doctor was busy and would call me back. Before said callback he had dribbled and growled when I went to pick him up (Nick rarely growls). They said to bring him back, so I harnessed him & we headed out. As June was opening the door he let go all down my leg & my foot D: And he peed again all over the waiting room floor when we arrived. So since he clearly had no control they decided to keep him overnight again (which usually is less expensive than a recheck examination). I was so worried last night. My mind kept going to "What if it is something else?!" like what if it's bladder cancer? Or his kidneys? I was so, so worked-up and crying. My cats are one of the very few things I have in life, and though I'm not much, I'm also all they have. They are probably the closest thing I'll ever have to children. So the thought of something being seriously wrong, & maybe even losing my boy terrified me. And I had no-one to even ramble to to get myself calmed-down either. Like the only one of the people that would talk to me & might be online has his own problems, and I hate logging into IMs (ebuddy) anyway because of all the 'Invited To Chat' or just showing as their e-mail address people making me so upset (and to add to that my Twitter Following went down by 2 more. Because me already being upset, & with people knowing something hurts me, means more reason to make me feel worst). So I eventually just had a bath then watched some "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

I didn't call the vets' first thing this morning, waiting for them to when ready. 10:44AM she called and told me that he did well and they found no more blockage. He ate a lot more than the night before, urinated easier, and was spunky. So now he is back! He really is a lot perkier (going around rubbing against stuff, wanting to be petted, trying to escape)! The vet says he might have more accidents due to not having full control yet, and is still very tender, but that he should be fine once the pills kick-in more. We've given him, mostly free roam for now, but if he has another spasm accident, he'll get confined up in June's bedroom. He just ate & is now dozing with his orange mouse after I wouldn't let him into the back porch to play in the wood pit.

What are recommended commercial fiber dry cat foods sold in Canada?
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