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Well I had just posted that my Sea Monkeys weren't old enough for fighting (& mating) yet...:

I checked on them around 7:00AM on Saturday (August 18TH) and they all seemed fine. And then June told me to look at them around 10:00AM and two of the three large adult males were fighting. She thought that they were stuck together & couldn't get unstuck, or that they were "riding" each other. But I had to explain that they were just fighting (like oxen do). Mine aren't 4 weeks old yet which is when they are mature, and none of my other adults seem to be female, so I think they are just acting-up like teenagers or it's a dominance thing. Anyway the larger male involved was Julius, and I haven't yet named the other 2 [{HERE} is a picture of the 3 of them. Any name suggestions?]. The one he fought with was the smallest of the 3 large males, and he has a shorter tail. They fought from sometime after 7:00AM until sometime between 11:00PM & 1:00AM--Since they were fighting when I checked on them during CTV National News, but had stopped when I checked on them at 1:00AM. They even kept fighting when I aerated the water! D: During times they'd unlock one side of their graspers and slow down, but then go right back to slamming & pushing each other about. They are still swimming about relatively normally now though, so I guess they didn't hurt each other too bad. Though Julius was doing what I think were joyful victory circles that night after. I've also uploaded all the video & pictures I was behind in uploading of my Sea Monkeys.


Jean Havoc is probably appropriate for talking about physiotherapy. Though I prefer his steady happiness in the plot of the original anime over the manga (I've yet to watch Brotherhood). Then again he gets to be more heroic/have a bigger role in the manga, and in the end it works out anyway. Havoc is my favourite "FullMetal Alchemist"** character, in any case.

But anyway; I now have a date for my MRI! October 3RD, at 5:30PM. If it was any later I'd find it even creepier. See the imaging machines are in a secluded lower level of the hospital it's at (and it will probably be dark then). I know because I went there when I had my concussion. But yeah, got an appointment!


And I heard back from physiotherapy too. All the time I was out Friday I dreaded having to take the call. I had planned to let it go to voicemail, but decided I had better deal with it then since it might mean having to find a different department at another hospital. Well I received none so besides from Twitter*** I relaxed this weekend. I didn't hear my RAZR go off this morning, but I had a voicemail when I woke-up. I had to wait until my mom stopped in after work because I was so anxious about listening to it :/

I was told that I should call during business hours if I wanted to speak to someone (which is why I waited until closing to call). But she says I should come every 2 weeks then until my MRI, since it is helping, she guesses. I'll have to call during business hours tomorrow :/ But I just hope I won't get half-assed treatment because I'm redundant or something :/


As I said before I was going to the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. Well Douchette wasn't sure he was going, and after waiting all week to find-out, I finally just went with my mother on Friday. I had saved $50 for it, and ended-up spending it all on 8 cat toys (from CAPS!), a ride on the Sea-Ray, and food. I am a very exciting person! I love the Chinese food (the family used to have a restaurant, but sold it), donairs, caramel & candy apples, cider, poutines, and pretty much I love exhibition food. I took a lot of pictures, and a few videos of the Exhibition {HERE}, but I haven't gone through & posted the pictures yet. I just don't like going alone because it isn't much fun by myself anymore. I wish I had someone to go on rides with though. They used to be my favourite part. I don't think my mom & I were there over 2 hours, and I had done all I really wanted to do. Though after I ate the donair I had brought back the next day (Saturday), my mom asked if I wanted to go again to get another one & her some of the fancy fudge a vender sells up there. So she gave me enough to do so, and I even had enough to play 2 midway games. I won a little purple elephant from the one where you shoot cups with a cork-rifle, and a small stuffed anthropomorphic kite (I will mail the kite to whoever wants me to!) at the one where you pay 25¢ to roll a ball down and try to get it stuck in the dip and not have it roll back.

Also 3 of the cat toys were handmade mice (the other 5 were of the 5 for $2 kind),and like always I let Minnow, Nicolas, & Lydia choose which one each wanted. Well not even 2 hours later I went to throw the one Lydie got for her, and noticed she had ripped the tail off of it, so I had to take it away from her until I can make it a new one/re-sew it (the tail could very well have been eaten :/). Then I was getting a drink of Beep when she brought me the one Nicki had picked and dropped it on my foot. The toy was soaking wet and she had dropped it into a water dish -_____- So I rinsed it out and set it up to dry. The next day it was dry, so I rubbed catnip on it and gave it back to Nick. An hour later Lydie brought it to me and dropped it once again soaking wet :/ She has left it alone the last 2 days though.


**I actually had a messed-up dream a few weeks ago that went from a cheesy actiony spy type to a scientist going all Shou Tucker on his family. The Mina part & the 'can't you fix her?' cat part is why I haven't rewatched the anime or yet watched Brotherhood. FMA was the 2ND anime I ever watched in fansubs (the first being "DN Angel") and both of those parts really upset me & gave me nightmares.

***No-one seems to understand or really care. [But I need to be calm before I reply at all. (Though my Following has already gone from 707 to 706)]

Well calmness didn't matter. I was getting ready to go up to outpatients (I've been sick and my fever reached 103°F), and checked my e-mail after I got done calling my mom. I had a 'removed you from their friends list' notification from the person I meant to reply to, removing me from one of the RP journals. Why the Hell if not to make me feel awful. But I panicked and tried replying anyway and again no-one cares about anything I say. I also am now at 704 Followers. One of which had Followed me back, just to Block me right after. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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