Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Saturday Evening & Sunday Morning from Mobile

Well we didnt go swimming last night. But we did go to the Taj Mahal Indian food place that Linnet loves. I had chicken khorma and it was so delicious, but spicier than expected and sooo filling. I also had a mango shake. There was an 80th birthday party going on in the same room as us, and the people gave us two HUGE slices of cake. The raspberry was really good, and the chocolate was too but hella rich. I went up to my room when we got back. I turned the heater on, had a shower, and talked to Tom before dozing-off. I sleep terribkf despite the awesome bed. :-(

I got up at 9:00AM and went swimming by myself. Check-out time is Noon so I didnt want to miss out. Then I bothered the peeps a bit before coming back to my room. I showered and am now eating cheese on my bed and trying not to think on things. Then I need to pack fully and go check-out. I will probably wander around a bit more and maybe catch the "Doctor Who" thing at 2:30PM?

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Tags: adventure, hal-con, travel

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