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"AR Games" Pictures #001

The Nintendo 3DS has a built-in feature called "AR Games" (altered reality), and it comes with a few AR Cards so you can impose characters & things into real-life. After the tutorial for "AR Games" has been completed, you can then take pictures of Miis. I posted a picture on Saint Valentine's Day of my Mii as an example. One pretty much has to make atleast 1 Mii in "Mii Maker" because your default Mii gets used for your "Friend List", by default for StreetPass [though you can switch to any other Mii you have made (and I wish the hats showed-up on the Mii elsewhere)], in things like "Swapnote", etc. My Mii is named 'Sarah' (creator/DS name 'Norémon'), and is an attempt to turn my short!plump-ness into cuteness.

Anyway yesterday while I had my craft table set-up, and construction paper around, I decided to take a few pictures.

My Mii surveying a bunch of other Miis I created (I selected the add 'Many' option)


Mii's in "Mii Maker" wander around on the screen you sort them to, and randomly do several different actions. Sneeze, fall asleep, cross their arms, happily wave about, or if near another Mii might start a conversation with them (Alfred seems predisposed to conversing). The talking is just '...' in speak bubbles, with nodding, hand gestures, and such.

...I made a Cassius Mii because she is my character after all, and I guess it is a way to have her still exist (at least to me). It makes me laugh that she seems predisposed to crossing her arms, & falling asleep while standing-up. And since I only had 3 Miis at the time, I decided to make an Alfred, then an Uncle Frederick, Mila (short for 'Wilhelmina'), and I pretty much most of Cassius' family.--Even the servants. They have filled the royal blue screen in my "Mii Maker".

Mila, Frederick, Lorel, Alfred, Robin, Elise, Flora, & Robert

My Mii

Little Cassius on the AR Card

Little Cassius looking-up at my giant Mii

Staring at each other


Uncle Frederick, Lorel, & Mila

Mila, Frederick, Lorel, & Alfred

Robin, Lorrie, & Alfie

Robin, Elise, Robert, & Flora~

I don't know what is going-on in this picture...

Another of Cassius' family

Rupert Harker & Marigold Thomas [Who Cassius only really mentioned employing a few times. Mainly her & Alfred hired them to look after the house & things, and to greet clients. Rupert kinda is based-off Arnold Knox (from "Kuroshitsuji"), and Marigold is based-off of my maid-Mary-in "RuneScape 2".]

Miss Winter Hunt, Rupert, & Marigold

I went into "Star Pics" instead of the place to take pictures of Miis, so here is a shot of the "AR Games" mascot


I think eventually I will post pictures of my Patrick Jane Mii, Sean Connery, and the "Doctor Who" ones that Jeremy & I made. I also have a bunch of "Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!" Formees that I have been meaning to post, and may use the AR Card with some of them as well. Club Nintendo has a giant AR Card that can be redeemed for coins. I might get it eventually, though I probably could make one maybe.

A lot of things I have made with my Nintendo 3DS can be found over {HERE}.

...The Lorel Mii QR Code can be found over {HERE}...


Another post can be found over {HERE}
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