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man, I feel weird...

I just feel weird. I feel ike something should or is going to happen. Something good. I miss Matthew. I have to call him tonight, if he isn't still at Kody's. I miss chating with Chase. He was über cool. A little dark, but nice. Man this feels weird. I made some clothes for Minnow yesterday. Why does a cat need clothes? She doesn't really, but she looks cool in her shirt. I also made her a Naruto style headband, for around her neck. I took a picture of that. And the best part, she doesn't mind it. I stayed up till 2 something watching Black Mask for like the 5th time. I need to figure out what to do in Orcarina of Time. I managed to get to the zoras, but what to do next? I want to see Sheik in it. Sheik is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. I love Sheik. NOT like that. I love LinkxShiek shonen-ai yaoiness. Or vice-versa. I need some LOZ yaoi doujinshi. If anyone knows where I can find some tell me. I am coffee icecream-orangey colored.

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