Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

On My Shaglehod from Mobile

Tonight I will be moving my computer back around to face the other way. Since DBfH5 I have had it set-up facing my bed, with the mouse+keyboard stretched as far as they can go so that I can awkwardly use it. But my 4`` boxspring is delivered tomorrow so I need to move furniture.

Having my computer this way means that I am online a lot more. Yet I am not really doing a lot--Hell, there isnt a lot that I can do anymore. I just end-up talking to the one regularly online peep that wants to talk to me, I make LiveJournal entries to not be left alone with my thoughts and dont feel alright on Twitter, I cant see to play most computer games, and I usually just end-up watching "The Mentalist" which I could just do with my DVD player. So I dont know if I will move my computer back around again after or not yet.

There isnt really much point to me being online. But I dont know if me hermiting away again is quite the best for me (maybe for others, but maybe not for me). I will be rather offline for awhile though.

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Well Jordan's Furniture [and I now have Rick & Cass business cards] was unable to get a 4'' in stock yet, so no idea just when I will have to move everything and clean again. So I'll try the online thing a bit longer; though there still isn't much point to me being on it.

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