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[icon] ~MGS3, RS, OMFKS!~ - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Current Music:Fukai Mori-Inu-Yasha
Subject:~MGS3, RS, OMFKS!~
Time:03:37 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Ok Trevor FINALLY got home! So me, and him went to Matt's house yesterday evening.

I was going to get a ride home around 10:00pm, so I could get home, pack a bag for my trip to Yarmouth, and go to bed, so I could get up early to leave for said place.....

WELL I decided around 10:05pm (like 10mins before my ride home was coming), to spend the night and have über-ultra-super-fantastic-hyper-fun, with the boys, instead of going home, getting up early, and spending a day in a place all the way at the tip of Nova Scotia.

I wasn't tired, like I was last time I spent the night at Matty's.

The whole night is still like a haze. All I remember is, drinking a glass of milk at around 1:15am, and haveing a clogged ear (as well as a soar shoulder from sleeping at a weird angle).

We hung out in Matt's room for awhile. Then we went swimming in the lake. GIANT-VICIOUS-GREEN-TAPEWORM-LIKE leeches made us head back to the house, to just go swim in the pool. Oh! It was sooooo nice and warm, and bubbly! We then dryed ourselves, went back inside, changed our clothes, and headed back to Matt's room at 9:08pm.

Matthew then began playing "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater".

I introduced Trevor to The Renegades clan! I played RuneScape at around 3:54am. Trevor said I was like Joan of Arc, because I was laying a smack-down on scorpions with my mighty mithiral battle-axe! I watched Matty play MGS3 while we talked, and stuff.

Around, well I don't know when. Benny, decided he was tired, so he headed to bed. Trevor stretched out on Matt's bed, and I continued to watch Matt play MGS3.

I convinced Matt to kill all the bosses he faced using a tranquilizer gun, to claim their camouflages. He beat the Pain, and The Fear. He found a Fly camo' which is one of the downloadable camos.

Well after more RuneScape (Usally I go on world 17, or 37. They are usally almost full. At 5:00am they only had like 350, and 500 ppl in them.), Marsha (Matt's mom) came in, and told us we should take one of Matt's matresses out in the living room, so we could go to bed.

Matt and I relized the Trevor had fallen asleep on Matt's bed, and we didn't want to wake him up. So we decided to let him sleep abit more.

And then around 5:30am, Matthew made it to "The End".

I went back online, and found a faq about his boss battle (I knew if you just beat him with the tranq' you just get his gun, instead of his camo', and I wanted to know how do you beat him and get his camo'). I read it to him, and then I sat back with him, to help/watch/cheer him on!

Well Matt wasn't having a good time of sneaking up behind him, but he was running the old man ragged. His stamina was getting low. Matt had killed off The End's bird with his AK. Getting rather bored with this hide-and-seek, Matt decided to just go and kill the fucker.

So Matt is all "Huh? His foot prints are going this way, yet no The End."

"Thanks for the thrilling battle."


WARG! The End had snuck-up behind Matty!

"THE END!" *bang* He kills poor Naked Snake.

Result? Matt is all grumbly about how he hates fucking old people.

It is now 6:57am. It is already daylight outside. Yet I am still not tired.

Marsha comes back in and demands we go to bed. Matt decides that we should wake up Trevor then. I say I'll do it since Matt is the host and all. *poke, poke, poke* He doesn't even move. *poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke-poke* Nothing again. Matt and I try shaking him. Still nothing.

"Trevor!" Matt growls at him.

He does "wakes-up"!

"You can go back to sleep in a second. We just need to take one of the mattresses out."

"Yeah....ooom..sure guys." *stumble* *flop* He kinda ragdolls hiself onto Matt's couch face first into a pile of clothes/blankets, and then he conks right back to sleep.

I slept for about a hour and a half. I wasn't tired actually. I was freezing though! I got woken up by *BARKBARKBARKBARK!* from their dogs at around 8am.

The rest of my morning I ate some "Lots-of-Krunch". Man if anything is cheep, sugar-loaded, cereal, then they are defently like royalty. THey tasted like sugar-coated-styrofoam! I wandered around the house. I went in to vist Matt, and Trev', and more importantly (jk) to play more RuneScape!

Matt had to get up to go rip his rotten old deck apart. Matt was being all *crowbar, slowly ease the boards apart*. His brother Ben, goes out and *blam-blam-blam!* Smashes it apart with a hammer.

>^____^< I then went pool swimming!...alone -___-;

I watched Matt go after The End again, once I got done. Then shortly after it was time to leave.

I wanted to spend anouther night, but they are renovating Matt's room this weekend, so I couldn't *cries*

So I am still not tired............
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Time:2005-08-05 09:22 pm (UTC)
To get the End's camo you must sneak behind him when he's in a hiding spot and hold him up til he forks his camo over. I'm so good at that battle now, I remember when it took me forever to beat him...hell I can kill every boss within 5 minutes (The Fear in less than a minute) except for the Pain XD
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Time:2005-08-05 09:32 pm (UTC)
*gah* I shall attempt to tell Matt, then. >^_^<

The Pain, reminded me of The Fat Ninja XD
He took awhile to beat. You know how Ocelot protected himself by twirling his guns? Well how was he protecting his back from them? O_o it confusled me. XP

The Fear was like, "Eh Matt he went invisible, just use your term-goggles!" I felt like Para-Medic while playing shootgun last night >X3

I like the Kenyan Mangrove Crab conversation! I was all like "I don't think I'm going to be leaving this place alive." and "Remember what The Boss taught me about CQC." XDDD Sorry, still loving "Crab Battle"!

And what exactly is a "Calorie Mate"?
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Time:2005-08-05 09:41 pm (UTC)
Calorie Mate is an actual snack that exists in Japan! Chocolate is supposedly the best and most delicious, but I've heard that the fruit flavored ones are horrible. CRAB BATTLE!!! XD

Calorie Mate!

And check this weird secret out involving Infinity Face Paint!
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Time:2005-08-07 12:46 am (UTC)
*bwahahaha* And here I was thinking that it might be a sugar packet, or just a flavored box XP *lol*
It sounds like it might be something horrible for a diet, like pure gressy choclate cover cheese and bacon, but it's a healt food! XP

He had already beaten The End and gotten his sniper-gun-thing.

Maybe I'll import some Calorie Mate! I could even reuse the boxes!

"They could rip a tank apart!"
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[icon] ~MGS3, RS, OMFKS!~ - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Lady_Noremon @ Twitter).