Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

2000TH LiveJournal Entry

Well according to my User Profile, this is my 2000TH post on lady_noremon.

I remember I was in one of Mr. D'Entremont's classes, using his classroom computer when I first created this Journal (at 9:47AM on June 4TH, 2004). I remember that previously someone needed an invite code from another user to make an account, but I was so happy that they had opened it up. I originally just made this account as another tag-along to krogoth5 (who decided previously that I "didn't need an account, and I'm not wasting my invite code."), but once I got back into The Legend of Zelda because of fox_avenger, I looked around Interests, and I discovered Communities. Not long after that I made sheikxlink_fc, and came into my own as it were.

I have met some of my closest friends because of here, and have also been decimated by others. A lot of people don't even use LiveJournal much anymore. But this Journal has been here from my naïveté of high-school, my attempt at adulthood, my low times, my very low times, my excitement, and for some adventures. Almost 8 years! Minnow (she was born on April 19TH, 2004) & my Shaglehod are older, but eight years!

Now not all these 2000 entries are Public, or amounting to much. I sometimes use it just to post one link, or to test HTML. So though it says '2000', there is probably only 1900 that people can see--some being able to see more than others (especially given Friends Only)!

Anyway, 2000 entries must deserve some sort of recognition, so that is what this 2000TH post is! And though I've for the last few months seriously thought about deleting it [well all of my accounts (to leave everyone be)], I guess I'll keep it around. I can't guarantee I'll have 2000 more entries, or 8 more years, but we all will have to see.

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