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from Nintendo 3DS on March 9TH, 2012

Well today I was supossed to meet my mom's lawyer to read over her will (Mom is updating it, and what-not to avoid any of the crap involved in Uncle Clarence's estate). On the way I was having the sharp pain like I have been having on-and-off-fading-to-a-dull-throbbing-pain, so I decided to go to outpatients in Annapolis Royal about it before the appointment. I missed the meeting with the lawyer because the on-call nurses/doctor did another test, but I did find-out about my ultrasound.

I have a very bad urinary tract infection, and my left kidney is swollen. The colour & frequency doesn't suggest possible this thing that I don't know how to spell--nephritus(sp?), but the rest of the things are iffy for it. Anyway, I am on a prescription of antibiotics to hopefully clear everything up. ...But there is a small chance that my kidney still might be wonky. The doctor doesn't know why the last tests I have had didn't pick-up on all the things that the one tonight did (blood in it even, for fuck sakes).

So yeah, that is what is up with all that. Not too major-major, but glad I didn't wait to whenever the Hell I could have an appointment with my doctor next.


I am also going to be sending my 3DS off for repairs next month. The left hinge has been wobbly since I bought it, but I have just been taking it as a minor inconvenience that I'd just live with. But since playing "Again" with it, I noticed it more. I decided to call about it since I want to finish Hotel Dusk (and start Last Window), and I also worry it will get more wobbly as time goes on. So this helpful customer-service guy named Chase has the fully covered but my 14 month warrenty (and known issue on some limited edition devices) repair all filed, I just need to send it off by Purolator (they'll even look into that Nikki disappearance issue). It will take about 3 weeks before I get it back though...So I'll be pretty M.I.A. except by telephone/txts for that time. I don't plan to send it off this month though, as I have a few long car rides & waiting rooms first.--Hopefully I'll hang-out with Jeremy beforehand too (he just got a Nintendo 3DS). I guess while it is off in Montréal I'll be watching Season 2 of "The Mentalist", "Castle" (I finally watched "The Blue Butterfly" which was fantastic cheesy film noir!), & a hella lot of Classic!"Doctor Who". Maybe I'll even clean my room again & sort through clothes (stuff to donate that no longer fits, or ratty things to use for rags. And put my strictly!winter things away.). I'll post when I ship it out, 'in any case'.
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