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"Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!"

Freakyforms is a "Nintendo eShop" game for the Nintendo 3DS. The point is to make creatures, and thus grow & explore your own little planet. You can only create a limited amount a day, and you can only explore for a limited amount of time each trip. In each section there is various foods to eat (everything from mushrooms, to lollipops), quests to do (like break all the green balloons, or transport another Formee across' the map), treasure chests to find keys for, various Formees to meet, etc. A lot of the features are locked at first, so it can be a bit tedious, but after you do more things there is quite a lot more freedom. There are 4 zones to unlock (by making a certain number of Formees): Meadow (grass/country), Ocean (tropical with a giant sunken pirate ship), City (full of fast food & racing), & Skyland (a magical candyland in the clouds). Each part of the scenery in each zone can either be edited, and/or have the colours changed. I've pretty much left all of it as is, just changing a few things, but I did change the most in Skyland.

The Formees that you make can be exported as pictures, and also QR Codes so that you can share them with people. The game also works with StreetPass, but given my rural area, I have yet to experience that part of the game. There are also a lot of in-game Formees to collect (by doing quests, challenges, or winning them in the Jackpot Egg thing). Also no matter their gender, all Formees lay eggs after eating foods.

I said that I'd share some of my Freakyforms things, so here is a post for it. I've had this game since January 27TH, but I've only really posted about it on Facebook or GetGlue. Also my planet is named 'Planet Calufrax', which is the name of an planet from the "Doctor Who" episode "The Pirate Planet" (one of my all-time favourite episodes!)~

All the Formees I have made can be found over {HERE} (the ones at bottom are from Creation Challenges), but below are a few of my favourites:


Lorrie is the first Formee that I created (hence why she is facing that way), and my preferred one to Explore with. Yes, a female peacock that is not a peahen. Yes, based-off of Cassius. I find it so amusing that she is obsessed with food. And it made me laugh so hard that in the tutorial the quest is to find & eat a mushroom, and she was SO EXCITED to eat it. Her voice is Playful (you can select different styles, and then pitches), and sounds very boyish, but the pitch I have it at is a bit feminine. Her 'catch phrase' is 'Yeorw', like a peafowl.

Pïäté is my first attempt at making a Formee with wheels, fins, and wings. I also made him kinda like a punk. I just love how versatile he is, and how grumpy he sounds!

Dalek is an attempt at making a Dalek! I love how a lot of it is animated (the gun shoots, the lights rotate, etc.) It also has an Angry voice, instead of a Robotic one.

I also tried to make a TARDIS. I should maybe have used the police light for the top, but it just didn't seem to suit.

One of the prompts (you can unlock suggestions) I got was a 'fat ghost', so I made Wörzle. I kinda was thinking of Ghastly at the time, but he still makes me laugh. The first prompt I got was 'white dinosaur'.

Penny & Pennyton are my attempts at a velocipede & a bicycle.

Kate is based-off Kate Beaton's fat pony. She sounds very Shy (like Kate does).

Saunder & Triton. I unlocked the bat wings, and the lizard feet, so I decided to make them.

I also made a Cassius!Formee, but I accidentally used a circle that is animated for her head, and I can't seem to get it centered/looking right with a regular circle now.

[a NSFW penis!Formee]

Douchette & I have an in-joke about an Immaculate Fat Cock, from back when he was playing "Echo Bazaar" [now called "Fallen London"]. I had just bought an 'Immaculate Frock Coat' and he misread, then asked me to make him a picture. I asked him what to make for a Formee, and he told me a chibi Hydralisk & an Immaculate Fat Cock. I just about hurt myself laughing when I made & Explored the Ocean zone with it!

Dessy Büüs is a homage to Desert Bus For Hope. And was my first wheeled Formee.

And I made a Calixto after I unlocked a regular black raven Formee. I was going to show Richard [Izzy's player] for his birthday (one of the few members that still wants to talk to me), but I lost my nerve and never sent him. He says 'toto' because 'menino' wouldn't fit into the text input box. I looked-up Portuguese slang and decided on one that meant 'moron'.


Another feature of Freakyforms is to set-up scenery and to take a picture of a Formee in it. This can then be saved as a .JPG or put in your mailbox to send to someone if you StreetPass with them (you can also set-up 3 Formees to send randomly via StreetPass). I haven't taken many pictures because it is limited, and you can only store 14 at a time, but here are a few:

Dalek taking over the city. This is my StreetPass photo'.


Giagantic Lorrie

Pïäté is unhappy to be in such a colourful frame?


And lastly I took some AR pictures, but I don't really care for how they are set-up.

Lorrie (and I would have made her neck longer, but I didn't have many shapes when I first started the game)

Gil Fishman (a Formee you can unlock) reminds me of a Classic!"Doctor Who" creature

Cassius in the city. She'd love all the restaurants & sweets about XD ...I keep being tempted to change the City background to green instead of blue...

[Tropical Cock]

'Tropical Cock'

The rest are over {HERE}.


And that's all I shall post for tonight! I have a bunch of Miis/QR Codes to share, and I took another lot of "AR Games" Mii pictures. But I've used-up my mental/emotional capacity for the Internet for now. I've uploaded the stuff to Photobucket already though.
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