Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Saint Valentine's Day 2012

Firstly, this is a picture of Darly. I bought this lovely pink hippopotamus in Alberta, on Saint Valentine's Day 2008, at the GPRC bookshop. I have taken her with me almost everywhere that I have travelled since then, so probably over 6,000km! I love the quality Russ has, and this hippo is even machine washable :3

And this is the cake I mentioned in the last entry. These photographs are poor quality from my 3DS camera in an old, low-lit house.

And here is my Mii sitting on the box of chocolates that June gave me. I bought her a clubhouse sandwich & chips at The End Of The Line Pub.


My plans for today were going to be: Wear my favourite clothes, have a good breakfast while checking my Valentinr, ready some belated valentines to mail, then put on my new jacket and go into town, do errands, go to the post office, and buy a burger & sweet potato fries at the local pub on the way back. Then watch "The Lost Boys" :3

Well my favourite shirt had been washed in this laundry detergent that we only used for one load since it was terrible. I stubbornly tried to wear it anyway, but it made me so itchy, and really bothered my allergies & asthma :( So I had to take my emergency inhaler, and I was still so filled-up that I decided to just go back to bed & nap. After I put on my 2ND favourite shirt, and I did get to town & bought June & I lunch, but I didn't bother with my other errands (I got reminded of something and grew horribly low, sad, sob-y, & such). At least I got sooooooo full on sweet potato fries!

That "Swapnote" note was from Nintendo, but sadly Nikki has yet to return to my Plaza :( And I want to thank whomever sent me the 'Glass Heart's LiveJournal V-Gifts! I really wasn't expecting them XD I sent my 5 free ones out though, so I hope your days were well; Laurie, Anjeey, HoT, Fred, Candi, & Kabochan!Sarah (though she probably doesn't know she received one, I still miss her :( )! And lastly thank-you to those that sent me Valentinrs! Often those are all I do for Valentine's Day, so receiving them is always something to look forward to, & are appreciated. Only 2 were signed though, so I can only directly thank Snickerer & Ashley-boobcakes!

I hope your days were well too,
---Captain Sarah-Sarah
Tags: food, holiday, nintendo, photos

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