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More Ramblings on January 16th, 2012 from Nintendo 3DS

It is a little after 4AM, and again I cannot seem to fall back asleep. So when I get up I may regret posting this, but for now here is an entry posted from my 3DS.

I have a rather long entry before this, but I have yet to recombine the continuing comments to the entry, so I still have it set to Private. But given my actual now physical aversion to even turning my Shaglehod on-let alone going online-I may not actually get around to doing such (...took me 2 weeks before I ordered a new card-reader...). The gist is basically; I love my 3DS, I visited Douchette, we got a ridiculous score in "Noby Noby Boy", "Braid" ruined my good mood, and then there was venting. Not that anyone really cares if I make LiveJournal entries or not though.


Since then my set of posters from Nintendo arrived in the mail (I traded-in 400 Club Nintendo coins for a set of 3 The Legend of Zelda posters). I don't know how I would take pictures of them though since they are so very huge. Even the smallest is far too huge for that back-up Persona 4 frame, 'in any case'. I have them stogged(sp?) in their poster tube upstairs in storage for now. And I hung a wall calendar from the Chinese restaurant at Greenwood Mall where I was going to hang the 1986-2007 poster. Year of the Dragon~

Yeah, when I posted before I had just beat the Snow Temple. Since then I have beat the Ocean Temple, the Fire Temple, Snowdrift Station, and am now just at the 15(?) floor of the Tower of Spirits. Whatever the one is that you go to after restoring the Fire Spirit Tracks. It took years for me to get up to/feel like starting it, but I am really enjoying it so far. The Legend of Zelda games are my favourite series of games. They have a way of making me feel hella good at them, they have a linear difficulty/puzzle progression, they have a recurring canon (never the same story, sometimes a retelling though, but there is always races or bits in all of them), and Link in many ways is an underdog (in Ocarina of Time he was an outcast even). I prefer the 'top-down' style ones though. I have a bad sense of direction in 3-D games (and in real life!), so I tend to spend a lot of my time wandering around, looking at the map, and getting turned-around/confused. That mixed with my love to explore is why I have never gotten very far with Majora's Mask :< I also get very creeped-out with under water things, and top-down has a better atmosphere with them. I blame "Ecco the Dolphin", MGS3, and a special I watchec on poisonous water snakes I watched when I was little for it. I am freaked-out by sharks, eels, water snakes (but not land snakes!), alligators, crocodiles, leeches, piranhas, etc., plus the dark eeriness of deep water. There is a room in OoT's Water Temple where you have to get a small key, but the room is like only a few squares large and full of Shell Blades (giant, mostly impervious, clams). You drop into the room and arw immediately swarmed & attacked by these snapping enemies. I don't think you have the Iron Boots yet, so you keep floating up, and the ceiling is mostly grates. I remember playing it late at night & it may be less worst than I remember (but I still dread the Water Temple in the 3DS remake!). Twilight Princess has Skullfish that also give me the creeps, and to make it worse you can catch them with the Fishing Rod for a close-up. They kinda remind me of the things from "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" that grab your feet and weigh you down in the 2nd level. But anyway, Spirit Tracks' water-themed level actually had a plant!Boss. And that 'toon!Link' games usually have bright colours/a tropical feel, even the underwater train ride down there wasn't too bad. Fucking Dark Trains & that shielded one though. I much prefer fighting the tanks/pirates than having to flee/avoid those things.

I find driving around so slow with the train tedious though, and I spent my play time Saturday just doing various side/fetch-quests to get them out of the way. I didn't feel like playing all day yesterday though, so I think I might have made myself tired with it. I still have a few I want to finish before going back to the Tower of Spirits, since usually they add more Dark Trains to the map each time I finish a level in it. I also worry that like in Phantom Hourglass, & Twilight Princess, getting all the side collection things really won't matter. Spent the whole game collecting bugs, or ship parts, and there really wasn't any point :( And having to blow into the microphone to use the Spirit Flute & Whirlwind (bring back the Gust Jar!) is hard for those of us with lower lung capacity! There are a few other things that bug me too, but 4AM!brain-farting. Linebeck III is fantastical though~ (Becky is one of my all time favourite Zelda characters, & his grandson is wonderful too.)


In other news I take Minnow for her yearly check-up & booster shots today. I worry that she hasn't lost anymore weight.--she has only lost 1 pound. And tomorrow I go about my test results *bah*.
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