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L.S. Cassius stat-sheet

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 L.S. Cassius [the 'Cassius' is real, and the 'S' is short of a name, but the 'L' isn't really.]
Age: 27
Gender: 'mysterious and indistinct' in appearance. They enjoy playing on the androgyny, but actually are comfortable physically with what they really are most of the time. [ask their Mun' privately] 


Height: 5'6'' on a good day or in Victorian-style around 5'3''
Weight: Average-thin, 'Neath food/over-working has caused them to lose weight. Probably around 115-120lbs.
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Red or light-auburn. Short, and usually messy even despite slicking it back with something like water-based pomade
Face/Complexion: Caucasian. Originally rosy/lively, though has become pale since being without sun and with mental strain.
Build: Slight
Defining Marks: Various scars, one long one along their left ribs.
Dress Style: Baggy simple suits, usually with a brown tweed suit-jacket. Favours ascots, or neck-ware to hide their neck.
Possessions always on their person: 2 wedding bands on their left ring-finger, 1 family crest ring on their left-thumb, 1 men's signet on their right ring-finger. A small pendant with a small vial on it, stained with some blood-red substance inside [Gaoler's Honey]. A well used sword-cane/walking-stick
Manner of Speech: Mostly proper, occasionally slipping into a more Western Country dialect.
Tonal Quality: A light tenor, though slightly higher when surprised or flustered.
Manner of Movement: Reserved. Confident, but tends to stay off to the side. A slight limp on their left side. Kinda stand-offish.
Physical Health: Healthy, but often overworked, and exhausted. Tends to get injured often.
IQ:  high
Extrovert/Introvert:  Introvert, but needs to be around people at times. Even if just in proximity without any talking.
Mental Health: Baaah. Not the best. Dealing with the sudden & violent death of their spouse. Vowed to find the killer, and have an almost singular goal of it. The 'Neath is only temporary, and thus any interactions are as such. Throws themself into their work in order not to think. Has taken-on a whole persona different in many ways from who they really are. Prone to violence. And sudden mood changes. 'Gets-off' almost on surviving Dangerous situations [like dealing with Jack-of-Smiles, pounding the Simpering Cage-Keeper's head against a fountain]. DOES NOT TAKE UNEXPLAINABLE SUPERNATURAL OCCURRENCES WELL. [have gone mad over the Comtessa bit, and then over seeing this jungle area]
Goals/Dreams: To find who is responsible for their spouse's brutal murder, and to return to Frampton-on-Severn.
Quirks/Habits: Flirting while drunk or in a good mood. Placing their walking-stick on the table instead of leaning it on something. Oddly generous.
Hobbies/Interests: Solving mysteries and crimes. Ring fighting, mostly of the "Ring of Roses" kind. Writing in a diary to their dead spouse. The Parlour of Virtue on occasion. Pickpocketing/burglary from incautious people/buildings. Drinking Black-Wings 'Absinthe' and prowling~
Talents: Deductive. Able to keep calm and rationalise.
Vices: Spiced wine, physical violence, apparently baiting Jack-of-Smiles, work.
First Impression: Probably that they are uptight and quiet, maybe grumpy. What gender they are?
Philosophy of Life: Mostly to keep-going for goals against everything.

:  Detective [Private & 'Consulting'], partly a spy on occasion. Various seedier odd jobs. Guest lecturer at the University [mostly on criminology and such].
Education: Country schooled, and private tutor as of coming of age. Trained to 'detect' and such by their late-spouse.
Home: In London they live in a small rooftop shack in Spite. On 'The Surface' they live in a rather large townhouse in Gloucestershire county, along the River Severn in a small rural town.
Finance: Rather well-to-do. They could afford more respectable Lodgings, but have decided against it. [I have atleast 10,000 Rostygold, and other such stuff]. On the surface had a small inheritance and a well-off merchant uncle, lived upper-middle-class.

Marital Status: Widowed after 6 years.
Sexual Preference: Whatever is appealing at the time?
Turn-ons: Intelligent eccentricity, clean-shaven men, honourable. Has recently discovered a fondness for men in dresses, but have not come to terms with it fully.
Turn-offs:   Dishonourableness, people that take extreme advantage of others, Jack-of-Smiles. Sexists.


Animal: Peacocks and foxes.
Color: Blue, royal blue, midnight blue, rich blues.
Drink: Perry & mulled cider.
Food: They have a soft-spot of puddings, ices, or roasted meats.
Scent: Cinnamon
Thing to Do: Solve puzzles, and the like. Spar. Explore. Read books like "The Wrong Box"

Least Favourite:

Animal: Bees and the like.
Color: Doesn't really matter.
Drink: probably some of the fungal offerings.
Food: again, probably some of the fungal offerings, blood. Probably honey now. [though they like real Surface honey in their tea]
Scent: Blood, rot, cloying perfumes
Thing to do: Probably 'breaking the ice' and social situations, or be idle.
Tags: echo bazaar, role play

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