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From Nintendo 3DS On June 30TH, 2012

Yesterday I had my second physiotherapy appointment. The day before I had my appointment with my doctor-doctor about seeing about an MRI and to get my depo' injection. Well I learned that it's up to a specialist to refer me for that sort of MRI, so he is referring me to Dr. Clark(e?)--an orthopedic surgeon. Which is good, though it means more running around, because if it is my meniscus, or a foreign body I'll need to see him anyway. My doctor also asked me if I had a boyfriend, and kept suggesting that I join the armed forces -_______-

Anyway; at physiotherapy, Patrick-who-is-not-a-doctor-Young (who I also went to school with) decided to try a machine that runs electricity through my knee to try to at least bring the swelling down. After all besides exercises & tests, my treatment currently is more symptomatic instead of curative until there is a more positive & definitive diagnosis.

So for 25 minutes I was hooked-up to this apparatus:

The device is dual-purpose in that it also is an ultrasound, but for me it was just going to be used for it's main duty for conductance. The device has 4 suction cups with electrodes that wet sponges are placed inside. Then the positive & negative parts are placed across from each other on the joint. Once it's turned-on, the electrodes create a vibranting & tingling sensation that grows stronger ad the power is increased. I was at 15 for a bit, and then 17, but eventually 16 was decided as the level that felt strong but was not uncomfortable.

Here it is on my left knee, before Patrick placed a bag of ice under/behind said knee:

Here is a closer look at the device's control panel:

And here is my knee after, showing the suction cup marks:

But though I had suction cup marks, the swelling was almost completely gone, and mobility was better for the other tests Patrick did. My left knee was actually smaller looking than my right knee for a bit. I actually probably could have watched the swelling go down! Though during it I uploaded these pictures to Facebook then played more 999 to try to stay awake.

The physiotherapy cubicles(?) are actually really peaceful. Each area is divided-off with peach-coloured curtain partitions, and the light for them comes from the windows along the wall instead of from harsher florescent lights. The windows are also covered by frosted glass or blinds so the light is a soft light. The beds are in the centre of each, but are more a mix of a massage table & the hospital beds they use at clinics/outpatients than something comfortable though. But they do give a hospital pillow.

After the device I learned more exercises (which I couldn't be assed to do before I got into bed tonight ^^), and was given a sort of rubber strip to be used with some. I also probably should invest in a 5 pound ankle weight to also use with some of them.

I also uploaded a 15 second video of the device operating to try to capture the loud noise it makes, but I cannot watch it with my Nintendo 3DS so I don't know if it did. The link for it is HERE → { }. ...It's been ages since I've taken a video with my RAZR...


I found being there somewhat amusing given that the current area I am on in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" is Door 7 which is an Operating Room. The place has medical mannequins and physiotherapy has several medical mannequins about. Well I find medical mannequins amusing anyway because of Hiroshi-kun from "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge"... Actually the electricity remonded me of Door 8 with the mannequin there--though there was no fire with this! D: D: D: ...I am really loving the interaction between Seven & Clover by the way. And I'm getting to know Clover better here too. Seven's trains of thought are hilarious too. Well some of the things Junpei says or thinks on really make me laaaaaaugh. Funyarinpa!~ (And oh *gah* at John & Lucy)

After I got done my mom stopped for ice-cream:

My favourite flavour of ice-cream is Moon Mist. And my favourite way to get hard ice-cream at Avery's is to get a regular size which is 1 1/2 scoops, and get the full scoop of Moon Mist, and the half scoop of Cotton Candy. I've probably got 5 or 6 pictures of that combination on my Facebook.


I also FINALLY got a new table fan. I used to have one but it was from the 1980's or early 1990's (all brown & cream schemed even), and it started getting hot while in use. In 2010 I used it for about an hour at a time, but last summer I didn't use it because I feared it had become a fire hazard, and only kept it to help dry the occasional floor. Atlantic Superstore had fans & summer stuff the last time I went there, and I almost bought one but decided to wait until my birthday. Well they were on sale for $13.97 when I went in next so yeeeeeeeah~ I shall not have a repeat of last year's Summer Without A Fan! :T


I also tried to upload a picture of it in all its cooling glory HERE → { } but my RAZR has been a jerk with MMS messages lately so it might not have sent right.
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