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[icon] July 15TH, 2012 --- I've fallen in love with a girl named Peaches~♪ - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫ — LiveJournal
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Current Music:The Moment I Said It -- Imogen Heap
Current Location:Shaglehod in Summer/Nova Scotia, Canada
Subject:July 15TH, 2012 --- I've fallen in love with a girl named Peaches~♪
Time:11:07 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
First off, HERE is a video of Nicki & Lydie washing each other ---> { http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmWZebZotgA }


Well yesterday [July 14TH, 2012] my mother & I went to Dalhousie Days out/up in West Dalhousie. West Dalhousie is located on the South Mountain, and is very, very rural. Quite a ways into it is also where krogoth5 used to live, and is a place I've been to so, so many times :/ I haven't been since...2005? but I wanted to go to Dalhousie Days this year to see the reptile show that they were hosting. And besides from gas & a hella long drive the price is free (excluding $5 for optional breakfast). It isn't the event that it used to be, but the now organisers seem to be trying to get it more attention and things for a 'hip-er' crowd (holding a video dance & variety show). I got breakfast which was 2 pancakes, 3 sausages, & some-sort of murky juice (the jug said 'orange', but it tasted kinda like peach, so I figure they mixed them). The pancakes were burnt on the outside, but had a nice fluffy texture. But I only managed to eat one (my mother had the other) & the sausages as I wasn't feeling very well [I did not sleep well the night before--between the heat & a dream about Hal-Con 2011 (I fell asleep to eTalk covering Comic-Con) that put me in a very grumpy mood (I spent a lot of money, trust, & belief for it, and felt unwanted, in the way, & ditched for most of it)]. But after I ate we went around and looked at the tables of things some people were selling, and also bought 4 envelopes of tickets for the Chinese suction. My mom bought me a faux wood peacock ring, and later that day also a pineapple one too ($3 each). There wasn't much I was interested in for the auction, but I did fail to win passes for Oaklawn Farm & Upper Clements Park though. I also StreetPassed with 2 kids that were also attending, and even got to StreetPass with FreakyForms (It seems no-one I StreetPass with has that game, or has nothing set-up to send out with it)! So now Saunder, Lorrie, & Pïäté are Visitors on Planet Ethan C. :}

And then after lunch, Bingo, & the children's games had temporarily been put-away, Maritime Reptile Adventures set-up. They brought 7 reptiles to show [they planned to bring an 8TH (some sort of red snake), but he was filled-up with fluid getting ready to shed his skin, so they didn't think the loooong trip would be very fun for him]; 3 lizards, 3 snakes, & a tortoise~

Bandit: a male Taiwanese beauty
Peaches: a female German giant bearded dragon
Illusion: a male speckled king snake
Stitch: a male water monitor
Tortilla: a female red-footed tortoise
Jigsaw: a male ball python
Bear: a male black & white tegu

I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like at least Mike (a zookeeper) loved what he was doing. I also really loved Peaches and got to hold her on my lap twice. I fond it adorable that she was named such a cute name, and that her favourite food is strawberries. I also learned that they think she is about 6 years-old, but aren't certain as she was found abandoned & wandering around Halifax. I also loved Tortilla, and she took off and trottled around the floor when she was put on it (even running over my foot XD ). I thought being named after a 'little cake' was so cute, and also learned that she goes...well bananas for bananas ("I like bananas. Bananas are good.") XD And Bear was also awesome! He was just like a big cuddly lug, and I kept being reminded of Nicolas (my middle brat) & Bear from ".Hack//Sign" XD


The rest of the pictures I took can be found {HERE}

Also there is 3 short videos I took of the reptile show {HERE}


I also recently played the "Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure" demo' and now I really want the game. The music is lovely, and the main character looks really cool. My favourite mini-game from the demo was 'Looting the Louvre', and my favourite pose is for C-Rank. I took a pretty poor quality video of me playing the demo, and the soundtrack can be found {HERE}. Sadly I've blown my video-game budget until the autumn (excluding pre-ordering "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"), and I'm trying to save-up some for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition next month.

But last night I bought "Mighty Switch Force!" as it was $5 off until 9:00PM PST today, which means I only paid $3.15CAD for it--though I used my Nintendo eShop balance. It's about a cybernetic cop named Patricia tracking-down escaped prisoners/Space Hooligans. It's all done in Megaman-type sprites (which are 3-D layered if one chooses to use the 3DS' slider), and is really not a very serious game. I'm currently stuck at the end of 'Incident .12' because there is a tricky jump & switch that I can't seem to time right, and just end-up- squishing myself, or landing on spikes. Here is a 'realistic' art of Officer Wagon. And since that page links to the OST on BandCamp {and is no longer really Free :/ [virt (yes THAT virt) & WayForward originally posted it to be free]}, here can hopefully be found a .ZIP of it on MediaFire.

