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From Nintendo 3DS on March 20TH, 2012

I have a bunch of pictures I plan to post, so I was going to wait to post. But I want to publicly thank someone for something, so I might as well post about other things now too.

Firstly I am doing better after my last post (which is now set to Private. I am debating whether to unlock it though. It is very emotional, but it has many things I haven't said before.). In part because I am *blah* from painkillers (which I will elaborate on in a bit), but mostly because in the pit of worthlessnotexistingpain I received a parcel in the mail from Armadei. A parcel that was promised, and one that was like 'hey, I care'. ...Which was kinda an anchor to hold onto. So; Thank-you, Armie.


So yeah, Thursday I slipped while coming down stairs (I mentioned this on Plurk & Facebook already, but not here.). My feet came right out from under me, my slip-on sandals went flying off, I fell backwards, I hit the around 70 year-old stairs hard, then slide down the remaining steps. I hit my left back/ribs, arm, and my butt. My arm got a bit of carpet-burn and bottom & it bruised. But my back/ribs hit first, and it hit right around where my kidney is. It hurt, and I was worried because I felt right shaky after, and on Friday the pain was worst & had spread. So I called Nova Scotia's 811 HealthLink number, and they told me to put ice on it, keep it elevated as best I could, and to go to a doctor/outpatients within a few days, unless it felt worse. Saturday it hurt all down my side, and I was having difficulty sitting so my mom took me to Annapolis Royal's outpatients (Middleton has a stomach flu outbreak). After a long wait I found-out that I had just bruised my ribs. Luckily I didn't crack or break them! So I was prescribed a painkiller, and told to rest, not lift anything heavy, et cetera, et cetera. So as of today the pain is much better, and the bruising is more visible. Still hurts when I cough/sneeze/laugh/inhale though. And I've been using a bag of frozen peas instead of ice! So I am relieved that it is nothing major, but it is hard getting in-and-out of bed, I haven't been able to have a proper bath (we don't have a shower, and it hurt too much to contemplate crawling into the bathtub.), and I hate not sleeping on my left side [I don't sleep well on my back (or more I tend to jolt awake), and kink my neck sleeping on my right side]. I have a painkiller!*blah* which is making like a barrier from getting too upset about anything really. Like it isn't a numbness, it is just a wall/dampener--I've been trying to get difficult things done while it lasts. And sleeping with a pillow between my legs is weird.


Last week I finally beat/finished "Again". My hunches were right, though the last part wasn't very much fitting with the pattern of the copy killings. Still I kept deep examining things too early so by the last bit I only had 1 more try in my gauge, meaning that if I messed-up just 1 time in the final gauged crime scene, I would have got a Game Over, & had to do like an hour over again. Lastly Officer Martinez is fantastic (and I thought he would be the last-minute Gumshoe/calvary).


I also baked a lemon meringue pie last week, and used True Lemon instead of lemon juice. It turned-out alright, but I found it too sweet...then again I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I will hopefully post a picture sometime of it.


June & I think that we saw a cardinal. I also have a few poor-quality pictures of him, I hope to post. I haven't seen a cardinal since I was about 7 years-old, and this one was far away though.


Also with this painkiller *blah* (most is "Echo Bazaar" related), I uploaded a bunch of art I did-mostly from the last 2 years-to Photobucket. I am debating trying to take/do commissions, probably for around $3-$5, and probably just in that faux watercolour cute/simple style. The Album can be viewed here:


I had a "Vampire The Masquerade" dream last night (probably related to Armie posting Redemption screenshots, and a Facebook friend using the word 'obfuscate'), and it makes me want to try to finish Bloodlines finally. I love the rare dreams with Zinnian (who after all these years I call 'Alexander').


Lastly would any of my American peeps please be able/willing to let me ship something to them, and then ship it to me (with me paying for shipping costs)? I want to order some things from Something Silver & Nite Ize. Particularly a gorgeous peacock bracelet, and some rubber twist-ties.
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