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So! A LiveJournal entry! OHOHOHO *sigh*

I haven't bothered typing one of these up since before December, not a proper one. I guess I feel I am doing nothing interesting enough for anyone to want to read about, or that they are sick of hearing about me. And thus I don't get the motivation to say "This journal is for me, bitches" >:

But here is where I will hopefully try to ramble and ramble and get something out:


I have been role-playing a lot lately. "Echo Bazaar" with my character L.S. Cassius. It has been so interesting to watch how the character has grown over the last half year, and I think right now they are into their own self. When I started playing #EBZ I had an idea for a character, and started-off playing that character, but Cassius developed themself, and I ended-up playing someone that most of the time I don't feel I created. They decided not to even look like what I had planned D: I wanted to avoid giving them red-hair because I have mine dyed red, and had planned for light brown, somewhat auburn. But every time I had a mental image of them doing something, they had the short red-hair, and thus I finally gave-up on it. There are a lot of things I have given-up on fighting with them, and have mostly let them write and play themself. Sometimes in-game this had led to difficulty, like they refused to duel with the Black Ribbon [duelling to the death], and thus I had to grind fighting Jack of Smiles for quite some time to level over all the duelling. And I thus ended-up with over 1000 Diamonds. What can one do (besides sell-off) that many DIAMONDS O:  That is an awful lot of them! I also had around 30,000 Rostygold after. adele_1  suggested that Cassius should build a new shack out of it. A shack made entirely out of gold and diamonds. I don't even. They also would not go to Court so I had to cap twice Persuasive without it. And they won't get involved with the mirror stuff at the University, and thus will never get to go to Flute Street, so I am busy working on 8 Watchful levels with just lower-end stuff. But I think by doing the in-game as in-character, it makes it better to play it true. I have also gotten involved in my first role-play pairing that I was not default-ly forced into. It has developed over months. Narciso. And for them to fall for someone that is so far from my own type and what-not is just further proof that they are a rather full character. Like when they are upset, I am. Even if I have no damn reason to be. They get angry, and I find I have to try not to be snippy. The last few days they have been feeling ill over being harassed over marriage and things that they cannot work into proper words, and can't quite work out. And though I have my garden to start, and am looking HELLA forward to getting "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" in a few days, I have felt a little of this. 'Out of sorts' as it were. But they are taking a trip to The Surface for the next week-two weeks, so I am hoping they will settle. I personally have to take time off because of my yardwork, and wanting to heavy clean my room, and thus besides from being busy, I will cramp my hands and wrists right up, and be unable to type as much as I currently am. I mostly play on Twitter and some on LiveJournal.

I find that it has helped with a lot of my older role-playing problems. I used to get shoved into roles I did not like, get paired-up with characters when I didn't want to. Always ending-up playing the girl, etc. And then when they weren't happy with a scene, it just up and never happened. So it was all confusing and have we met yet? and all that. And I was never good enough, etc. The people I played with never kept me in the loop or anything. Work on creating a character, get told "well you can only play if you change this", try playing it that way, get told a week later "oh we decided this thing was boring, and decided not to play it any more". Fuck you guys, you wouldn't even reconise me now. </rant>
I also have a drawing to share, but I will make that a separate post...


Which leaves us to ramble about "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" before I ramble about my garden!

A lot of the #EBZ peeps are fans, and have been rambling about it for over a month. I have never had any desire to play the Persona games, even when they swept-though my LiveJournal Friends' List years ago. But after getting to find out more about them, and getting spammed with pictures of Naoto, I finally sniped an ebay auction for an unopened game [with the soundtrack], the guide, and the strategy guide. Luckily my GST had come the same day! I am still *FROWNING FOREVER* at the POSTAL  SERVICE for taking so long to deliver it. I hope to have it by the end of this week. ...But I won't be able to play until I get my room cleaned enough to set my PS2 up now. Also with weeding ans scraping paint, my little hands will be of no use nay way :( I also suck/do not enjoy turn-based RPGs. I love kicking ass myself, instead of selecting spells or such and then taking turns. Skill, man, skill!
I STILL have to play "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West", "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks", the 2nd Phoenix Wright game, the Apollo Justice one, and the new Edgeworth one. OH and I have Unwound Future too :( I am so behind on games...And I have to finish "Again"


And now onto a ramble about my garden/yardwork. I have my flowerbed to clean out, and that is a lot of work because it has grown-over a lot. When I got concussed and then sick with a lingering flu last autumn, I was unable to weed or prepare my garden before it snowed/the ground froze. So I am having to do all that now. I had planed to start today, but it rained BUCKETS yesterday, and thus it needs to dry out. I also have that other bedrail/headboard to dig up again, clean, scrape, prime, paint, detail, and then dig another huge hole for and rebury. So much crap D:

And then I am also hoping to Spring Clean my bedroom...

And what else can I say before I end this? I am going to a concert with my mom Saturday, and hoping to go to Halifax to see the tyrannosaurus-rex at the Natural History Museum...and another trip to Digby to take pictures. Another outing with Jeremy later in the summer...Not much else I can say about myself :(

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