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Bring me the head of Edward Elric...And the rest of him alive aswell ^^;

Ok I've begun stalking a few people today >^_^< On LJ that is you sick minded fools *mwahahaha!*

Sorry hyper....

I "had" to change one of my user pictures today. Actually I didn't have to, even though Sakura Bubbles started using one of mine. I was planinning on changing one of mine this week anyway. I'm not sure if my "Nani?" icon is it or not though. *goes back and looks though her various FMA pictures*

Anyway I finally got Frochio's msn name! W00t! He has been my RuneScape friend since about a week after I started playing. He is ultra-super-cool! XD

RuneScape gets all laggy and stuff when I try to run Nero and it at the same time. Btw guess what I'm burning with Nero? Loveless! >^______^< *squee!*

I WANT TO GO TO FLEETCON!!!!!!! Just when it seems like I'm going, my mom backs out and says she's not going! *cries* Matthew PLEASE decide to come with me! So I can go! Come on it would be super fun!

Oh in other news I got the Hide and Seek riddle #1 for The Renegades! I'm not saying what it was though!

I am going to make a icon entry next. I'll let everyone else decide what I might use as a user picture!

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