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Today I got up at 6:40AM to get ready to catch a bus to New Minas to pick-up my pre-order of "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" bundle. AND to pre-order the fantastic looking limited edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS.As I said in my last entry; my mom drove me up instead. So instead of not arriving until Noon-ish, we actually had everything done and had left the area at 12:30PM! I would just be getting back here now if I had taken the bus. Anyway the price of Skyward Sword was more than I was told it was expected to be months, and months ago, so now I am owed money (Skyward Sword is a Christmas gift), and I had to cancel my oder of the new Professor Layton game :( So I will have to wait to get it later--maybe with my brand new 3DS? Yesterday the bundle was not even in the nearest store's system, so I am also glad that it was there today.--the nearest EB Ganes is around an hour and a half's drive's away, and so much more if using the transit bus. I even had time to mail the first lot of my holiday cards early! Huzzah!

A picture of the receipt ~


I also had to take proof to Pets Unlimited that Lydia had been spayed. I also found-out that all her litter-mates were adopted so I was glad. So now because I have been a responsible pet owner to bratface, I now have a $25 gift card that I am planning to buy her an adult harness+lease with. Yep, for those of you that don't already know, my three brats are harness!trained.


After I got that done we went to Wal*Mart. I finally got a frame for that Persona 4 poster/print of fanart I bought at Hal-Con (...which I need to still upload pictures from...). It is now hanging near my computer table, but I don't know if I will keep it up in my room or not yet. It is fine for now though as my computer is turned-around so I can watch Desert Bus and type and such (though rather awkwardly leaning off my bed & using 24pt font to do so).

The poster & where it is hanging on my wall.

I bought two frames in the case that it would not fit in the 11''x14'' one. I was going to have it on a bright yellow background if it did not.


I also got a reduced-priced pack of Crayola window writing things. Reduced because the blue was missing a cap :( But I drew a rushed Link & Navi on my window to commemorate the Zelda-y day.

It went on semi-transparent.

But when I got back after a few errands in town, the cold had turned it milky.


Now I have just eaten supper (a Wendy's wrap picked-up when we were 'up-the-line'), I am drinking a can of perry, and am now watching "Coronation Street". And due to a severe blizzard warning, I probably won't get to visit Matt tomorrow :( So we are also trying to work-out what to do. Probably it will end-up being a week or so from now and without the actual fundraiser to watch on his HUGE television. No idea quite yet though :(
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