Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Yet Another from Mobile

Well I cant really take a cab until 5:45PM-ish to the train station because my bus doesnt leave until 6:40PM and it is nippy out. Right now I am camped at the Delta resting my feet. I should eat something, but not much is open and I dont want to walk far.

I bought a cameo necklace, a TARDIS necklace, a Nyan Cat ring, a present for Douchette, and though I have stopped playing it; a Persona 4 "Trial of the the Dragon" parody print from the Artist Alley. There arent really many things that have caught my eye.

I am so tired now though, and I will probably nap on the bus. I had fun, but a lot of things didnt work-out. Still I was very happy to meet Linnet, LAN, Patrick, and their mom (well not Lan`s mom). I just wish I was in better form and not as upset/thinking on things. And now I am off to look for food, grab my suitcase & checked coat, call my cab, then catch my autobus. I hope to finish "The Silver Turk"!

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Tags: adventure, hal-con, travel

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