Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Balance and Bravery from Mobile

I am sitting on the bus up to Hal-Con. And I am wearing my Guthix shirt. I am Guthixian, or as much as one can apply it to the real-world. Things Balance out. But right now I am terrified. I just seem to have confirmations that I am crap or meaningless, just because I am me. So much adoptive & biological family drama + disowning, a supposed friend deleting me from everything. All done seemingly so easy. Which has almost completely drained my socialaility & want to be online. I havent felt this low in a very long time. But I am going to try to stay brave. And hope that this weekend is awesome ADVENTURE and that the friends I am meeting want to hang-out with me. ...If not, well I Balance someone else who is fantastic then. And at least this will be a vacation! With swimming. Still I dont know if I am more excited, or more afraid.

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Tags: adventure, hal-con, travel

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