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from 3DS on January 22nd, 2012

I wasn't going to make another post until I had beaten Spirit Tracks, but I have decided to make a follow-up to my last entry.


Minnow's appointment went well. She has actually gained more weight, which is what I was dreading, but besides that she is fantastic. Well she does need to take this awful smelling, meat flavoured antibiotic paste to try and clear-up some sores on her chin. Fleas were awful this year, and though the cats have now all been defleaed, Minnow gouged under her chin. I had tried mixing the antibiotic in her food, and with tuna (she only has to take 2ML a day), but she refused to eat either (and the other cats wanted to eat it).--So I am having to give it to her the hard way -__-

But Lydia started having that racking cough again, so she needed to go on meds again too. So between Minnow, Minnow's food, and Bratface, I owed over $200--Which is about all I have for a whole month. Luckily I had my GST [Nova Scotians get a refund every 4 months on some taxes. It is usually about $60-ish (a bit more if you are very low income)], but things are still quite tight now. Though it should be fine eventually/next month. But though I hate doing so, it did prompt me to go about asking for refunds on some commissions I paid for, but that never were done.


And on my test results. Well they did show that my kidneys are fine. That was what the suspected cause was (relatedly; I may have mentioned here before that mine are about the size of, and development of a 12 year-old). So now my doctor doesn't really know what is up, leading to me spending Friday morning at SMH for even more tests. Also I am awaiting a call for an ultrasound appointment. Now to be honest this isn't really phasing me at all. I do dread the waiting & the long!ass drives, but I am not really too perturbed by possible sickness. I'm not saying that I want to be sick or anything like that; just that with all thd rest of the crap going-on, it just really doesn't add much/bother me. But it probably isn't anything major anyway, now that the kidney thing has been ruled-out!

And I know some of the drained feelings are the depression though, but the extremely tired-but-not-sleepy feeling is the worst bit of this. Well maybe the worst bit with the crap!part is that nothing will change, and there is no hope that it will. Nothing is going to get better, and how can it anyway? So there is no way but distractions (and leaving the house at times, and also missing holiday meals) for me to deal with it.


In un-health related news, I just finished the Byrne fight in Spirit Tracks. So not much of the game is left, and I don't really know what I will do for after. I do have a few side-quest-y bits that I can do outside of the main story though. I just started buying the Golden Train for one thing. I just need 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Regal Ring, & 3(4) Gold Pieces to have all the cars for it. I bought the Brawny Cannon & the Golden Freight last night. It doesn't look as nice as the Golden Ship from Phantom Hourglass though. That was all really shiney with purple gem accents. But my favourite set from that was the Iron set. A boat with a drill on it! But back to Spirit Tracks I beat the 2ND Slippery Station course, gave up on the 3RD after getting RIGHT AT THE DOOR repeatedly and failing. I also have-I think-like 26 rabbits, & 5 Force Gem warping portals (which I call A, B, C, D, & E). Lastly I just need 3 more Stamps to be done one of my favourite side-quests.


So yeah; I'll probably post again once I beat it, and I'll probably also be able to have the results from thesd tests by then too. And my brats will probably be all well again--As long as no-one catches the chest infection from Lyd :/ (Because Nicki passed around something in the Summer that took awhile to get rid of)


I forgot to mention that I am pissed-off, and in a bit of shock over MegaUpload. It is a site that I frequently used, and I had quite a few videos up on MegaVideo.--I was actually going to upload/e-mail a video I took for someone the next time I was on. Now I'll have to .RAR & split it to use with MediaFire :<

Oh, and happy Year of the Dragon! I was born in 1988~ I already bought my yearly Canada Post stamps (I have been collecting since I was in high school) :3
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