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Originally posted on June 26TH, 2012. At 1:29PM ...but now with the time changed to be a digital root of 9...

Well I decided to post on 999 a bit more now that I've got(ten) one of the 6 endings. This will probably just be a spoilery ramble though. This may also be one of my last entries.


Anyway, first I'll ramble on things not 999.

Friday was my first physiotherapy appointment. I know I mentioned on Twitter last autumn on how Sole's Provider (where I get my custom shoe inserts for my flat feet) told me my provincial low-income health insurance (my other will not cover it or the chiropractic adjustments/therapeutic massage I used to get) would probably cover in-hospital physiotherapy for my crap knee (yes, I gave Lorel one of my own problems, though hers was worse & a bit different). My doctor referred me and after I had the required x-rays, I just had to wait. So my first appointment was more about diagnosing than anything. I embarrassingly wore a skirt though as I wasn't thinking (we're getting that East Coast heatwave & I only had skirts, jeans, or sweatpants left for clean attire, so I chose what I wouldn't melt in), so Dr. Young got a few pantry shots & I felt awful :/ Well he thinks in addition to the mess of scar tissue that my meniscus may be messed too. So on Thursday I have an appointment with Dr. Yafai (my doctor-doctor) to see about getting sent for an MRI to get a better look at my soft tissue. For those that don't know: I hurt my left knee at summer camp when I was around 11. They had this "Survivor" style day & had laid tarps down a hill to make a kind of giant, inclined Slip-and-Slide. The point was to grab sponges on the way down for team points, but somehow my leg hit a bump and got twisted around funny. And the camp didn't wrap it, and pretty much told me to not be a wimp & just walk on it. When I got back it was all swollen & red, and since it had been swollen/walked on so long I developed a lot of scar tissue. Normally it just causes my knee to sticks at times, but for the past while I've been having pain with it, especially when it is damp/cold. So thus the physiotherapy!


Unrelatedly, I uploaded some pictures of Lydia & Nicki with strawberries, as well as some better pictures of my cake. The pictures are HERE →
{ } I failed to get any of Lydie contently pulling the hulls off of some & eating them though.


I misjudged "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" as a creepy game that wouldn't be for me back when it first was released. If only there was more information around then so I could have bought it with the limited edition wristwatch :( I'm glad though that I read-up on it now though! I am really loving it--Although I am wussily doing the best endings first and probably won't playthough the 3 bad endings. Well 'best' only really applys to the True Ending, as in the ending that I have gotten 4-5 of the 9 people die, instead of only 1. But yes, I highly recommend this game!--And I am excited for the sequel in October...though that has a ridiculous 24 endings o_o (and the digital route of 24 is 6 again!) Actually the guy in my newly made P4 yellow User-Picture is Snake from 999, who along with Seven is my favourite character (though Lotus is growing on me). He actually is blind, and mild spoiler has a prosthetic well as a little sister. I think I like him because he tends to keep calm & think things through, but he also can be a bit arrogant because of it. ...I think he reminds me of the Eighth Doctor XD

Snake & Seven

Before I put a 'cut for the other spoilers I'll ramble on, another minor spoiler for an optional scene is the funyarinpa.


Pretty much there is an abstract painting, and you are given choices as to what you think it looks like. I personally think it looks like some horse-headed creature with a giant Roman helmet like plume on its head. There is also a crucifix below said creature. But as that wasn't a choice I selected 'Funyarinpa' which is something that I had never heard of before. Well I then laughed so damn hard XD 'Funyarinpa' actually is a made-up word according to Googling it (all results are 999 related), and is more of a joke answer. Anyway it leads to a hilarious scene! Which leads to "What do you mean "what the hell is a funtarinpa"? You don't know?!" and Junpei calling Lotus a 'rude woman' for not apologising to the funyarinpa. You can watch it at HERE → { } or in the comment below (LiveJournal's media embedding isn't co-operating :/ ).

999 is about a group of nine people kidnapped and placed on a replica of the Titanic (the Gigantic) and forced to play something called the Nonary Game. They only have 9 hours to find a door marked '9' and escape--If they don't the ship will sink. This whole thing is run by a person wearing a cloak & gas-mask named Zero. The other characters are:

Ace = a calm older gentleman who has a medical background. He reminds Junpei of a lion.

Snake = A twenty-four year old who is dressed in an elaborate jacket. He is Clover's older brother, and reminds Junpei of a prince.

Santa = A hotheaded guy around the same age as Snake. Junpei is struck by his silver-coloured hair.

Clover = An energetic teenager with pink hair & a high-pitched voice. Snake's little sister. (the pink hair & high-pitched voice is what Junpei says too. In fact the text!beep for her is high too).

Junpei = A college student, and the character you play. He was childhood friends with June/Akane.

June = A somewhat shy girl. And seems to be rather sickly. She was friends with Junpei in elementary school.

Seven = A very huge man with scars on his face and wearing a silly-looking hat. At first people seem to think he is dumb due to his size, but he is actually very smart. Has amnesia but follows investigative protocol. He reminds Junpei of a mountain.

Lotus = An almost middle-aged woman that is scantily clad. Junpei thinks she looks like an exotic or erotic dancer.

The 9th Man = A man wearing baggy clothes who seems panicky. His hair reminds Junpei of a bird's nest.

And now on to spoilers!

Well you learn that Seven actually used to be a detective. And saved the kids from the prior Nonary Game, and in the 9 years since then has been tracking down organisations involved in similar things. And he really does have amnesia but someone implanted some memories to him as well.

