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"Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (French)" lyrics translated


Originally posted on Facebook on August, 24th, 2009.

So my peep Fandude41 asked me to translate the lyrics from the French version of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" {}, so since I was unable to sleep I decided to try. Now I think this probably isn't the best [read that as 'terrible' lol], but I did waste an hour or so on it so I'm going to post it here. So yeah laugh if you want :P but this is what I did at 3am today. This is basically a copy&paste from the file I sent him:

"Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (French)"

Translation by Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon
[lyrics transcribed by rodneymack1999 { } on YouTube]

{ }

Chase the crooks[1]! Mysterious!
Aboard the vessel MC2[2].
With our forces combined, they will succumb.
Return the treasure to it's rightful place in history!

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
Stop her crimes through[3] the doors of time.
Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
With hard skill, we will be on her heels.[4]

The Round Table of The Knights[5][11],
The apple of Newton[6]: is stolen!
The ancient treasures of the Roman Empire[7],
The tea of China[8],
The ship of Champlain[9],
We must return them![10]

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
Stop her crimes through the doors of time.
Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
With hard skill, we will be on her heels.

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego. -repeats with occasional "the pursuit!" thrown in-

[1] could also be 'con artist' or I guess 'VILE Henchmen' ;P
[2] which I also hear, but I thought it was ACME? Like in the show it was the ACME ChronoSkimmer?
[3] like pass
[4] now I don't quite get this line, because rodneymack1999's take makes no sense, and I can't really make out what they say. I hear 'dur talent' though...
[5] but they say it like 'the round table, the knights, the apple of Newton' like in a list
[6] or 'Newton's apple' :P
[7] but I kinda think they sing it as 'the treasures of the ancients, the Roman Empire', but the 'de' in there makes it treasures of something'.
[8] ‘le téa de Chine' I can make out after listening to a bunch of times.
[9] or 'Champlain's ship', but yeah it's Samuel de Champlain :D Which makes perfect sense since it was shown in Québec~ { }
[10] 'retrouver' the verb can mean 'to retrieve', 'to find', 'to track down', or 'to trace'. I think 'to return' works here since they want them back where the pieces came from.
[11] alchemy_hisoka suggested the correction of the table of the knights!

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