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from 3DS on February 12TH, 2012

This is just to check-in and apologise to those it concerns for not replying to contact, or contacting, and whut-whut. I have just been so worn-out/tired the past 2 weeks. So in conjunction with my usual hesitation/anxiety with contacting, I really have got back on nothing. I have 2 Facebook messages to reply to, a LiveJournal message, and an e-mail. Plus I also had planned to try to send more/not be afraid to send more frequent text-messages to someone else. But bravery is quite hard right now.

I cannot promise to get back to people, soon or otherwise, but I will try to around the end of next week. My trust is so damn shot, that besides from being too drained & not up to providing substantial replies, I just do not feel right in making any promises, when I cannot believe any myself right now. Actions or proof are what I need, and since I don't know if I will get around to replies, I will only say that I will try to try.

Monday/tomorrow is the day I drink 32 ounces of water and have that ultrasound though, so it will be a longass day with car rides & waiting. And then Tuesday is Saint Valentine's Day, which usually somehow manages to just grind at me, even if this year doesn't have the same situations as other years. I really am rather pathetic. *Bah* Then Wednesday I have errands & telephone calls to make.

But anyway, of the 4 ways of communication that I have to get to sometime soon-ish, e-mail, and then LiveJournal messages (in part because I read them via e-mail) are the hardest for me. Facebook isn't too bad, but I rarely check it, sometimes the new messages' notifications don't go through, and yeah. Text-messages are the easiest, and such, though my RAZR gets full easily & I haven't been keeping my cellular-telephone on my person much. Of course I still worry about just being a bother when I contact, so -_-;

I will be checking my e-mail a fair bit though for the next while, 'in any case'. I had to file a support ticket with Nintendo, and am hoping for it to help fix things. I received Nikki from "SwapNotes" last night on my "Mii Plaza". But today I started the Plaza up to play "Find Mii II" and Nikki had disappeared D: I checked the "Mii Maker" to see if she had gone there (Miis received via Invitation on the Plaza leave if sent to "Mii Maker"). She hadn't, so I called Nintendo's support. The representative couldn't help much since this is a weird error, so we filed a ticket. I really hope that there is a way to get her back, and a way that doesn't involve deleting all my Plaza dara, or the notes I received from gargantsurprise & koujikouichi sent me :( And then I have that mysterious letter in it too that I need to wait until 'the specified date' to open...when it doesn't state the date besides from a cryptic clock symbol.

Anyway; if anyone wants to contact me, txts would be best I guess. My number is BAO-ETTA if you translate it to 1337, and my area code is New Scotland.

Oh and a referral to my Valentinr again, since I posted it originally at a silly hour, & their site was having a hella lot of errors.
or just

I totally forgot that Bridgetown's Winterfest 2012 is the end of this week! So instead I probably won't try to try until the beginning of the week after. Winterfest is a small festival in town that has a huge!ass bonfire, snow sculpture, winter sports, a free-will-offering breakfast, hot chocolate, & lovely mulled cider~ I again wosh that I had someone to take to see the bonfire though :(

Ultrasound is now waiting for the rebooking. It is snowstorming down where I am in the Annapolis Valley right now, and the little rural road I live on hasn't even been plowed or salted yet--let alone how bad the storm will be by the time we were supposed to leave. The pain is worse today too, so it probably would have been better to look at today though. So since I am not going, I am going to go back to sleeps, then make a cake later. I am not big on sweets, but I have been craving chocolate cake :3 So going to make a Saint Valentine's Day cake~

Oh, and Lydia jumped into a full bathtub last night D: So I had to hold her & dry her with a towel...after having to catch her. For being almost 1 year old (on April Fools' Day actually), she is still so tiny (just 6lbs.). And since she just got over something, I am going to keep an eye on her.
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