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Minnow to the vets' yo

So, Minnow has had an irritated eye this week, but I gave it a few days and have been keeping it clean. I made an appointment Wednesday for today, and I also scheduled it for her yearly check-up [it was due for the 2nd of December, so easier & less expensive to do it all together].

So we got there, and I love that she is so well behaved on her leash, that I don;t need to use a cage. I like that she can see what is going on around her, and such. Yes, I trained my cat to walk on a leash.

Here she is sitting in the chair waiting for Dr. Spicer to see us:


Well, she has gained a bunch of weight this past year. I blame some of it on getting Nicolas, and some on her stealing kitten food whenever she gets a chance. Nicki also is able to rip bags open, along with Minnow being able to open drawers/doors, so it is hard to keep her just eating twice a day D:

I have a 13.4lb fur-child :/

So, yeah about her eye. I had suspected that Nicki might of scratched her, and this turned-out to be the case. After cleaning it, and giving her a dye test, Dr. Spicer discovered a tiny scratch on her eye. So I am to put an antibiotic ointment on it every 8 hours for a week-10 days, and bring her in if it gets worse in the meantime. Minnow is not enthused.

Minn, also got her Feline Leukemia booster vaccination, and had herself looked-over. She has excellent clear eyes [besides the scratch/irritation (love her lovely, huge green eyes)], a gorgeously healthy coat, her teeth are good, and heart/temperature/breathing is all fine. So *knock on wood* I won't have to take her back for another year.

After the vets', June & I had to do some errands, so Minn-tiddles went with us. Being an excellent cat, she had free-roam of the back seat/trunk [we have a station-wagon]. She was so well behaved!

Here she is going "What is that?" out the window to a gas pump:


And the following is a few more pictures of our outing:

Waiting in the car, while I was off doing some banking,
Sitting on the back of the seat, while June is paying for gas. She reminds me of a furry [but not -that- kind of furry D:] rooster when she perches on the back seat...and randomly meows,
Back home.

My Mom was VERY AWESOME and surprised me by paying for the check-up/needle beforehand, as an early Christmas present! So I only had to spend $37.17CAD~ Now I can order "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West"/"Hotel Dusk: The Last Window" [I had taken my early Christmas money to pay for Minn] :3
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