Lastly; I am on the room after the Library in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" (is it officially now "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"/"Zero Escape: 999"?). I haven't been playing much, but I have completed the steering wheel puzzle, and the number balls computer puzzle (and I thought how each ball was a different colour was really cool) now. I love Seven & Snake's banter, especially when Seven calls Snake 'kid' XD Like when Seven said something like 'Hurry-up, or we'll be here 'till the cows come home', and Snake replied 'Well then at least we wouldn't have to bring them back ourselves'. Also when Snake corrected Jupei's "Like they say, practice makes prefects!" with "Don't you mean '-Practice makes perfect-'?" and Junpei told him to do the puzzle himself then. ...The puzzle was on a computer screen and involved sorting coloured numbered balls. So yeah; make the blind guy do a quite sight-required puzzle while everyone is in a hurry because the ship is sinking. Well it might work slowly with a screen reader describing things--and Snake probably could find a way to do it anyway. Snake~♥ XD

I've also been rewatching "Gallery Fake" (one of my favourite animes)~ I want a Rhythm Thief & "Gallery Fake" crossover now though! And I've beeing trying to rewatch/finish original "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" anime which I started back when I had my wisdom teeth out ^^; (so 2006 or 2007) BURNT VCDS XD


Well MediaFire keeps losing connection while uploading, so I'm going to leave it and hope that it uploads overnight :/

It uploaded! So a .ZIP of the "Mighty Switch Force!" OST is now in my Music MediaFire folder --- > http://www.mediafire.com/?brt7llecvb5ee
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Time:2012-07-31 06:32 am (UTC)
Nicki exploded D: I still look at him and don't quite get how that 4 pound kitten grew into such a big 14.6 pound cat. He wasn't very big until about May/June 2011 and then he went through a growth spurt...well excluding his legs & tail (he has short legs and can't jump like the other cats). He is marvelous to hug though :]

It would make a terrible dollhouse! Though there is an 'artsy-fartsy' odd architecture house out there.

They were delicious, but not as crispy as I like.

I've not had much experiences with bearded dragons! Peaches seemed very mellow though, and was quite content to sit on my lap and let me play with her adorable little feet. But then again the reptiles that they brought were used to being handled and used to people. I also saw itty-bitty little baby bearded dragons when I went into PetsUnlimited next. They barely had any of the spiky parts. A few of them were chasing each other in the back of the aquarium, but one just laid-down at the front and stared at everyone. I find their nonchalant look hilarious XD But I've not had much experience with reptiles in general. (*waggles eyebrows?*)

The water monitor that they had was very active and kept trying to escape out the door everytime he was sat on the floor! Eventually he was 'grounded' by being locked back into his carrier for the remainder of the visit. Their tegu was a big lovable beast, but bulky. I see you point, and pets can be a hella lot of work. But I guess I pretty much need my brats--though if I am honest I was content with just Minnow, and adopting Nicolas & Lydia wasn't something planned. And I'm not sure if they care for me or not, though I hope they do, and they do come to meet me every time I come back after being out. But Nicki doesn't really purr except for if he is on a fuzzy/soft blanket, and Lyd does not care for cuddling. I am still happy to have them though, and adore them even if they are all brats.

I just got a new pet though...Sea Monkeys! Kits was marked-down when I was out Friday, and so I decided to get one. I'm on day 4 now, and I've seen a few tiny pink specks today, and one that was about the size of a small flea swimming about. I don't know how well this foray will go, but I am excited. I didn't expect the kit to do anything as it was so old, but *Eeeeeeeee* I've hatched some creatures. Have you ever thought about getting some? Or some trilobites?

Nope, I don't care about the Amazon packaging, though I would like my receipts. There should only be one more package coming, and that is 2 games one of which was a pre-order (which comes out today actually). I am surprised that the book arrived so soon as well, since the seller took over a week to ship it even. How big is it? Also thank-you again, very, very much. Just let me know the total shipping when you send stuff! ♥
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Time:2012-08-06 10:23 pm (UTC)
Water monitors are great hunters. I couldn't find it again the last time I looked on YouTube, but someone had a video of their pet water monitor finding a frozen fish on their kitchen counter and throwing it across the room while attempting to eat it.

