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"That's it, Nick! He's gotta be lying about the bananas!"

So boobjection informed me that there is going to be a new Ace Attorney game. I am excited even though I haven't finished Justice For All (I played a bit of it last night though, and know where I am again!), or started Apollo Justice or the Edgeworth game. I really hope it has Godot in it though. The ending is left vague as to his fate, though I have it as he survived and was put on trial. Godot/Armando is my favourite Ace Attorney character, and one that I've even RPed in the past (along with Phoenix stuck in a cellular-telephone--I kept getting the 'e' & 'n' switched so decided to go for Crack). I know he is a bastard (and not the best to women), but I love him like a film noir character. And he really is very sad.

He is an up-and-coming defense attorney, and is just starting a romantic relationship with Mia when someone tries to kill him (poison in his coffee). He falls into a coma and stays that way for years. When he wakes up he is blind, and he learns that Mia has been murdered. The guilt that he couldn't protect her (was too weak to protect her) consumes him and he detaches himself from his identity and becomes Godot. He tries to even play Godot as a pure force; a being from Hell. His whole life goal becomes to make the person who he sees could have protected her pay, and puts all his own self-hatred onto Phoenix. But as the game goes on you see snippets of him as he is--like being nice to Pearles. Still he kills ruthlessly--though he didn't think he had much of a choice. It's pretty much him seeking his own redemption, from something he feels he is, but isn't responsible for (although it could be argued he is since his mentorship of Mia led her to be such a high-profile lawyer).


I also started "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" since my package from alchemy_hisoka arrived yesterday. I originally just played the tutorial, but I got a lot of reminders of "Kingdom Hearts II" when Braig & Ansem showed-up (the cutscene after the optional tutorial). I really haven't played much of any of the Kingdom Hearts games besides II & 358/2 days, since I dislike Riku, and Sora tends to annoy me. I really love Organization XIII though, so the thought of a reoccurrence of them makes me happy. My favourite KH character is Demyx, but I still love Roxas & Axel--especially AkuRoku. I love that in 358/2 Days that Demyx is a playable character, but I really hate that the other Organization XIII besides Roxas are weaker & more awkward in combat. Meaning enemies take a lot more hits to kill with the Melodious Nocturne & Arpeggio than with Roxy. I'm not minding DDD too much though, and I like getting two sides to each World. Maybe it's because they're older/because of their struggles but I'm not getting as infuriated with Riku & Sora as I did in KH or KHII. Riku is still a bit of a jerk though, but he is trying as seen with his interaction with Quasimodo. I'm currently stuck on Riku's Wargoyle boss battle though, and keep dying horribly. It seems to be able to kill you in 3 hits, and even less with those damn glowing fireball things. If I am a second late with a dodge, I better be fast with Cure or I'm dead next hit. I have died so many times just as I hit to heal. I may just Drop back to Sora so I can continue the story a bit longer until I am able to fight that Wargoyle without flailing in frustration. I'll have to fight him with Sora, but most people are claiming his fight is easier when I searched on Google to make sure I was doing Riku's right (I am, and that's pretty much ATTACK VICIOUSLY & DODGEDODGEDODGE). I will also say that I wish Riku had kicked Judge Frollo off of Notre-Dame! He still falls off it, but Riku could have just ran up and booted him. His HATRED FOR GYPSIES/racism from the movie is back & so, so much worse. Consuming him into a madness that leads to the POSSESSION BY DARKNESS. Pretty much he summons a monster to bring Judgement to Paris because of all the 'unclean' gypsies (leading to setting it on fire after murdering the families on the outskirts of the city). Seriously this game should have been rated T just for him, instead of E 10+ :/ His cutscenes really made me uncomfortable.

Here is my adorable Komory Bay though!:

The concept for DDD is kinda creepy though, but the premise of the first world is especially. I'll put it behind a LJ-Cut, even though it's revealed about 14 minutes in (and I already said it on Plurk/Twitter).:

"Keeping the dead alive by having them live by dreams. And hoping eventually those dreams will make them whole again."

Joshua (who reminds me of Snake--Snake♥ not Solid Snake) takes the fragments of dreams of his friends that have died, and using the memories of another friend creates a version of Traverse Town to harbour them in. To his surprise the dream!fragments become solid bodies in that, and so he hopes that over time their bodies will become able to be whole again outside of it.** I haven't played "The World Ends With You", and I only guessed where the characters were from because Neku is ultra skinny, and had giant headphones. I don't know how the characters/plot is in TWEWY so I can't say how it compares to the events in DDD. The game doesn't show just what is going on until beating the boss with Sora & Riku, so before that it's a lot of eerieness. That reminded me of The Secrets Of Twilight Town from KHII, and there is a cemetery in Le Cité de La Cloches that Sora has to explore, which also reminded me of TSOTT's increasing spookiness.

I'm hoping Demyx shows-up eventually, or Myde (or whatever his Canonical name will be). Xemnas, Ansem, & Braig already have anyway. Oh! The opening also has a clip of Roxas' fight with Axel in the opening movie (sadly it's an instrumental instead of another Utada Hikaru song). The "Let's meet again in the next life" one and I pretty much grinned stupidly at it.

**The thought of living in/by dreams made me think of Lorel.
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