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Sea Monkey "Colors 3D!" artz



Seriously, I think the little creatures are so adorable. Beady eyes, a flurry of legs, and long tails. Since the tank move, mine have been swimming little loops, and I think playing something lile tag. There has been no new fights, and Skipper has now crawled under the pebbles and I think she's working on something like a nest. One of my males has a blackish leg. I think maybe it didn't shed right (they shed their shells like lobsters), but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

I think I need more names for them.

Another pair coupled while I was watching the tank today (the smallest male, and a large female)... I currently have 8 adult Sea Monkeys, but still only 2 have names. I like watching a Monkey hit off another and then take-off swimming to the other side, and having the one they hit chase them in something like tag. Also babies swim really jaggedly/spazzily when they are little, and this slowly turns into the graceful/playful swimming.
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