I've never heard of Sea Monkeys. Trilobites reminds me of a set of dinosaur and dinosaur-era cards I had as a kid; the trilobite card was my favourite. It's probably something completely different, but reminds me that we briefly had a goldfish when we were living in Ohio. I think it died while we were away from the weekend. I don't remember being very upset; although I liked seeing fish tanks at doctor's offices and hospitals (they made the places feel less sterile), I've never understood the appeal of fish as a pet. Most reptiles aren't cuddly, but will sit on your or let you touch them, which you can't do with a fish.

(I do like cuttlefish, but I don't think you can have them as pets!)

Completely unrelated, have you watched any of the Olympics? My dad and I have tried bits of all the sports, except basketball, online. We especially liked fencing, which is very computerised -- it almost looks like they're fighting in a holodeck! The sailing and canoe/kayak were also interesting in that I knew very little about them. Trampoline, which I had no idea was even in the Olympics, was like diving without the water. We also watched a very exciting table tennis match between the top two women's Chinese players, as well as one of the badminton games that led to the expulsion of eight players. Archery and shooting weren't as captivating as I'd hoped. I'm looking forward to the Taekwondo.

My mom's recording all the swimming, diving, and gymnastics, as usual.
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Time:2012-08-11 03:17 am (UTC)
That sounds ridiculous, in any case!

How have you never head of Sea Monkeys? D: I've always liked fish, but I haven't had any of my own for ages. I like that sometimes they'll swim up to the side of the tank and seem to be watching, or will even follow along if I move. I also love the giant goldfish/koi that are sometimes in mall fountains. The Greenwood Mall near here has some, and they'll swim over to meet people and blow bubbles. Also I seem to have associated goldfish with Waya XD

I've been watching what CTV airs, but CBC-the other channel I was watching-has gone off the air (and their repair crews are out of province :/ ), so I'm not watching as much as I would like. I enjoy watching Fencing (épée & sabre), but CTV is more focused on the swimming, gymnastics, & track events, so I've missed most except poor Shin A-Lam's bouts :( I have downloaded what thebox.bz has of it, but have yet to watch it though. I don't have cable/satellite and my internet has been poorly stuck around 12Mbps (though honestly I don't go on my computer much any more any way -_- ).

A girl that I went to school with (for 3 years & graduated with) named Jenna Martin was competing, but didn't make it to the Women's 400 Metre final for running. I also know someone who was in the Opening Ceremony, and will be in the closing--Helen Thomas (@Nelle_MacBeth). She was one of the ones in the white overalls & hats known as Mechanicals.

I recorded the Opening, and will be recording the closing, but Jenna's races weren't shown though I hoped that they would be. And my favourite athlete Simon Whitfield crashed in the triathlon :(
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Time:2012-08-15 02:29 am (UTC)
They kind of look like centipedes with gills to me. [Edit: I think that's just the view from the video, especially with the long sensors, as I can also see the trilobite-like appearance.] I agree that koi ponds are nice, but I've never wanted to have one of my own.

I can see goldfish with Waya. I don't remember if there's anything in canon or not, but it feels right! XD

In order to watch the Olympics online, we had to prove we owned a cable package, which I think is silly (NBC is a free channel, but I suppose it's because the other channels it owns aren't free) and rather contradicts the spirit of the Olympics, especially since the videos themselves are on YouTube. There were a few videos we tried to watch that wouldn't load, but it worked for the most part. I think my dad was sick of Olympics by the second week, though.

It's neat that you knew people who were in the Olympics! I never knew him, but there was a man from a local school competing in judo; he was expelled for a positive test of marijuana, claiming it was accidental.

Speaking of expulsions (the dark side of the Olympcis, I suppose), my dad and I watched two of the four teams in women's badminton that were expelled. It was amazing both that they were so obviously trying to throw the match from the beginning and that the officials gave them multiple chances and allowed them to finish the game before expelling them.

The Tae Kwon Do was very disappointing to me; I always liked forms and board breaking more than sparring, and I found both the men's and women's gold medal matches rather boring to watch.

I've only watched the first third of the Opening Ceremony; the 'Industrial Age' was my favourite part, with the smokestacks, pounding music, and forging of the rings. I also really liked the Mr. Bean segment -- I'd no idea he'd be involved!

Edited at 2012-08-15 02:30 am (UTC)
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[icon] July 15TH, 2012 --- I've fallen in love with a girl named Peaches~♪ - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫ — LiveJournal
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