Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

November 19th, 2011

Another early morning. The brats decided to try attacking my box spring, which is going back so I had to keep a semi-sleeping vigil. Lydia also kept trying to climb-up from behind my bed, which she certainly can’t fit up, and Nicki kept batting his paw down at her. Yeah, anytime on the weekend I catch "Kingdom Adventure" is.--it is an awesome show though! 80's puppet show about Zordock(sp?) an evil wizard-guy that wants to throw the whole kingdom into chaos & darkness, and two forest dwellers that work to stop that from happening. Pokum(sp?) & Vibes(sp?) are my favourite characters (Vibes is a purple-haired bard!). It has been on CTV every Saturday since I was little, and I hope it will continue to be on in repeats since I have missed some episodes still. I think it is CTV’s quota for Christian programming, since they no longer show “Mass for Shut-Ins”. Yeah, it’s a Christian show, and at times is only thinly veiled as such (The Emperor sends his son, but The Prince was killed. Then he returned to life, et cetera, et cetera.). Yet it also has a really awesome The Legend of Zelda type feel, and is really well done. I hope to get it on DVD some day, and hopefully rip it to .AVI, as it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia article ;_;

But yeah, Desert Bus has been doing excellently. They auctioned-off an awesome Majora`s Mask baga Tetris skirt earlier, and tonight ate strange a whole jar of Marmite...I love this fundraiser~ They also auctioned a Persona pack from Atlus (I stayed-up for it as it was similar to a listed give-away. So I hope I don’t miss the give-away!). I really want the B-side album now! Though I have given-up on P4, & as I mentioned I put my PS2 away finally. I tried playing it again after buying that poster, but it just makes me feel horribly sad due to my reasons for buying the game to begin with. I will try it again in a few months though, since I am not watching the anime either. (and I still heart Naoto.) I also have a Naoto/Protagonist doujinshi that I bought that I may some day scan...

Actually avoidance is why I have been updating here so much instead of engaging on Twitter. And malruxia probably thinks I hate him, but I really just haven’t been on MSN in a very long time. If I am not talkative, I usually don’t log into things, or most of the time I don’t even have my computer turned on. BUT I don’t usually cut-off ways to contact me! I will even check my e-mail usually once a day, and I am always open to text-messages or calls (THOUGH MY RAZR HATES TO NOTIFY ME OF MY VOICEMAILS D: )...and I usually will sneak on GoogleTalk with ebuddy. I have gotten so I can e-mail with my RAZR short e-mails, and it is a bit easier to check e-mails from people. Someday I may Friends’ Lock an example of the types of e-mail I would receive that has lead to my horrible e-mail anxiety. Basically there was a chance that contact from my ex’ would be decent, horribly insulting, or start-off decent and then just suddenly fall into a rant about how fat & pathetic I am (leading to 3AM contact with an apology).

Anyway, “The Mentalist” is now on CTV -SIX- times a week! o___o I love this show, and I missed a lot of episodes, so I am really enjoying watching it. Patrick Jane is a jerk, smarmy, but he is also awesome. I love his fashion sense, and his blue Citron XD For those that don’t know; “The Mentalist” is about a con-artist that had his wife & daughter murdered by a serial-killer and is working as a consultant with the police to get vengeance.
Tags: desert bus, linking, persona, television, the mentalist, video games

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