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From Nintendo 3DS On July 9TH, 2012

Well we've been getting the heat wave that the East Coast has been getting. For over a week most of the temperatures have been in the 30ºCs with the over 50% humidity (it rained for a few hours Friday, but not enough to cut the heat). I've been melting, and I keep just wanting to sleep. There really isn't much that I can do, especially with my breathing problems. I did sort some of my summer clothes though, and have a garbage bag of ones that I don't want/no longer fit (I used to weigh over 200lbs.). I usually donate to the Salvation Army or Red Cross, but this stuff is in very good condition so it will end-up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and there has been some scandal about how the Red Cross is handling donations. So I would like to either sell them or give them to good homes.--Some stuff still has tags or has only been worn once then washed. So if anyone wants me to post pictures, wants stuff, or knows where to sell or donate them to, let me know!


I also put all of my GST refund onto a Visa giftcard and ordered some stuff off Amazon. I ordered the two Jake Hunter games (though according to Aksys themselves, one is only a snippet of the other that they edited into a stand-alone to see how the series would sell), "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance -- Mark of Mastery Edition" [though honestly I'm not too excited for it since Riku annoys me, Sora annoys me, and it doesn't have Demyx who is my favourite KH character (along with Roxas)], and "Frampton-On-Severn: Portrait of a Victorian Village". The rest that is on the card will be going to TELUS on my RAZR's bill, and maybe to buy a bag of green grapes. I probably could have pre-ordered "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Stand", but I'm still waiting to see if I can pre-order it from EB Games (it's not in their Canadian system), or if Amazon will update with the rumoured pre-order bonuses ahnjehleehn mentioned. I want a Nonary Game bracelet wristwatch :/

Really I'm more buying things to try to distract myself. But it's been hard to lately since all the recent crap, & the last removal & re-removal taking the last of the hope that I had left. And I haven't even been able to play "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" the last few days because of being tired & headachy. I'm in a room FILLED with stuff to examine & multiple puzzles, plus it's getting to be filled with plot (and the True Ending will be soon). So I'm just not capable of the concentration for it right now--Hopefully I will after this heat breaks. I think I might get the Axe Ending next since it also deals with vengeance, but I also have 4 (3 minus the one I am in) more rooms to unlock in Memories Of Escape, so I don't know yet (I haven't done Door 3 or Door 2 yet). But I'll see how I feel after I get the True Ending. Frankly the remaining 3 endings I can get (I can no longer get the Coffin Ending since I've gotten the Safe Ending) don't have enough Snake for me :/ Seriously, it has been aaaaaaggggesssss since I've been this fond of a character. Like I like all the 999 characters, but damn, Snake. He's like right up there with Kaido Kio...Well almost up there with Kio.


I also in my hopelessness have been letting things go back to Twitter. Things like my GetGlue check-ins, Plurk, et cetera, et cetera--Because it really doesn't matter if they do or not. I even Followed someone new, & replied to a few tweets directly. And as usually happens when I've tweeted directly; my Followers (of course), and also my Following has gone down. For my Following to drop it means either: 1) An account I've been Following has been deactivated. 2) Twitter is messing-up. 3) I've been Blocked by more. Probably "oh shit that Lady_Noremon is back on here again *Block*" So I feel unwanted on there again as I did back in December [Well I felt unwanted everywhere (How many times could I try to blame technology failing before I took the hint?)]. Blocking to me either means that the person either doesn't consider me anything more than a disposable screen-name, or they hate me so damn much that they can't even bare me existing. Either way with just a click of a button; I no longer exist. ...Really it is horrifying how easy it is for me not to exist. Even someone I'd talked to for months stopped responding to my contact around June 12TH. I just don't know what to do.--But yeah, most everyone really doesn't care to hear/read that. Anyway am I such a horrible person that I need to not exist? That I need to be Blocked? That promises don't matter, or what?

It's so draining.

I've built myself up so many times before, but I don't think I have the capacity to go through all that. And someone replied to my Formspring, and like the comment on that drabble it doesn't matter if I reply to it (like saying about broken trust, feeling hated, or any of that to them).

But I'll stop venting for tonight & turn my fan on. *Big huge sigh*
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