I loved taking Door 5 and being teamed with Snake & Seven XD The dynamic between somewhat cocky Snake, the smart but frazzled Seven, and Average Joe Junpei is hilarious. I also like Door 4 with Lotus & Santa because Lotus is usually alright if a bit aloof, but Santa brings up her age and it makes her...well hilariously grumpy. The creator of the games states that Seven & Lotus is a canon pairing, and I think that fits lovely-y. Lotus is an ex-computer hacker & security specialist, and Seven is a detective. Lotus has two twin daughters which were also in the prior Nonary Game, and Seven saved them so he even already had met her kids. He's got muscles, and she is gorgeous, so she can distract people with her...assets while he investigates things. But she also is very capable herself!

Anyway I got the Safe Ending first. In it you find-out the secret of Ace, the Nonary Game, and a special combination. [AND major spoilers...]But in it Clover and her big brother (Snake) die. Clover gets stabbed by Ace because she might have learned things (he has prosopagnosia, but I don't get why he didn't remember she was in the prior Nonary Game), Junpei finds a note on how to open a mysterious mini-safe that you find during Door 5, and once it's opened confronts Ace about his identity, the history & the murders [The 9th Man, 'Snake' (behind Door 3 an exploded corpse dressed like Snake is found. But if you play Door 8 you learn about the real Snake's prosthetic arm, and thus can deduce that the corpse is someone else due to having his left arm broken & the bones poking through. But if you don't play Door 8 you think Snake is dead), & Clover]. Then Ace takes Lotus hostage (with the motherfucking golden gun you find behind Door 6, and mutually decide to leave there as it would just cause problems... :/ ) because 1+8+9 (he took The 9th Man's bracelet) has a digital root of 9 so he can enter one of the Door 9s. Seven & Junpei chase after him and as they are wondering how to open the other Door 9 (7+5=2) they here banging coming from the coffin (the room they are in is a Chapel. And also when you first enter the room after everyone leaves it, the camera pans back to the coffin & you hear banging then too). Seven keeps insisting Junpei try the same combination as the safe to open it, but Junpei keeps saying it's ludicrous. Anyway said combination does open it, and inside is the real Snake! ...Dressed in ceremonial robes that were in the chapel as he others were stolen prior when someone locked him in the coffin.--OF COURSE neither Junpei or Seven tell him his little sister is dead. And then Seven shows what he found earlier (on Clover's dead body) which is a bracelet with 0 on it. Snake & him try it on the large Door 9 (2+7+0=9), but the door doesn't open? They wonder if it's really a different value and try different combinations, learning the bracelet's real value is 6. But that means on Junpei & Seven can go through to rescue Lotus? Well Snake just breaks his prosthetic hand & slides his 2 bracelet off (he didn't reveal he could do so before then because it would make people suspect he was Zero). The group runs through the door & catch-up with Ace & Lotus in the final room which is a giant incinerator. Ace taunts Snake by admitting he murdered Clover then activates the exit...which starts the incinerator count down instead of opening the door. Snake charges him (and you learn Snake has greenish-blue eyes) and Ace unloads the golden revolver into him. Snake still manages to reach him and hold him down while Lotus escapes. Well Snake is dying, Ace plans to kill everyone, and the incinerator is about to ignite, so Seven punches Junpei in the stomach in order to drag him out of there. So yeah, Snake (& Ace) die. Though Ace did kill the 9th Man, who he thought was Snake (again he has prosopagnosia, so he went by the clothes), the captain (which you find-out in another route, and who had the 0 bracelet that Clover found), & Clover. Three of those you learn were people (The 9th Man, fake!Snake, & Captain Zero) involved in the prior Nonary Game & Ace's own employees that he didn't recognise.

Now I'm working on the True Ending, and am just at the Kitchen in Door 4 right now [My team is Lotus, Santa, & June (3+5+6+8=4)]. The bedrooms we went through on this route are awesome too. I'd love to have a bed like the double ones, and the chesterfields have a very nice pattern on them.

I don't know if I'll playthrough the 3 bad endings though. But I might. I'll definity ramble on Plurk [{ }] about the True Ending though. I also plan to preorder the sequel either from EB Games Canada (they don't have it listed on their Canada site yet :/ ) or Amazon (luckily Amazon Canada has it for the same price with free shipping). I know Clover makes a return in it, but I wonder about anyone else? I still do not regret buying a Nintendo 3DS~

And here is screenshot from the Laboratory of Lotus gaining access to the computer:

Lotus being a h4Xz0r as Junpei is all o_o?

And one from the bedrooms behind Door 4 from when you examine the cupboard in the 93 room. Santa thinks there might be a safe in it, which is why he is so excited.:

A freakin' cupboard! Santa loooves them cupboards.

Lastly I should say that the puzzles are really lovely. Not too easy but not impossibly hard either. It's definitely the adventure game play style I have been really craving. ...Except the sudoku one it threw at me behind Door 6 :/ I am not very good at them, and this one had no preset numbers, just had to make everything add up to 15 with numbers 1-9. I solved the previous puzzle with finding the digital route of numbers 1-9 two-at-a-time without repeating anything, but the sudoku was *urgh* -_- I solved it with help from @Bostonbookworm but by myself I kept getting all but one row no matter how many times I tried it. I think the True Ending might also have one so :/


Yeah I'm sleepy so going to wrap this up. Abruptly but I'm dozing-off u_u


I drew a picture of Snake tonight (06-26-2012) in "Colors 3D!" (a drawing/painting application for the Nintendo 3DS).


"Well excuuuuuuse me, princess."

"Why so serious?"

Also, Man, the William Thomas Stead scene was kinda eerie too...Seeing through his own eyes as he was about to die 20 years in the future? Also again Snake later asking where your matches are behind Door 6, but you get matches in a different route/playthrough (Door 4).

I wrote: "*Junpei reached a hand into his pocket. ...Finding no matches there--before a splitting headache overtook him. Clouding his vision. ...*" on Plurk a few days ago.
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