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"The Night Is Young" -- Nosferatu

I've been listening to a lot of "Vampire: The Masquerade" music (and a hella lot of Elvis Costello) the last while to try to keep myself excited to play Bloodlines once I get stuff reformatted. I really want to get back to Santa Monica :[


I finally got back to outpatients yesterday. And I had Dr. Cole and she was all 'poor dear' and gave me a prescription for antibiotics because my ears are blocked/ringing/red & my throat is sore so it's more likely bacterial instead of a virus. If this doesn't help I'm to go back, but I hope it does as I am so tired of this d---able cough, and it hurting to breath. I'm allergic to Pediazole(sp?) which is contained in Zithromax (one of the better medications for respiratory infections) so it is usually harder to prescribe something. My insurance is also crap now that they've changed names, and since I've had scarlet fever in the past they don't like to cover many antibiotics. They did cover about $40 of the Biaxin/Clarithromycin though, but it did still cost me about $14.95 :/ the pills look really familiar & huge so I think I have been on these before. I also bought a pack of probiotics to prevent a side-effect that I had with the ones these remind me of :/

I had restful sleep for the first time in two weeks last night though, so at least there is that. I'm still feeling very rundown though, and I'm still stressed and have that gnawing panicky knot in my stomach. I don't know if my loss of appetite is caused by that or being sick, but what I do know is that I just don't know what to do. Withdrawing seems to be wrong, being sociable seems to be wrong. I have so many fears, and very little trust. And people seem to rather be detrimental to any lessening & building to that in the better order. It's like someone saying 'I'm sore' then someone else beats them with a kitchen stool, and wondering why they're bruised. I feel like a pariah. And I just can't handle it.


I did transfer my Sea Monkeys to a bigger tank today, however. The front porch is getting so cold at night (where the tank was set-up in a window of), and I think that is what lead to the deaths of 2/3 of the large males, and 1 small female. Julius is floundering at the bottom still, and if he doesn't make it I think I'll remove & bury or burn him (the other corpses I cannot find. I think they either already decomposed...or were cannibalised). The other Monkeys seem to be doing well in their new tank though, and are being very active. Skipper (my pregnant & green female) & What's-His-Face still haven't even bothered to uncouple [Skipper had egg sacs showing, which I think she decided to impregnant herself (female Artemia NYOS are capable of parthenogenesis...and necrovoviviparity). But still one of the smaller males latched on a few days after. They stopped for a day, and have been back at it since Thursday-ish. I don't know if Sea Monkey mating is recreational or not, but I hope so if it last so damn long.]

I bought a 1/2 gallon betta tank [in purple! (my favourire colour--not yellow)], a thermometer, some glass pebbles/stones/marbles (I also bought a castle, but it took up too much room so I'm going to save it and/but buy a smaller one when I get to PetsUnlimited next), and 2 Sea Monkey refil packs. I arranged a layer of glass scenery, added 24 ounces of bottled/reverse osmosis water to the tank, the 2 Water Purification packets, and waited 24 hours. Then I added a packet of the Instant-Life Eggs (since I've got 5 Monkeys going into 36 ounces of water), and a few hours later poured the Ocean Zoo tank in (leaving a bit of tank water in to swish about to make sure I got everything). The Monkeys seem to be really enjoying it [they also will playfully(?) follow a flashlight now, something they weren't interested in last week], and are still exploring all over. A group of them are really interested in the thermometer XD
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