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krogoth5's mother -finally- sent my art portfolio back. Eventhough I sent her money to send it 3 years ago. $200 just to send it, and who knows how much since then. Calling and "oh we will send it next time we are in town", or not returning calls. Sending letters because the calls made me too upset. Finally got to sending Text-to-Landline messages once a month because I had given up hope, and just expected that it was long garbaged and that I'd never see it again, let alone hear anything back.

This is like 8 months of my life though. Something to prove that at least something came out of spending all that money and dealing with that crap. It is such a relief to finally have it back, and to finally be able to close that chapter of my life. To be done with The Spragues, and it just feels so good.

I was surprised that everything was in good shape, not really damaged and that everything (but 2 pieces) were there. Some of my anime posters I got from N00bcon2008 need to be repaired a bit, but I was expecting everything to be water damaged, the pastels to be melted, maybe even stuff ripped-up. My 'study in blue' is missing, and of course my egg drawlings, which I never got back after they were shown in the art gallery.

But I am so happy right now.
Tags: alberta, art

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