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Do you really think all of your friends like you?
Want to know the truth?
Are you sure?
Thinks you are a closet pedophilekoo
Hates you and is planning to hunt you down and kill youblueyesraturnon
Thinks you are a cheap slutkrogoth5
Keeps hoping you will update with bad news so they can laughsamthepichu
Has voodoo dolls of you all over their room and tortures them at nightignoreddude
Is planning on learning magic spells that will render you infertile so you can not procreatesakurabubbles
Wishes you would overdose on the crack they believe you smokefox_avenger
People who are starting to hate you12
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Please Sakura! Finish that spell!


How would you die in fullmetal alchemist by fullmetalfan
Who and why did they kill you.Gluttony because lust told him to
Who tries to save youEdward
Why did they try to save youBecause they secretly was in love with you
Who cried a your fural besides your parentsEdward
How sad were people when you died: 26%
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What's Your Pimp Name?

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Your Pimp Name IsPink Lemonade
You'll make$174,432,193.19
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What will be the first letter of the person you marry?

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Date of Birth
Favorite Color
First letter of the person you will marry V

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