Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Valentinr 2012

To continue the...well in the least 5 year tradition; here is my Valentinr:

My Valentinr - noremon
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This is the equalvilant to those old Kleenex box or paper bag taped to the front of my desk in elementary--Which is one of the few Saint Valentine's Day things that I have ever looked forward to. So here is a digital version of that ^^

ALSO, to try something new (and since I am disliking digital communication more than usual right now), if anyone would like an actual valentine (or other card) mailed to them, just say so! ...Depending on how things go it may even be something handmade.

Wishroll has been full of 500 & 502 Errors. I hope it gets fixed...and isn't going down :(

Well the errors have cooled-down, but the image for the large widget is still not updating, so here is a smaller one more for my own references:

My Valentinr - noremon
Get your own valentinr
Tags: holiday, holidays, mail, valentine

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